January 17, 2014

CHANGE: Democrats joining GOP efforts to alter troubled Obamacare.

For the second time in two weeks, House Democrats joined with Republicans to pass legislation that would require the Obama administration to report regularly to Congress on progress made implementing the new health care law.

In a 259-154 vote, the House passed the Exchange Information Disclosure Act, which would require the Health and Human Services Department to provide weekly reports to Congress on the sign-up data for the troubled healthcare.gov website.

While Democrats have generally dismissed the Republican attacks on Obamacare as politically motivated, 33 Democratic lawmakers broke with the party and voted for the bill that would increase scrutiny of the new law.

Last week, 67 Democrats joined the GOP to pass the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, which would require HHS to tell healthcare.gov users about any security breach involving personal identity theft or unlawful access within two days of discovery.

Seems reasonable.