December 24, 2013

MICHAEL BARONE: Is Mark Warner Seeing Dangerous Numbers? “I couldn’t help noting that Mark Warner, the Democratic senior senator from Virginia, was one of the six Democratic senators calling for “hardship exemptions” for people finding Obamacare insurance policies too expensive, and also one of the 13 Democratic senators who co-sponsored the bill imposing tougher sanctions on Iran if, after the six months of negotiations under the not-yet-final interim agreement, it doesn’t agree to certain conditions. . . . I wonder whether Warner isn’t seeing some bad poll numbers. . . . Warner has a reputation as a moderate, and in interviews he’s shown some skepticism about some Obama policies. But he did cast the 60th and thus the deciding vote for Obamacare (the same can be said of any of the 60 Democratic senators). And both Obamacare and the administration’s Iran agreement are getting negative responses in national polls — and, thus, are likely to be getting a negative response in the bellwether of Virginia.”