December 22, 2013

PROF. JACOBSON: The Worst Twitter Day Of All Time. Plus: “She should have written it at No one would have noticed.”

Sort of relatedly, I notice that people seem to be in a particularly grumpy mood out there in general. Not as much holiday cheer as usual. Not sure why, but I hope people manage to brighten up. Sure, lots of things suck, but the world’s not such a bad place.

UPDATE: Tom Maguire emails with an explanation:

If libs are in a bad mood it is because not only has their President collapsed but sometime in the next few days they have to go home and deal with (or be!) PajamaBoy.

If a righty is in a bad mood it is probably because due to cracking a rib laughing so hard about, well, the collapse of the Presidency or dealing with PajamaBoy.