December 22, 2013

PLEASE READ OUR ARTICLE — WHEN YOU CAN FIND IT: Readers Getting Tired of PopUps, Slide-Unders, and Autoplays.

Anyone noticing more and more irritating ads these days? And then sometimes the autoplay video that wants to rob you of 30 seconds of precious life fails to load properly, and you spend extra time waiting for something you don’t want to see in the first place.

It’s like we’ve been transported back to GeoCities personal sites from 1995 – remember when every page had blink tags and twinkly banners? It’s like there’s a contest to see just how much crap we can fit onto a page now.

But those blinky GeoCities sites had their own charm at least. Sure they’d give you a headache after three minutes, but at least you could see the page, then click onward. This new batch of ad splatter is designed to keep you away from your goal as long as possible.

I’ve noticed that. I block that stuff here at InstaPundit, though it occasionally slips through, but I’ve noticed that even a lot of “respectable” sites have that crap now. It says bad things about the economics of online publishing that people are resorting to that, I think.