December 8, 2013

ROLL CALL: Capitol Hill Feels Pains of Obamacare Sign-Up Troubles.

Members of Congress who have gone along with the idea that they should get insurance through Obamacare’s system of exchanges are getting a stronger dose of medicine than they bargained for.

Most of the national attention has focused on the trouble with the federal portal, but for members and staff, glitches with DC Health Link are personal. Dec. 9 is the deadline for employees moving from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to the new health insurance exchange to make coverage choices for 2014.

However, an email sent to staffers Friday said that those who can prove they tried to enroll in the District’s insurance exchange by Dec. 9, but were unsuccessful in completing the process and receiving confirmation, will have until Dec. 16 to notify administrative offices.

“If at that time your enrollment cannot be confirmed, you will be provided with an opportunity to enroll through the [DC Health Link] website after December 9th, with a January 1, 2014 effective date of coverage,” according to guidance sent to staffers.

It’s impossible to get a clear picture of the scope of the problems members and staff are encountering, but an informal survey showed that people experiencing trouble also had difficulty getting through to the appropriate officials to rectify their issues.

Nice that they’re feeling some of the pain, at least.