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Ed Driscoll

Great Moments in Public Relations

September 27th, 2014 - 5:19 pm

“PR man hired by the city of Ferguson is fired because he was convicted of reckless homicide for shooting man dead in 2006,” the London Daily Mail reports:

A statement from St. Louis Economic Development Partnership read: ‘We have asked Elasticity, our contracted communications firm, to release Devin James from his subcontractor role, due to a lack of transparency. 

‘While we admire his personal growth from difficult circumstances and commend him for his high quality work in Ferguson, it was the lack of information about his background that prompted us to make this move. 

‘Mr. James failed to inform us of his prior conviction. 

‘He also did not reveal this information to Elasticity when he was hired as a subcontractor. 

‘As of today, we are developing new vendor due diligence policies which we believe will prevent similar incidents in the future.’

At this point, presumably the Ferguson City Hall has “As of today, we are developing new FILL IN BLANK HERE policies which we believe will prevent similar incidents in the future” on a macro for its press releases.

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In Search of the Loch Ness Monster

September 27th, 2014 - 3:06 pm

“Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face,” Scott Lockin wrote in 2011:

Conservatives like to talk about the causes of Western Civilization’s downfall: feminism, loose morality, drug abuse, Christianity’s decline, reality TV. Blaming civilization’s downfall on lardy hagfish such as Andrea Dworkin is like a doctor diagnosing senility by an old person’s wrinkles. The fact that anyone listened to such a numskull is a symptom, not the cause, of a culture in decline. The cause of civilizational decline is dirt-simple: lack of contact with objective reality. The great banker-journalist (and founder of the original National Review) Walter Bagehot said it well almost 150 years ago:

History is strewn with the wrecks of nations which have gained a little progressiveness at the cost of a great deal of hard manliness, and have thus prepared themselves for destruction as soon as the movements of the world gave a chance for it.

Every great civilization reaches a point of prosperity where it is possible to live your entire life as a pacifist without any serious consequences. Many civilizations have come to the state of devolution represented by modern Berkeley folkways, from wife-swapping to vegetarianism. These ideas don’t come from a hardscrabble existence in contact with nature’s elemental forces; they are the inevitable consequence of being an effete urban twit removed from meaningful contact with reality. The over-civilized will try to portray their decadence as something “highly evolved” and worthy of emulation because it can only exist in the hothouse of highly civilized urban centers, much like influenza epidemics. Somehow these twittering blockheads missed out on what the word “evolution” means. Evolution involves brutal and often violent natural selection, and these people have not been exposed to brutal evolutionary forces any more than a typical urban poodle.

Which, as Bill Whittle notes in his latest Firewall video, helps to explain why they keep searching for the ideological equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster:

(Via SDA)

Update: Then there’s trickle-down decadence:

While Adrian Peterson makes millions, the parallel universe I’m talking about is mostly poor, as reflected painfully perfectly in an exchange four years ago, as reported in the Star Tribune, in a Hennepin (Minneapolis) District Courtroom. The story involved the sentencing of a teenager who had shot and killed another teenager—a kid, who only a year earlier, had shot and wounded the kid now being sentenced. The second shooting, in other words, was in retribution of the first. For good measure, the murdered teen’s mother herself was in prison for forgery, let out for the day to testify.

In speaking of her child—her second son to be murdered—she said he had worked two jobs and received his high school diploma posthumously. After saying she never had a chance to see him graduate, she added this stunner: “I am never going to see him come home and say, ‘Mama, I got some girl pregnant.’”

I double-checked with the reporter to make certain I had interpreted what the woman had said accurately: that she had, in fact, intended the term “Mama, I got some girl pregnant” to convey the same joy parents traditionally derive from hearing their married children and spouses announce in celebration: “Mom and Dad, we’re going to have or baby.”  Or, more up to date, “Mom and Dad, we’re pregnant.”

Yes, I was told, I had interpreted her lament correctly, as she mourned not only her son’s death, but how he would never impregnate some girl.

Pat Moynihan, call your office.

‘Winning Heads and Minds’

September 27th, 2014 - 2:44 pm

Mark Steyn notes that “Colleen Hufford was born in 1960. Life is full of grim twists and cruel vicissitudes, but in mid-20th century America it would not have occurred to anyone that one needed to worry about going to work and being beheaded by a colleague:”

Yet that’s what happened to Ms Hufford on Thursday: She turned up for her job at at the Vaughan Foods food processing plant in Moore, and Alton Alexander Nolen decapitated her.

Why would he do that? Well, as the initial reports were at pains to assure us, it’s nothing to do with terrorism. That’s true, in the sense that Mr Nolen is not a card-carrying member of an officially credentialed state-recognized terrorism-provider such as ISIS or al-Qaeda. It’s true in the sense that he’s not on any official US Department of Homeland Security terror watch list, because, under the geniuses running American national security, that honor is reserved for my fellow Hillsdale cruiser Steve Hayes. And, of course, it’s also true in the sense that Mr Nolen is a recent convert to Islam and, as David Cameron and Barack Obama and many others are ever more eager to emphasize, terrorism is nothing to do with Islam. Mr Nolen had the Muslim greeting “As-salamu Alaikum” – “Peace be upon you” – tattooed upon his abdomen. And he’d tried, without success, to persuade his co-workers at Vaughan Foods to convert to Islam. So he wasn’t just mildly Islamic in the nothing-to-do-with-terrorism sense, he was super-Islamic in the really-totally-no-terrorism-to-see-here sense.

So Colleen Hufford’s death was, as Jim Hoft put it, just “a random workplace beheading“. Indeed, many commenters at KOCO-TV seem more outraged by the mentioning of Mr Nolen’s religion than by the beheading:

Read on for KOCO-TV commenters doing an excellent impersonation of a cross between an ostrich and Basil Fawlty in full “Just don’t mention the jihad war” mode. Or as Mark grimly quips, “It seems many western heads have too little up there to be worth chopping off.”

So what triggered Nolen’s firing? According to a local newspaper report, just your average everyday workplace argument over stoning women. Which apparently, Nolen thought was pretty darn cool and groovy.

At Truth Revolt, Caleb Howe writes that “Beheading Suspect Fired After Argument Over Stoning Women,” according to Nolen’s local newspaper, the McCurtain Gazette:

McCurtain Gazette reports (no online edition is available):

A classmate of Nolen’s, who didn’t wish to be identified, told this newspaper that he spoke to a close family member of Nolen’s today.

He told this newspaper that according to the family member, Nolen was telling coworkers Thursday of an Islamic teaching that said women should be stoned for an offense, and that an argument followed the mark, Nolen was later fired and returned later Thursday, when he beheaded Colleen Hufford, the family member said.

One former resident recalls exclusively for Truth Revolt that only one Muslim family was living in Idabel at the time. The source says the family “owned and operated a pizza shop and started the local soccer league.”

“They spent every Christmas at our home,” she says of the family. “To my knowledge they never interacted with Alton.”

The Gazette reports that Nolen has a long history with the local police department. He has been arrested at least 10 times by Idabel police between 2004 and 2009, on “allegations ranging from assault, burglary, obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, drug possession, and larceny,” among other unlisted charges.

Nolan’s classmates state that he converted to Islam while in prison in 2011. Records indicate he was incarcerated for, among other things, assaulting a police officer.

Last night, Roger L. Simon, our beneficent Maximum Pajamahadeen Emeritus asked a question that most KOCO TV commenters also would prefer to not to broach: “Have Our Prisons Become Jihad Factories?”

Note this exchange on Twitter at the end of Roger’s post:

Goodnight Western Civilization — it’s been fun!

“Popular scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson responded publicly to an email sent by Sean Davis of The Federalist. You can read it in its entirety on Facebook,” Mollie Hemingway writes at the Federalist, in an article titled “Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Just Trust Me On Those Things I Said, OK?”

Let’s move on to the Bush quote, which is where things get really bad. To Sean’s request that Tyson verify the quote he’s been using against the former president, Tyson notes that September 11th affected him “deeply” and adds:

I have explicit memory of those words being spoken by the President. I reacted on the spot, making note for possible later reference in my public discourse. Odd that nobody seems to be able to find the quote anywhere — surely every word publicly uttered by a President gets logged.

It is odd. Very odd. As is this response. So the basis of his claim for this Bush quote is his own personal notes. But he can’t help any of the rest of us with any of this? What about how drastically this public-quote-heard-only-by-Tyson conflicts with all the public statements of Bush?

No matter. Take this bizarre collection of words:

FYI: There are two kinds of failures of memory. One is remembering that which has never happened and the other is forgetting that which did. In my case, from life experience, I’m vastly more likely to forget an incident than to remember an incident that never happened. So I assure you, the quote is there somewhere. When you find it, tell me. Then I can offer it to others who have taken as much time as you to explore these things.

Wait, he’s “more likely” to forget something than “remember” something that didn’t happen. And because of this self-reported likelihood, he can “assure” us that the quote is somewhere? In addition to Sean’s efforts to verify the quote — which include speaking with all of Bush’s major speechwriters — Tyson’s fanboys have been desperately trying to find any evidence of same.

Read the whole thing. In the above quote from his Facebook page, Tyson writes, “So I assure you, the quote is there somewhere. When you find it, tell me.” Sean Davis responded on Twitter, “Neil Tyson thanked all his FB fans for finding that Columbia quote. It was in the first story I wrote about the fabricated GWB quote.”

As filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr. tweets, “Hey @neiltyson what’s it like being the Dan Rather of Science?”

We’ve all seen this movie before, haven’t we? For a refresher, join us for a flashback to Capt. Dan the Newsman’s self-immolation in September of 2004, right after the page break.

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RIP Former Rep. James Traficant

September 27th, 2014 - 11:58 am

“James A. Traficant Jr., colorful Ohio congressman expelled by House, dies at 73,” the Washington Post reports:

[Traficant], an iconoclastic nine-term Ohio populist in the U.S. House of Representatives who was convicted on corruption charges in 2002, becoming the second member of Congress to be expelled since the Civil War, died Sept. 27 at a hosptial [sic] in Youngstown, Ohio. He was 73.

A family spokeswoman, Heidi Hanni, confirmed his death to reporters. The former congressman was injured in a tractor accident on his farm near Greenford, Ohio, on Tuesday. A former aide told reporters in Ohio that he apparently had a heart attack while driving the tractor, which overturned inside a building and left the former congressman trapped underneath.

Mr. Traficant, a maverick Democrat who found his own path politically and seemingly in everything else, was one of the most deliberately outrageous members of Congress in history. Glib and voluble, he was known for wearing cowboy boots, skinny ties and out-of-date polyester suits and for a bouffant mound of hair that seemed to defy gravity.

Reporters outdid themselves in trying to describe Mr. Traficant’s pompadour — and to determine whether it was real. In the words of the Los Angeles Times, it was a “Planet of the Apes sort of hair helmet” or, as Washingtonian magazine put it, “a creature from Lake Erie before it was cleaned up.”

As the Post goes on to note:

Mr. Traficant, who spent virtually his entire adult life working for the government in one capacity or another, often said he loved America but hated the government. He once admitted that an incendiary comment he made about the “political prostitutes” in Congress was out of line.

“I want to apologize,” he said, “to all the hookers of America for associating them with the United States Congress.”

Heh. The very definition of “a character,” Traficant, via his populist Congressional rants, which always ended with some variation of this phrase (I’m paraphrasing from here), “What kind of craziness is this? Beam me up, Mr. Speaker!”, became perhaps the only Democrat Rush Limbaugh could cotton to during the early days of his national radio show, which brought Traficant’s zaniness to a national audience. RIP.

Headline of the Day

September 26th, 2014 - 9:09 pm

H.L. Mencken, who wrote that in his estimation, “It is the prime function of a really first-rate newspaper to serve as a sort of permanent opposition in politics,” would definitely approve.

Update: This headline of the day, written by Stacy McCain, is even more potent.

“‘The Ray Rice video for the financial sector’: Fired Fed worker unveils secretly taped meetings between regulators and Goldman Sachs showing government ‘is in the bankers’ pockets,’” the London Daily Mail reports:

A fired New York Fed regulator recorded hours of meetings which allegedly show how government supervisors were afraid to ask tough questions of the biggest banks on Wall St.

Carmen Segarra, 41, was brought in by New York’s banking watchdog in the wake of the financial crisis to tighten the government’s grip on the major banks, and assigned to Goldman Sachs.

And after encountering a culture of ‘fear’ and ‘deference’ to the finance giants at Goldman, Segarra explosively started recording meetings in which regulators offer softball questions to bankers, then congratulate themselves for standing up to them.

So corporatist kabuki in other words. Or as Jonah Goldberg wrote in April of 2009:

Honesty and marital necessity require me to state that everything I know about prostitution I have learned from a distance. That said, based on what I’ve gleaned from reading and from films of dubious artistic value, it seems to me that the farther you move up the prostitution price range, the more elaborate the lies become. A streetwalker trolling the docks during Fleet Week has little opportunity for self-rationalization, elaborate rituals, or ornate fictions. She never asks that drunk petty officer from Manila, “Do you love me?”; nor does she wonder why he never calls or writes. We all know what she’s selling, and we’re under no illusions about the fact that it’s for sale. Sure, for an extra $25, she might pretend to enjoy it, but ultimately, the cheaper the cost, the cheaper the lies.

The same holds true, I suppose, with many areas of commerce. A trip to a four-star restaurant involves lots of ritual, to heighten the richness of the experience. The ambiance surrounding the purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, meanwhile, isn’t markedly different from the atmosphere at Home Depot when you buy a toilet brush.

But it’s prostitution that lends itself best to varying degrees of deception. Tony Soprano’s “gumars” always expected to be treated better than the slatterns in the backroom of the Bada Bing Club. And, no doubt, the late French president Francois Mitterand–who fathered a second family with one of his many mistresses–was no stranger to ornate fictions either. As the costs rise, the compliments become more sincere. The relationships grow not only more complex but more reciprocal–and, most of all, the real lies aren’t what the hookers tell the johns, but what both parties tell themselves.

That’s something to keep in mind as we watch the spectacle of American big business and the Democratic party seducing each other once again.

Visit any college campus, any Georgetown salon, any sweaty left-wing netroots comment section, or any space sufficiently accursed to have both Nancy Pelosi and a microphone in it, and you will be informed that the Democratic party stands up to corporate fat cats. President Obama spent much of the last two years denouncing the stranglehold that corporate interests have on American politics. “They don’t represent ordinary Americans, they don’t fund my campaign, and they won’t drown out the voices of working families when I am president.” “Right-wing and corporate forces,” the former director of advocacy for writes in The American Prospect, “will do everything they can to block our agenda on things like universal health care and climate change.” It’s not just that they tell the world this stuff; they tell it to themselves. Former senator John Edwards–in many ways a cornpone Mitterand–was probably sincere when he said over and over again that he’s been preparing his whole life to fight big corporations in behalf of the one of his “two Americas” that doesn’t live like him. It’s quite easy to imagine his saying words to that effect every morning in front of one of the countless mirrors in his 28,000-square-foot home.

See also: the strange, malodorous, and stillborn kabuki that was “Occupy Wall Street.”

Earlier in 2009, Kevin D. Williamson wrote a perceptive article titled “Losing Gordon Gekko”, which explained that during the 2006 and 2008 elections, “Wall Street has gone over to the Democrats. Should conservatives miss it?”

In 2006 and 2008, Wall Street poured money on Democrats. Big Wall Street firms that made major political contributions — including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Lehman — gave the majority of their contributions to Democrats. The hedge funds followed suit, as they are inclined to do — they depend on the big Wall Street institutions to clear their trades. And it wasn’t just Wall Street: Democrats led in six of the ten big-business sectors tracked by the Center for Responsive Politics: law, health care, defense contractors, communications/electronics, finance/insurance/real estate, and the catch-all category that includes chemical firms, retailers, manufacturers, food processors, and other industrial operators. Republicans held on to agriculture — which is, not coincidentally, the industry in which they are the least interested in practicing capitalism: It’s not the philosophical commitment to free markets that opens up corporate checkbooks, but the promise of favorable exceptions to those principles.

So why is the bulls-and-bears set going donkey? Partly it’s self-interest: Wall Street loves a tax break, but Big Money has over the years found a lot to love about Big Government. Those carbon-offset exchanges may be clearinghouses for products that are, in essence, imaginary, but they are going to make a real bundle for the bankers who set them up — and, since they’ll inevitably have the support of government, there will be relatively little risk involved. And Democrats’ anti-war talk hasn’t spooked the defense contractors. For all the conspiracy-mongering about Halliburton Republicans, now that Democrats control defense appropriations it’s no surprise to find the likes of Rep. Ike Skelton, the Democrat who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, enjoying the support of military providers such as Armor Holdings Inc. What is surprising is that Democrats now lead Republicans overall in financial support from defense firms.

When Obama made his case for the stimulus bill — which is larded with corporate welfare — he was flanked by two big-league CEOs: IBM’s Sam Palmisano and Honeywell’s Dave Cote. For many on the anti-war left — the people who elevated Obama over Clinton during the primary — Honeywell is a war profiteer, only a little less detestable than Halliburton. You’d think this would chap the hide of the Democrats’ progressive wing. For the most part, you’d be wrong, though a few on the left, such as Harold Meyerson, have scolded the Democrats for courting capital. Success has a way of pre-empting criticism: Democrats may have kidded Clinton about being the best Republican president since Gerald Ford — Clinton himself raged that he’d been turned into Dwight Eisenhower — but they loved him, even if he is today seen less as the second coming of FDR than as John the Baptist to Obama’s Jesus Christ Superstar. But there’s no denying Clinton’s great political accomplishment in making peace between the Democrats and Big Business — and cutting into Republicans’ credibility on the economy.

In 2010, CNN reported that “Goldman Sachs was top Obama donor” during election year 2008; in 2012, the firm wisely hedged its bets in 2012, giving more to Romney, but still plenty of funds to Obama and other Democrats as protection money.

Shortly before the 2008 election, The Voice in My Head blog noted that “Goldman Sachs Loves Obama.” and Photoshopped the Obama “O” logo into Goldman’s logo, where it fit all-too-comfortably. In 2011, Glenn Reynolds began routinely dubbing Mr. Obama “President Goldman Sachs.” Given that there’s a revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the Obama (and Clinton) Administration, will the Obama administration pursue Segarra as aggressively as other videomakers and journalists targeted by the pro-corporatist, anti-First Amendment administration?

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

September 26th, 2014 - 5:56 pm

Believe it or not, I watched this commercial while wearing a pair of Sennheiser earphones – the HD 280 Pro model which I’ve owned for years and use for recording, not the swinging Teutonic reprobate “Urbanite” pictured above.

Even so, I think I need a shower.

(Via AoS.)

Oklahoma Woman Beheaded

September 26th, 2014 - 2:51 pm

“Oklahoma woman beheaded in workplace attack by man who had allegedly tried to convert co-workers to Islam,” Allahpundit writes at Hot Air, with the horrific early details:

Via Joe Scarborough, it’s interesting that the cops would mention the conversion angle so soon in the investigation. The suspect, Alton Nolen, had just been fired from the business, a classic trigger for the sort of rampage people typically think of when they hear about “workplace violence.” But the fact that this was a beheading and that it happened after weeks of U.S. intel officials warning the media that reprisals at home for bombing ISIS are likely to come from “lone wolves” is why people as prominent as Scarborough are paying attention to it.

“How was Nolan stopped? Turns out the chief operating officer of Vaughn Foods is also a reserve sheriff’s deputy and had his gun with him at work,” Allahpundit writes. “He shot Nolen, which ended the attack. (Nolen’s in the hospital but is expected to survive, so cops will soon have an idea of motive straight from the horse’s mouth.)”

“Report: Murder Suspect Alton Nolen Shouted Islamic Phrases During Beheading,” Debra Heine adds. And, “HuffPo: Heartland Beheading Suspect Has ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ (Peace Be with You) Tattoo,” Wynton Hall writes, both at

Meanwhile in Baltimore, “Man shouts ‘Jews, Jews, Jews,’ fires on group walking near private school.

Glenn Reynolds notes, linking to the local ABC affiliate, which adds that “The suspect is described as a white male, brown hair, dark complexion, possibly of Middle Eastern descent.”

“Will the MSM go ‘full embargo’ on Oklahoma beheading details? Ace, others speculate,” via Twitchy.

And finally, from Media Matters: Squirrel!

Bug-outs, Then and Now

September 25th, 2014 - 8:00 pm

“Audio: Iraq War critic says Iraq withdrawal may have been the worst strategic mistake of all,” Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

Dexter Filkins has long been a skeptic and critic of the Iraq war, from his tenure at the New York Times to his current assignment at the New Yorker. Still, that hasn’t kept Filkins from reporting honestly on developments in the theater; in 2008, while at the NYT, he wrote extensively about the success of the surge just a few months before the presidential election. A month later, Filkins wrote again about the “literally unrecognizable” and peaceful Iraq produced by the surge. Six years later, Filkins was among the skeptics reminding people that the Iraqis’ insistence on negotiating the immunity clause for American troops was more of a welcome excuse for Obama to choose total withdrawal — and claim credit for it until this year — rather than the deal-breaker Obama now declares that it was.

Yesterday, Filkins told Hugh Hewitt that while one can argue whether the 2003 invasion was ill-advised, the total withdrawal in 2011 was the worst strategic mistake made by the US:

Gee, wait’ll he discovers what happened when some of the New Yorker’s most influential subscribers blue falconed President Ford and forced America to bug-out of South Vietnam:

The Party of Death

September 25th, 2014 - 7:00 pm

“The greatest cultural victory of the Left has been to disregard the Nazi-Soviet Pact,” Daniel Hannan, posits in the London Telegraph:

To the modern reader, George Orwell’s depiction of how enmity alternates between Eurasia and Eastasia seems far-fetched; but when he published his great novel in 1948, such things were a recent memory. It suited Western Leftists, during and after the War, to argue that Hitler had been uniquely evil, certainly wickeder than Stalin. It was thus necessary to forget the enthusiasm with which the two tyrants had collaborated.

* * * * * * *

In his Sword of Honour trilogy, Evelyn Waugh, largely through gentle subtext, told the story of how Soviet sympathisers in the West used the alliance with the USSR to rehabilitate its doctrines. Hayek, writing in 1944, devoted the greater part of his Road to Serfdom to refuting the idea that Nazism and Communism were opposed ideologies, well aware of how fervently this idea was being promoted.

He was right; but he made little impact. If you want to see how successful the propagandists of the time were, look at the reaction you get today when – as I did recently – you recite a few unadorned facts that point to the socialist nature of fascism.

Yes, it seems odd to argue that national socialism isn’t national socialism, but there we are. On the other hand, as we get closer to November, the American left seems increasingly unafraid to let it all hang out in other ways. Let’s look at how they dropped the mask and revealed their inner liberal fascist for all to see, just this past week alone:

  • Those who contend that global warming “does not exist,” [Robert F. Kennedy Jr.] claimed, are guilty of “a criminal offense — and they ought to be serving time for it.”
  • “So that’s the problem with the idea that it’s all going to go to rat shit eventually so let’s make as much money as possible.  Those people will always be a fungus and if I was running the country I would take them out and shoot them frankly, but that’s something else [laughs].” — Terry Gilliam of Monty Python, casting a whole new spin on his dystopian 1985 film Brazil as a how-to guide for totalitarianism.
  • “The ACA’s conservative critics have long knocked Obamacare as a first step toward medical rationing. Read Emanuel’s diatribe against living too long, and suddenly Sarah Palin’s attack on Obamacare’s ‘death panels’ does not seem so far-fetched.” — Victor Davis Hanson on Obamacare architect, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, currently age 57, whose new essay in the Atlantic is titled, “Why I Hope to Die at 75.” Gee, when do babies start having their palms fitted with Logan’s Run lifeclocks?
  • “Gitmo remains open; we are still at war in Afghanistan; we are still at war in Iraq; and all this is true despite a president elected explicitly and clearly to end the failed wars he inherited. This comes perilously close to proving that our democracy doesn’t really have much of a say in whether this perpetual war should continue or not.” — Andrew Sullivan.
  • Speaking about such modest restrictions on abortion as have been enacted over the past several years, Justice Ginsburg lamented that “the impact of all these restrictions is on poor women.” Then she added: “It makes no sense as a national policy to promote birth only among poor people.”
  • “I’m Marching for Full Communism” — sign on display at Sunday’s New York People’s Climate Change March (where RFK Jr. was promising to start build the gulags.
  • “Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda” — as displayed in numerous examples in Zombie’s photo-heavy round-up of the Sunday’s Bay Area sister march.
  • “Mr. Goebbels’ words are wise words to live by.” — Alison A. Martin of anti-Second Amendment group, Moms Demand Action.

And to sum up the quotes of the past week, “It’s what we all know is true, but we only whisper it.”

Update: “And that doesn’t even include groundhogs,” PJM reader “Sisyphus Redux” jokes in the comments.

Related: Of course, one day the American left will eventually make it to the promised land, if they don’t first fundamentally transform America into it:

This Groundhog has Seconds to Live!

September 25th, 2014 - 3:49 pm

Hello Mr. Groundhog. This day will be extremely painful. For you.

So just to review, Obama ate a dog, and Bill DiBlasio has killed a Groundhog. And these are PETA’s preferred politicians. Not to mention the Staten Island Zoo, which hushed up the incident. Because they’re all about the animals. Except when they’re all about protecting their fellow Democrats:

This is a silly story, except it’s not.

The Democrat Party and the government (not to mention the media) have simply fused.

Even silly things like this — the accidental dropping of a groundhog on Groundhog’s Day — are now covered up.

A week after Hizzoner dropped Staten Island Chuck in front of a crowd of spectators on Feb. 2, the winter-weather prognosticator died of internal injuries — and then the coverup began, The Post has learned.Staten Island Zoo officials went to great lengths to hide the death from the public — and keep secret the fact that “Chuck” was actually “Charlotte,” a female impostor, sources said Wednesday.

The zoo told a few Staten Island Zoo supporters, but claimed the groundhog died of natural causes.

The stand-in was found dead in her enclosure at the Staten Island Zoo on Feb. 9 — and a necropsy determined she died from “acute internal injuries,” sources said.
She had fallen nearly 6 feet when the mayor lost his grip during the Groundhog Day photo op. Sources said her injuries were consistent with a fall.

Instead of revealing the sad loss, the zoo — which gets nearly half of its $3.5 million in annual funding from the city — told the staff to keep the mayor’s office in the dark about the animal’s fate.

With PETA punting on the issue and the Staten Island Zoo allegedly covering it up, a cynical person would be forced to conclude:

Add that to the awesome driving skilz of Ted Kennedy, Jim McGreevy, and Texas DA Rosemary Lehmberg and the answer is obvious. When you’re on the left, you’re granted…

(Apologies — that song may be a federal crime as well.)

Update: “Liberal Politicians Can’t Stop Killing Innocent Creatures: NYC mayor slaughters lovable groundhog in brutal death smash.”

Mitt Romney: Tanned, Rested and Ready?

September 25th, 2014 - 3:23 pm

Jonathan Last takes a look at the GOP line-up for POTUS 2016 and does not like what he sees. “Now the field looks much more like Perry, Cruz, Rand Paul, and, possibly, Jeb. With Ben Carson making noises about getting in. And suddenly the clown show looks like it might be coming back to town:”

I posit that it’s possible the Republican field in 2016 could be much weaker than people anticipate.

If that happens–if Walker loses and Christie can’t recover his mojo and Jindal never takes off and Rubio either decides not to go, or can’t escape his immigration problems and Ryan stands pat and Huckabee chooses to keep making money–then there will be a moment of chaos and panic in Republican circles as the party realizes that the line-up they were expecting isn’t going to appear. And in that moment, there will be the opportunity for both a fresh face we haven’t looked at before, and for Romney 5.0.

Exit question: This is a serious question–not me being snarky. If I told you that you had to have either Jeb or Romney 5.0 as the nominee, who would you pick? And I’ll ask the question two ways: (1) For governing ability and (2) For electability purposes.

I’ll hang up and listen to you off the air.

So, second look at SMOD 2016?

Oh, Those Democrat Operatives with Bylines

September 25th, 2014 - 2:08 pm



Gray Lady’s Dream Finally Comes True

September 25th, 2014 - 12:57 pm

Now is the time when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my legs, and then he was being yelled at by my husband, Max, for smoking in the house. It was not clear whether Max was feeling protective of the president’s health or jealous because of the cigarette.

—The creepy, self-revealing lede paragraph of “Sometimes a President Is Just a President,” Judith Warner, the New York Times, February 5th, 2009.

A New York Times reporter says a Clinton press aide “escorted” her to the bathroom and waited outside the stall during the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting being held this week in New York. The escort even waited outside the stall until the reporter was done in there.

“The person who stands out is the friendly 20-something press aide who the Clinton Global Initiative tasked with escorting me to the restroom,” Amy Chozick wrote. ”She waited outside the stall in the ladies’ room at the Sheraton Hotel, where the conference is held each year.”

“NY Times Reporter: Clinton Press Aide Followed Me to the Bathroom,” headline, Fox News, today.

That’s Hillary Clinton for you: making the collective dreams of New York Timespeople come true, even when Barack Obama can’t. She’s so selfless that way.

Update: At the Tatler, Bryan Preston adds:

It’s not the first time that the Clinton machine has pulled a bathroom stunt. In 2008, Hillary’s campaign dispatched reporters covering them to a men’s room.

The WaPost’s Chris Cillizza suggests that the Clintons are treating the press with paranoid contempt for two reasons: They hate the media, and they don’t really need the media.

Both reasons are true. And here’s another truth: Clinton can mistreat the media from now until election day in 2016 and it won’t matter a bit. The media will still give them 10 positive stories for every one mildly critical one, and will still fawn all over them every chance it gets.

And Joe Biden’s aides have been infamous for locking reporters in closets and forcing them to delete photos on multiple occasions during his events. But hey, those low-level operatives sometimes need to be reminded who their bosses are from time to time.

Know When to Holder, Know When to Fold’er

September 25th, 2014 - 11:58 am

“Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General,” Obama house organ NPR reports. The lead is a predictable doozy:

Eric Holder Jr., the nation’s first black U.S. attorney general, is preparing to announce his resignation Thursday after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice system and 5 1/2 years of fights with Republicans in Congress.

Two sources familiar with the decision tell NPR that Holder, 63, intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed, a process that could run through 2014 and even into next year. A former U.S. government official says Holder has been increasingly “adamant” about his desire to leave soon for fear that he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama’s second term.

Even in NPR’s article, between fluffy ‘graphs stating that Eric Holder is kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being that NPR has ever known in its life, details emerge about Holder’s disastrous tenure:

…a 2009 Black History Month speech where he said the country was “a nation of cowards” when it comes to discussions about racial tension.

* * * * * * *

Another huge controversy — over his decision to try the Sept. 11 plotters in a New York courthouse in the shadow of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center — prompted venomous reaction from lawmakers, New York City officials and some victims’ families.

* * * * * * *

Things hit a crisis point when the GOP-led House voted him in contempt for refusing to hand over documents about a gun trafficking scandal known as Fast and Furious.

So why is Holder resigning now? Let’s ask him!

Gee, you’re not much help at all, Eric*. OK, let’s ask Noah Rothman at Hot Air:

Holder’s decision to resign is the clearest indication yet that the White House believes there is a real possibility that Democrats will lose control of Congress in the coming midterm elections. If the GOP were to take control of the Senate with Holder in place as AG, he would likely have to serve in that role for the remainder of the Obama presidency.

Holder has, however, said that he intends to remain in his post until his replacement is confirmed. Even if Republicans take control of the Senate after the November elections, there will be a push to confirm Obama’s new nominee in the lame duck session. A confirmation fight over the supremely important post of attorney general looms, and it will probably not be a fight tackled by the 114th Congress’s Senate. Nevertheless, the politics of a confirmation fight is likely aimed squarely at the midterm electorate. Republicans and Democrats both stand to benefit from this shot in the arm.

Noah writes that “The two leading candidates who fit this bill are California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.” Regarding the former:

Ambition: Check. Partisan liberal: Check. Demographic desirability (Harris is both female and African-American): Check.

Patrick, meanwhile, is a known quantity and, having occupied statewide office and served as a surrogate for Barack Obama, his nomination may even be seen as more partisan and divisive than would Harris’s. Patrick has also served as a Department of Justice official in the past as the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, so he has the qualifications and possibly even the desire to serve as Obama’s AG.

“Deval Patrick has always been a name you heard a lot over the years,” Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd opined on Thursday. “He’s somebody that has been close to a lot of the president’s political aides.

“As somebody whose term is expiring in Massachusetts, electing a successor there, he expressed interest in – I think he would love to be a judge someday,” Todd continued. “I think he said one time in an interview one of his dream jobs would be to be a Supreme Court justice.”

Oh and speaking of Chuck Todd’s opinion of Holder himself, as Glenn Reynolds notes:

Meanwhile, predictable loserdom from the Journolist crew: NBC’s Chuck Todd: Self-Professed ‘Activist’ Eric Holder ‘a Very Non-Political Person.’ Really, Chuck? Really?

There’s the kind of hard-hitting take no prisoners journalism we’ve come to expect from NBC and its Democrat operatives with bylines. Keep on BenSmithing, boys!

Update: “Republicans Rejoice at Resignation of Holder: ‘Obama Could Hardly Do Worse.’” I’m not at all sure that’s true — do not taunt a happy fun community organizer with nothing to lose after November.

QED: “Al Sharpton Says He’s Helping The White House Pick The Next Attorney General.” Gee, between Sharpton saying that he advises Obama on domestic issues and resident Time-Warner-CNN plagiarist  Fareed Zakaria boasting from time to time that “he has been advising President Obama on foreign policy matters,” the country’s in the very best of hands, to coin an Insta-phrase.

More: Juicevox Mafia suffers their usual epistemic closure:

“The City of Seattle just passed a new trash ordinance that would fine residents and businesses for throwing away too much food,”  Charlie Spiering writes at Big Government. At NRO, Katherine Timpf adds:

The Seattle City Council voted on Monday to fine residents who do not separate food waste from the rest of their trash.

Starting next year, Seattle homeowners busted with food in the trash will be fined $1 per violation. Businesses and apartment complexes will be fined $50.

The idea is to force residents to recycle the scraps into compost bins. The council hopes the law will help the city reach its goal of a recycling rate of 60 percent by next year.

San Francisco already has a mandatory composting law.

It remains unclear whether or not Seattle law enforcement will search through residents’ trash in order to catch violators.

San Francisco already has its own garbage inspectors, praised last year by the leftist busy-bodies at the Atlantic. (In-between running advertorials from Scientology.) But ultimately of course, it’s not like Seattle and San Francisco actually want those laws to observed:

“Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against – then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now, that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged.

“Watch: Megyn Kelly Matches Up Obama UN Speech Rhetoric with Bush in 2001,” via, which notes that “Kelly played a clip that compared the tenor of President Barack Obama’s address to the United Nations earlier in the day to then-President George W. Bush, who addressed the same body from the same spot shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks:”

Wasting Away Again In An Obamaville

September 24th, 2014 - 5:00 pm


I’m now being followed on Twitter by “Tent City San Jose,” boasting that it’s “Population 300+ and growing daily,” so I’ve got that going for me. Presumably, they discovered my Twitter profile because it mentions that I’m “San Jose Editor of PJ Media.” I have no idea if it’s a legit account, although this photo tweeted four hours ago also shows up in a 2012 article at a Website called San Jose Inside, in a post titled, “City Changes Policy on Homeless Camps.”

And this photo, in a tweet whose text reads, “A year and a month ago, I was a working class citizen,” also appears in a post at New York Daily Photo noting that the photo was shot in SoHo. In 2007.)

But this seems like a curious item to post for your 14th addition to an interactive two-way social media:


In contrast, for a look at a march larger group of Bay Area residents who won’t leave anyone alone, and presumably have a different vision of a camp to umm, concentrate their ideological enemies within, check out the prodigal Zombie’s long-awaited return to PJM: “Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda.”

And finally, I’m sure this last link has nothing whatsoever to do with either Zombie’s photo essay nor the rag- tag “Tent City San Jose.” Steve Green lists the “Worst States to Do Business In.”

Two guesses as to which formerly golden state is Number One.

Related: City Journal’s Steven Malanga on “The Professional Panhandling Plague.”

This Is CNN

September 24th, 2014 - 3:56 pm

And leave it to CNN — their Chryon guy couldn’t even get the complete list of homegrown terrorists right, to boot. Note that this highly dangerous radical wasn’t included above.