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The Internet’s Greatest Hits

From time to time, certain article appear on the Web that stick with the brain. As the late Hunter S. Thompson would say, they have that certain extra “something”…

Jonah Goldberg’s “You, Me and the Sty”
Cosmo Goldberg’s interview with President Musharraf of Pakistan
James Lileks at the Olive Garden
Rand Simberg’s “Media Casualties Mount As War Success Continues”
Virginia Postrel on the difference between Silicon Valley and Boston
Postrel’s “Nail File–The economic meaning of manicures
Brian Eno: “The Studio As Compositional Tool
Dave Kopel on Eleanor Roosevelt: Gun Owner
Ronald Bailey, Reason magazine. “Impurifying our precious bodily fluids”
Charles Paul Freund, Reason magazine. “Apocalypse By Deed”
Phonies In Paradise“–Robert Locke’s review of David Brook’s Bobos In Paradise
The Onion: “Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell”
David Horowitz on Israel
Pat Toomay, ex-Dallas Cowboy on Tom Landy, “The man beneath the hat”
Dave Barry, “Adventure Dog”
Byron York, The Atlantic: “The Life and Death of The American Spectator
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “Defining Deviancy Down”
Richard Grenier, “The Gandhi Nobody Knows”
The Godless Party“–The big story of the past 30 years that big media missed
Jonathan Rauch, “The Accidental Radical“: Brilliant essay explaining George W. Bush’s “strategery” in action
Robert L. Bartley, the late editor of The Wall Street Journal, on “How Reaganomics Made the World Work
Dennis Prager: “The Passion: Jews and Christians are watching different films
David Ramsay Steele’s “The Mystery of Fascism“: conventional wisdom posits fascism as an ideology of the right–Steele explains why it’s not
Norman Podhoretz, “World War IV
Dynamite, Manhattan, 1939: a portrait of pre-World War II America
It’s The Demography, Stupid–Mark Steyn’s must-read dry run for America Alone