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ED IN TECH CENTRAL STATION: Click here for a list of all of the essays and articles I’ve written for Nick Schulz’s excellent TCS Daily Website.

ED IN BLOGCRITICS: I have a number of reviews and essays on the site, which debuted in late summer of 2002. Eric Olsen and Glenn Frazier each did a superb job of putting the site together, and I was very happy to help the get the site off to a very good start.

Click here for a complete–and growing–list of all of my posts there.

Blogcritics: news and reviews

ED IN ELECTRONIC HOUSE: In addition to regularly authoring articles for the “dead tree” version of Electronic House magazine, from late 2003 until the middle of 2005 when they redesigned their Website, I wrote two online newsletters for the publication.

Home Entertainment” was published every two weeks, to keep readers up to date with the latest home electronics news, products and trends.

Ideas For Every Room” was published monthly to point readers toward the technologies, products and tips that can bring the electronic lifestyle to every room in their homes.

Some copies of both newsletters may still be found on the Internet Archive Wayback machine, and make for light, breezy reading on home electronics.

COMMUTER LANES RANT: Just added “I Really (HONK! HONK!) Hate (Get Out of the Way, you $&#*@!!) Commuter Lanes!“, a “rant” I wrote for the last page of the Summer 2001 issue of Sport Z magazine. Normally, I tend to smoke a very, very mellow version of Tom Wolfe for my essays, but on this one, I combined it with a P.J. O’Rourke filter and a Joan Didion cigarette holder, with a pinch of Dennis Miller chewing tobacco. The result is a definite rage against bureaucracy (not to mention commuter lanes).

HOW THE WEB WAS WON: Just added an essay that I wrote in 1998 for an abortive book project. It’s both a mini-history of the Internet, and my own introduction to computers in the mid-1970s. I’d like think my writing style has come along way since I wrote this, but in looking back on it, I was surprised at how blog-like the piece was, with long quotes from outside sources.


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