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Ed Driscoll

Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner: ‘Nobody Believes You’

June 20th, 2014 - 11:52 am

Will the MSM finally start covering this story? Don’t count on it, writes Stacy McCain. It might upset “The Media’s President”:

Da Tech Guy makes the obvious point: The reason the media aren’t going after the IRS scandal is because Barack Obama is their president. Not since JFK’s fictitious “Camelot” have the media invested so heavily in maintaining the image of a president, an image of competence and success that can be maintained only by ignoring all contrary evidence and pretending that all criticism of Obama is racist — RAAAAACIST!

This is more than just “liberal bias,” it’s outright dishonesty, made easier by the blind partisan hatred of Republicans that has become prevalent among journalists since the Bush era. Reporters and editors were convinced (and remain convinced) that George W. Bush (a) “stole” the 2000 election, and (b) lied about the Iraq war, which all Democrats believe was fought for bad motives — and Democrats outnumber Republicans in the press corps by a factor of at least 5-to-1.

Which is yet another reminder that for many in the MSM, history began in November of 2000; all events prior to that date simply never happened, or can be manipulated in classic Oceania has never been at war with Eurasia/East Asia fashion:

Just ask Tony Messenger of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the man who fired George Will.

Update: “Now, I don’t believe we are becoming anything like 1930s Russia, never mind a real-life 1984. But this idea that bureaucrats — very broadly defined — can become their own class bent on protecting their interests at the expense of the public seems not only plausible but obviously true,” Jonah Goldberg writes. “The evidence is everywhere.”

It certainly was today, as this example of bureaucratic obsequiousness illustrates:


More: “White House Learned of Lerner’s Crashed Hard Drive 6 Weeks Before Congress.”

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Ryan: "Nobody believes you."

Obama Administration official: "So? TS. What are you going to do about it?"

Ryan and the Republicans: "Uh . . ."

Boehner, Ryan and others: "What we are going to do is demand that Republicans extend the debt limit and pass spending bills with a trillion dollars in deficit spending. And then we are going to put up some gimmick votes that fool no one. Then we are going to trash other Republicans. Then when we are done doing nothing to stop Obama and trashing Republicans instead, we are going to expect people to vote for us."
26 weeks ago
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Just think of this: The IRS and this administration wants you to believe that not just one but SEVEN work station hard drives crashed so hard that nothing on any of those seven drives were able to give up any information whatever.

What are the odds?

Not a smidgen of corruption - eh Mr. President?

26 weeks ago
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You would think that (Michael Walsh's) criminal enterprise posing as a political party, being pathological liars...would be better at it.

In watching Paul Ryan dismember the Fishy Commish, one line struck me as the "talking point memo" play to the crowd. It was insipid and more than slightly deranged with that smirking, haughty, arrogant pose as the backdrop.

"We gave 770,000 pages and 24,000 Lerner emails are available...."

Well, yeah. But if a Mafioso is on the stand when the IRS nabs him and he says "I turned over a million pages of cooked books and 50,000 emails from my Aunt Carmela about her son Dominic's little league games...but the 500 pages of records from my account in the Turks and Caicos and the 80 emails between me and that money launderer lost in a crash of just those things"

Why didn't you tell us about those when we asked for them?

Well, I wanted you to have complete records and I didn't want you to get mixed up.

Anyway, those emails are not like, you know, officical type documents.

So, you should just conclude your investigation, because you ain't gonna find nuthin'.

You have employees, we can talk to them.

Oh,, about them...none of them remember nothin'. They all told me personally to my face that's what they're gonna say.

The IRS targets private citizens as a weaponized agency by the criminal agency posing as a political party, they abuse them, try to intimidate away anyone else, abuse them, steal their liberty, destroy their rights, crush the Constitution, destroy material evidence, plead the fifth against with Obama in secret through their general counsel and the next day they begin the abuse, meet in secret with Shulman, the prior Fishy Commish....and conspire to rape the American justice system.

When the conspiracy comes to light...the investigation is ridiculed as a "conspiracy theory". Of course it's a conpsiracy theory,'s an investigation into a criminal conspiracy.

People ought to be going to jail. We should reopen Alcatraz and name it the Democratic Party Headquarters.

This is treason. A high crime against the People.

Build the gallows.
26 weeks ago
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All Comments   (72)
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25 weeks ago
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Since there is no swift punishment for the wrongdoing in high places in government, they are fully given over to doing whatever they please. Since they are completely lacking in character, they are attacking those who just might be able to unseat them, (i.e., tea party Americans). We need a higher authority to discipline them. Ladies and gentlemen, start your (prayer) engines.
25 weeks ago
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The NYTimes believes him and that's all
That matters.
25 weeks ago
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25 weeks ago
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25 weeks ago
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The noses in the air and the unblinking stares while Lerner and Koskinen were lying their faces off weren’t coincidences.

It’s well known that most psychology ‘researchers’ holed up in university social science basements and elsewhere are all Democrats to the core. And whatever your opinion of their soft ‘science’ these people know how to manipulate people, although their arts work better on LIVs. It’s safe, therefore, to assume that dems are using psychologists to craft their campaign ‘themes;’ those little things mostly likely to catch the attention of the average LIV. Sandra Fluke didn’t come out of thin air and the hundreds of other ways and means that helped O get reelected didn’t either. Millions were persuaded that Romney hated poor people, had accelerated the death of a cancer patient through avarice, and was cruel to his dog. Even O’s trademark bombastic style, nose in the air, apparent disinterest in his administration’s scandals, and much, much more are all part of the act. Just as Harry Reid is soft spoken his voice drips simultaneously with passive-aggressive. And so on.

The dem party is now more about manipulation and propaganda than ever before; they have to be given the absolute horror that is Barack Hussein Obama.
25 weeks ago
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There is no way to win a legal argument with a federal official;
They will simply misinterpret the law in their own favor.

Congress is not a plaintiff, but the Grand Inquest of the nation;
They should, but will not, take action to obtain evidence and
compel testimony.
25 weeks ago
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When this all gets white washed and the high profile players get exonerated after throwing a few morsels of low level executive meat under the bus Mr. Ryan will quietly get his due for pantomiming conservative advocacy. He shot to pieces any credibility he had as a conservative voice against the budding tyranny with his "budget"- if that ship hadn't already sailed after his pulled VP debate punches ahead of his and Romney's engineering a convincing defeat to ensure the Treasodent got to continue his piecemeal Constitutional dismantling.
25 weeks ago
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The breathtaking contempt that the IRS, and lets face it the whole corrupt Obozo REGIME, is showing to the American people is astounding. To these people THEY are the only ones who understand technology and everyone else is just STUPID. Just think what they are trying to get people to believe

1) Lerner's Computer crashed and ALL her e-mails for 2 YEARS were lost.

2) Just by Co-incidence SIX other peoples, who just happen to be involved in the same IRS scandal, Computers crashed AT THE SAME TIME losing all THEIR e-mails too.

3) Then the IRS server OVERWROTE, WITHOUT BACKING THEM UP, all the emails as it supposedly does every SIX MONTHS because the IRS had OLD DATED EQPT.

4) The RECIPIENTS of all these e-mails can't be contacted because THEY DON"T KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

5) Last but not least they DID NOT make HARD COPIES of these emails as IRS regulations require them to do.

Now if you believe all that BS I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.
25 weeks ago
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1) Lying - by itself, nothing new. But when added to #2, it goes beyond what we have ever seen before.
2) Creating rabbit holes - traps for those who attempt to find out the truth. It exists because of one other thing we have also never seen: A completely whorish press.
The rabbit hole is exemplified by the birth certificate mess: It may exist, it may not exist, it may have been doctored, etc. However, rest assured that once you go down that hole, you'll be lost. You'll then be pilloried by the press which is more interested in trashing you than finding out the truth. Remember, the statement that Obama was born in Kenya first came from Obama, himself, on the flap of his book.
The new rabbit hole, the Lerner hole, was very carefully constructed well in advance of the planted question at the press conference that began the current scandal. Those involved in targeting conservative groups knew the ending -- which is to smear the GOP. They knew how to cover their tracks. And they knew that if you called it a conspiracy, you already lost the argument. Is there not one person working for the IRS who knows the truth and can lead us out of this rabbit hole? Stay tuned. Obama makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout.
25 weeks ago
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