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Dr. Helen

Dr. Helen is a forensic psychologist and a distinguished writer who has written for a variety of publications, including The L.A. Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her book, The Scarred Heart: Understanding and Identifying Kids Who Kill, was released in 2000. She also was the writer and executive producer of Six, a documentary about the murder of a family in Tennessee by teens from Kentucky.

Dr. Helen writes about politics, men’s issues, violence, psychology and much more at

From the first moment she began blogging in 2005, first on Blogspot before joining PJM, Dr. Helen says she was hooked: “There was no editor, no dissertation committee, and then, the Internet was a bit more like the Wild West with a lot more freedom.” She hopes that PJ Media readers like you will join in the comments sections of her posts so that we can all learn from each other, since she says most of what she has learned over the past years has come from an Army of Davids on the Internet.

In case you don’t already know, Dr. Helen is the wife of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds. She describes Glenn as, “A very cool guy. He always makes time for his family and friends no matter what, and his friends often extend to his readers at Instapundit. I am always amazed at how many smart, kind, and good people read his blog.”

You can look forward to reading about men’s issues, politics, psychology, culture and health issues on Dr. Helen’s PJ Media blog.

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