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Dr. Helen

April 17th, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Christina Hoff Sommers: Ban Bossy: Does it have the facts straight?

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I'm not sure these folks care about the facts, Christina. I've heard it said here and elsewhere that you can't be paranoid enough nowadays, so I'll go with the theory that they're just trying to smooth the way for Hillary. Meanwhile, I'm getting my granddaughter (queen-of-the-world) a t-shirt that says "Bossy. Deal with it."
44 weeks ago
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I thought Bossy lived out in the pasture and said "moo".
45 weeks ago
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Here's how I view "bossy":

- Whether women see it or not, a man has to usually back up what he says. If he starts getting in someone's face in a bar, he better be able to back it up.

- Women, on the other hand, can rely on the fact that they are women. I have seen women pour drinks on men in the bar, slap them etc. (well, when I was in college, haven't been in a bar in decades). They can do this because they know that if the man responds and hits her back or the like, every man in the bar is going to be on top of him in milliseconds.

So "bossy" is using their female privilege to try to force a man to do something that she wouldn't otherwise have the power to make him do. If she's not the boss, or the police, or Andre the Giant, she can still use - in contrast to men, who have to use authority or a real edge - the fact that she is a woman.

A shaming woman is also bossy. She is trying to use all the crappy female tactics (chivalry of men, innate female protection behavior of men, shaming, women's moral high ground etc.) to bend a man to her will. It works a lot of the time, because some/most men are honestly intimidated by women.

I picture a bossy woman with her hands on her hips, shaming the man, while he looks at the floor and meekly does what she says. Get a spine, men.
45 weeks ago
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