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Dr. Helen

February 1st, 2014 - 4:15 am

Christina Hoff Sommers: “No, women don’t make less money than men.”

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This is what I know.

My father only attended one semester of college. He joined the Navy out of high school and served as a Morse code operator in the Azores, of all places. When he finished his service, he enrolled in college, and after one semester said to hell with this. He took a six week course in computer programming and became a systems analyst. That was in 1959. Once he got a full time job, he got married.

My mother attended Catholic school through the 10th grade. Then she attended public school for her last two years. That's where she met my father. After he finished his service and got a job, they married. I was born 9 months later, in 1961.

My mother was a stay at home mom. She would not let her children out of her sight. Believe me, I lived it. My father became a quite accomplished systems analyst, got a job offer with a promotion and a raise, so he moved out family down here to South Texas. He basically designed the computer network that all of the banks and businesses run their accounts on. He worked his way up to become president of the company. He made good money, but he was on call 24/7.

Once her youngest child was in school, my mother got her real estate license. She never stopped working while she was raising her children, because she had become the apartment manager when we moved down here. Then she got her broker's license, worked her way up to president of the company, and made so much damn money that she bought the company.

People don't understand the real estate business, but my mother does. She took to it like a duck on a June bug. Now she's one of the most respected brokers and most successful businesswomen in South Texas. But for all of her success, she will tell you that she couldn't have done it without the support of her husband.

There was a time when my father's entire salary, and he was president of a majore computer company, couldn't cover the taxes on his wife's salary. That was in the late 1980s. He figured, why work? So he semi-retired and became a consultant, while my mother continued her reign as the real estate queen. She was elected president of the local board five years in a row.

I went into education, silly me. Took more grief for it than you can imagine, but I wanted the summer vacations so I could travel. Sue me.

When my father was dying of cancer, I resigned from teaching and went into real estate to help my mother run the company. It wasn't my first choice, you understand, but the responsibilities of the first-born son. My mother is a slave-driver, I'll tell you that for nothing.

She never attended college. She took a couple of courses and became a Realtor, then a Broker, now an owner. She will retire with millions, of which I am the unfortunate beneficiary of.

When I resigned my teaching positions, I enrolled in some business courses at the local university. The professor kept going on and on about income inequality. So I went home and asked my mother what she thought about it.

My mother said, and this is verbatum, "Women who earn less than men are stupid."

This is a woman who never went to college. She doesn't need a degree, although she does have a license. And she has used that license to enrich herself and her family.

All this talk of income inequality is nonsense.
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This is a common and longstanding 'excuse'. I worked as a registered nurse (male) in the NHS. About ten or so years ago, due to exactly this claim, they decided to 're-grade' every job within the NHS to 'equalize pay scales' and 'compensate' women for being paid less than men in 'equivalent' jobs.

Now as a male nurse I received identical hourly wages to my female colleagues (of the same grade), so no 'inequality' there then you say. So what they did was to compare different jobs, male dominated and female dominated. A health care assistant (no qualifications, just walk off the street and ten minutes later you are qualified to make beds, empty bedpans, etc.) was compared with … plumbers, electricians, joiners and allied trades (apprenticeship or diploma and experience level trades).

So by not comparing men and women in the same roles or like-against-like they came to the (already determined foregone) conclusion that all the health care assistants 'deserved' a lump-sum payment of the wages they 'should' have 'earned'. Some received up to £100000 in alleged 'arrears'.

The best bit? There were a sizeable number of male health care assistants, but they were specifically excluded from the payments. In other words the supposed inequality of pay was only for the women.

So 'equality' as always actually means giving women, and only women, anything they ask for.
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Aside from the comments below, no one ever wants to look at the big picture.

Women are always presented as the victims of society, who only earn 75 cents for every dollar a man earns, although they have to work twice as hard, and do it backwards in high heels.

Why does NO ONE ever comment on the fact that women get incredible amounts of money through other society transfers, like alimony and divorce settlements and estate payouts.

Patricia Kluge, basically a stripper, married a rich guy then divorced him. She got nearly 1 billion. No one here is likely to ever get a billion through hard work. But this mode of transfer is just ignored by men and women. Why?
1 year ago
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And the big joke is that if we decide as a nation that women are more valuable - no matter what they do - and pay them 10% more than men, then ...

... women would start complaining that they earn more than men and the men have to "man up" and start contributing.

I think women's complaints are just here to stay, and you have to start turning a deaf ear to them.
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This has just been entrenched in society since I have been alive (I'm over 50). I don't know why, but it's just not going to go away no matter how many studies are done.

A petroleum engineer who has worked full-time (more than that - 60 hours a week and sometimes a few weeks on an oil platform) is going to make more than a woman who majored in elementary education, got supported by her husband, then recently got a full-time job.

I guess. Maybe we should be socialistic and pay her the same amount of money. I'd be in favor of that if these people would just shut up. But they won't - even then.
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What you need ist The Bureau of Comparative Worth. Canada tried that to some extent a few decades ago with "comparable worth".

The idea was to classify government jobs according to what the Bureau thought were equal skills. So a computer programmer is kind of equal to an administrative assistant: They both have roughly the same levels of education (many computer programmers - frankly the best ones sometimes - are even self-tought and don't even have a college degree). They both just sit at computer screens and type stuff in.

So the result was that they could only hire the worst people, who couldn't really program at all, as computer programmers. On the other hand, there was a mass influx of resumes for the job of administrative assistant at a high wage.

So they just quietly outsource the computer programming and eventually just drop the program. Reality is really, really stubborn.
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