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Dr. Helen

November 23rd, 2013 - 12:21 pm

Darryn “Dutch” Martin: Has Radical Feminism Achieved A Deceptive Victory?

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The book Boys Adrift, by Dr. Leonard Sax, and Boys Adrift: A response to a seminal book, talk about men who are seemingly not mature, and the incentives that make that happen. Society started its experiments with this on black men. Look how marginalized they are. They've been trained to kill each other, in the inner city. Now it has spread out.

Feminists do not understand how really connected people are. If you listen to Miss America contestants, or any really successful women, they will most often say the most influential person in their lives was their father. I raised my daughter by myself, because my wife left. I invested all I could in her, and she even thanked me for it- which means she realized it- when she was 19. Feminists don't realize that they are depriving a whole generation of women of coaching, in this way. They also don't realize that men now know they are prey. What do prey animals do? They practice stealth, and low visibility. Dr. Sax's book talks about women who want to find a husband- and find only boy/men instead. But look at the women's comments, in his book. They are clearly feminists. Men with brains get a cold feeling in their guts, when they realize they are around a feminist, kind of like what you get when you realize you are talking to a violent psychotic, who is about to blow. They know better than to break up with women. No, it's better to act like a child/man, to feed that feminist's image of men, to be irresponsible, and so on, and let her break it off. There are a lot of men going Galt, and baching it. There are men playing the personal ads, above the age of 40. The ones I know, from work, are extremely selective. If their date doesn't match every one of their criteria, if even just one intuitive warning sign shows up, that's it, they are done. They'd rather be alone, than with a flawed woman. It's just too dangerous. Relationships are based on trust, and American women are simply not trustworthy, mostly. Dr. Smith, you are welcome to use my comments however you wish. PLease consider them to be in the public domain. I abjure any claim to them.
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25% of black men are involved with the criminal justice system. It is not uncommon for police officers to re-arrest these men, to up their stats, on arrests, for no reason at all. So they scar these men for life. Well, ok, society doesn't care about black men. The problem is that behaviors, once rewarded, spread. Now they are scarring white men, with false accusations of rape, in exactly the same way. We are all interconnected. Injustice anywhere is a threat to libery, everywhere. Men are now second class citizens- in the legal system, for jobs, they are treated as badly as black men were, in the old south. The propaganda against them is as bad as the racist propaganda of old.
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This was a good review. Although it adresseses the main topic, which is that men are opting out and rightfully so, it does not address the central topic, which it the law.

Look, when I was in high school, my geometry teacher had an affair with the football coach, and she gave birth to a red-headed child. It didn't matter that her husband, the FFA teacher, was having affairs with his students The guy was a cheating jerk, and I'm not about to excuse that, but the wife got her revenge--she slapped him with child support for a child that is not his.

That was when I understood the meaning of presumptive paternity. My mother explained it to me, when I was 15. I can't blame my teacher for having an affair, because her husband was having affairs, so I guess it all works out even in the end.

But it goes to the point. A man is responsible for child support for every child he conceives. A husband is responsible for child support for every his wife conceives. That is the law.

I'm perfectly willing to pay child suppor for ever child that I conceive. But I will never pay child support for another man's bastard.

Yeah, some guys like to run around, and the girls who get taken by them are fools. But that's probabaly 1 out of 5 guys; most men are loyal to their mate. How then does that explain the 1 out of 3 paternity tests performed in this country prove that the husband is not the father of the child? And that's only for the guys who were smart enough to ask for a paternity test.

It wouldn't matter even if he did, because the husband is responsible for child support; it doesn't matter who the biological father/back door man is. The husband is responsible for child support in every court in the land.

So why get married? You're only exposing yourself to abandonment, betrayal and bankruptcy. Hey, if you want to do that, go ahead. It's not like I'm going to have to pay for it.

A marriage costs, what $20,000? A divorce costs a hell of a lot more than that. It costs 50%. And presumptive paternity costs even more.

There is no way I'm going to pay for a ceremony. It used to be that the father's bride paid for the ceremony, and also paid a bounty. To get his daughter off his hands. Not anymore.

The law since then, the culture has not changed, except thtat it is completely undacceptalbe. No, I am not going to accept presumbitive paterntiy, not for any woman. so marriage is out of the question.

If the law requires me to to pay child support for every child that I conceive, then why should the law require me to pay child support fore ever child my wife conceives?

Marrige is out of the question. Under the terms and conditions of this contratct, it is completely unacceptable. Women don't like it? Fine, let them complain. I don't see or hear any of them arguing about changing the contract.

Of course not, the contract gives them POWER over men. And men are so stupid to agree to it.

And it doesn't even matter that men wrothe this contract to protect women in the first place, the Cult of Mary and all that.

What remains is that the marriage contract is a loser's bet for men. So throw your money down, and don'g come crying after the loss.

Ultimately, this is a female problem. She isn't worth half as much as she thinks she's worth. Oh yeah, she can find somebody to speand money on her.. She might even find somebody to marry her. To his great expense.

Women are what women are. Fickle. They are always looking for that bigger better deal. And when they find it, you're history. And when that bigger better deal doesn't pan out, then she's off to the next sucker.

Yet there will always be some idiot who wants to marry her. That's what she is counting on.

Anyone who hasn't figured this out yet is a fool.
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Pyrrhic, that victory.
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Response to incentives IS a metric of rational behavior.
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