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Dr. Helen

June 23rd, 2013 - 7:34 am

Author and professor Barbara Oakley reviews my book “Men on Strike” for PJM.

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While I have not yet read your book, Dr. Helen, I must say that it is generating quite a lot of publicity. Which is good for sales, but some of it is for the wrong reason.

These critics question your premise. They don't see the larger picture, or its effect on society.

There is one simple reason why more and more men are refusing to marry, the law. The marriage contract is exploitative of men and the court system is discriminatory against men. It's that simple. Forget the media bias and the cultural humiliation of men, and focus on the law.

Presumptive paternity is a deal killer. There is absolutely no way I am ever going to agree to pay for another man's child. No fault divorce, forget about it. She's going to break up with me anyway, eventually, so why give her 50% and a house? Abortion on demand, hey, if she wants to kill her baby she will legally. But she can't kill my baby if she doesn't conceive it first.

This is a female problem. If she can't figure that out, then she's more stupid than she thinks men are. She has an education, she has a job, she has a career, she earns a salary, so she can buy her own house and car. What is it about equality that people don't understand?

The modern American, or Western, girl is worth dinner, drinks and a hotel room for one night. She doesn't like it? Well, that's her problem.

Men don't live in the 14th century. There are no knights and there are no princesses, except in the fantasy romances read by girls. That's the problem. But the law hasn't changed, and men are held accountable under the law. Women are not. Once she gets married, she can run around with anyone she wants, she can abort her husband's child, get pregnant by her boyfriend, divorce her husband, take half of everything including the house, have her boyfriend move in so they can raise their love child together, all on her ex-husbands dime and with full approval of the court.

Today, in this culture, under the terms and conditions of this contract, with this legal system, a marriage license is a license for betrayal, abandonment and bankruptcy. She has broken no law. That's the real problem here.

Yet, men, stupid men, continue to get married. Why, I don't know. They're love drunk or culturally impelled or something.

The media is shoving it in your face, boys. There are shows like Bridezillas and Pregnant and Dating. How much of this are you going to take?

What man is willing to date, much less marry, a pregnant woman? All she has to offer him is debt for a child that isn't his.

But you see the image the modern American, or Western, woman has of a man. He's a bank account, not even a sperm depositor. She already has one of those.

It's ridiculous. It's gone beyond insane. Why would women think that being pregnant will make them more attractive to a prospective husband? It doesn't make any sense at all. Unless, you understand that they don't have any respect whatsoever for men and fathers.

I opted out of this game when I was 15. All of my friend's parents were getting divorced, and I saw the damage on the husbands and their children.

The 70s were tumultuous times. I knew right then and there that I would never get married. The terms and conditions of the contract were and are completely unacceptable. This culture, this legal system, is unreliable.

It's no wonder that men are going on strike. I did almost 45 years ago.

This is a female problem. It's an attitude problem, and it's her problem. For males, it's a legal problem. Change the law, that's the only solution. If men are not willing to stand up for themselves and change the law, then things will remain the same.

Bad attitudes and exploitative and discriminatory laws will remain in place.

Women will not change their attitudes unless the law is changed. Men, except stupid men, will not agree to the terms and conditions of the marriage contract, until the law is changed. And if they're not willing to change it, then it's only going to be more of the same.

She's worth dinner, drinks, and one night at a hotel. That's her problem. She will never be anything more than a one night stand.

She doesn't like it? Well, she can afford her own house and car. What do I care?

When she starts advocating changing the terms and conditions of the contract, I'll start paying attention. Until such time, she's just another one night stand, and there are plenty of those to go around.

I'd rather have the money, thank you very much. She can buy her own house.
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