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Dr. Helen

June 19th, 2013 - 10:22 am

Rich Hailey: Are Men on Strike? Or Are We Being Fired?:

My guess is that most of the people who will actually read Men on Strike will be those who already agree with it’s core premise while those who don’t will dismiss it out of hand. And that’s just fine, because it isn’t meant to change minds; it’s meant to energize them. Dr. Smith states in the prologue that her intent was to foster “…a revolution to change the culture, and thus the political climate in this country that allows laws and actions against the male sex that would never be allowed against the female one.” It’s a manifesto, and manifestos are usually only read by true believers.

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Actually, I disagree with Halley's premise, because the book is essential reading for men and families who are in the process of having the scales drop from their eyes.

I have a friend who has never considered any of the objective penalties imposed on men by the current family law/child services regime, or the ideology of the leftist feminists, and I had to define hypergamy for her. (She's a senior exec, hence a fairly worldly human.) However, her brother is in the process of being dumped, financially assaulted and threatened with parental alienation by a hypergamous wife who has decided to terminate their family so that she can 'do better' with some other married man (or so she hopes).

The book is a useful starting point for blue pill men and women who are in the process of being mugged by the State and a monstrous feminist culture. It's always somewhat astonishing how little people of upper middle class or middle class attributes know about our culture of divorce and male subordination, but not as astonishing as watching the meltdowns when the machine chews up another innocent man and family. The afflictions visited on men and families by this ascendent culture are so severe that we should measure the ill intent of its proponents by that severity.
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