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Dr. Helen

June 18th, 2013 - 3:14 am

EveryJoe interviews me about “Men on Strike:”

Is it still a man’s world? Dr. Helen Smith thinks not. In her new book, Men on Strike, she documents the disappearance of the masculine half of our human species from higher education, marriage and the workplace.

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"I think men and women do need each other; Steinem was wrong but it would be just as wrong to say that men don’t need women in their lives."

I think you would be surprised just how little men need women compared to how much women need men, once a man stops basing his personal self-worth on female approval.

One silver lining of the gender war is the fact that it has caused many men to stop seeing women through rose-colored glasses and honestly evaluating what women actually have to offer.

Today's gynocentrism is partially caused by women being overvalued and men being undervalued. It is my hope that enough illusions in men's minds pop. I think women will be surprised how fast their pedestal will come crashing down if enough men quit holding it up.

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