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2011-11-11 16:51:37

Hold still for a moment, and let me explain something to you: if we don’t get Obama out of office in 2012, that’s the last free election you’ll ever get. Do you understand that? Can you hear me in there? Is any of this registering? There. Will. Not. Be. Another. Free. Election. In fact, I would not be surprised at all if the Dems find a reason to cancel the 2012 election, it’s that bad.

Obama and the hard Left are rapidly turning this country into a totalitarian state. Notice how they don’t seem to need Congress? (Congress–what’s that? Do whatever you want to anyway, Barry.) The ‘living Constitution’ is on life support. Decades of Leftist indoctrination have made formerly horrifying ideas acceptable to our young people. The next thing you know, the Left will repeal the 22nd amendment, and then they will be in charge for LIFE. They’ll have four more years to nail down every institution and law and make it impossible for any countervailing opinion to ever see the light of day again. You think you hate Republicans now? Just wait until the only choice you have at the ballot is a marxist. Going forward, you’ll have your choice between a marxist, a marxist-leninist, a maoist or a trotskyite. It will be like living in Illinois–and you can see where that gets you. I live in Illinois—a legacy of 60 years of leftist malfeasance and corruption–and some time within the next two years, I fully expect to be reduced to eating the grass on my lawn.

You’re talking as though you have the luxury of affording to “sit out” the most important election in your lifetime—you don’t. And neither do any of the other brain-dead idiots who agree with you. In fact, you may be part of the reason we got stuck with a Communist in the last election. It took thousands of years and millions of lives to give you the degree of personal freedom you are so casually throwing away. Do something to redeem yourself for having endangered all of our children—yes, they’re going to get stuck fighting an Islamic monolith in about 10 years—and vote. Hold your nose and vote for anyone—anyone who is not a Marxist. Get the Left out of office in 2012, and give the rest of us time to fix the problem.