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Dennis Rodman In the Court of Kim Jong Un

January 6th, 2014 - 11:36 pm

You get the idea. For North Korea, the game here is not just basketball. It’s a game of trophies — American trophies. Kim conducts a nuclear test, presides over a prison state and executes anyone he deems disloyal (including his own uncle) — and then unwinds by inviting an American sports star (however eccentric) to come bow to him, perform for Pyongyang and the world headlines, and sample the pleasures of Kim’s lifestyle. Such are the luxuries of totalitarian rule.

If there a fitting retort to this display? As it happens, luxuries of various kinds are on the list of goods that United Nations Security Council sanctions forbid exporting to North Korea. The UN lists a number of specific items that all member states are supposed to withhold, including gems, jewelry with pearls, yachts, luxury automobiles and racing cars. But individual member states are free to expand on that list of designated luxuries, adding whatever fancy items — coveted by the Kim regime — they see fit. That’s why the Swiss government refused to sell ski lift equipment to North Korea.

The U.S. government already sanctions the sale of luxury goods, among other things, to North Korea. Surely the provision of basketball exhibition games is a luxury, apparently rewarded by Pyongyang with lavish hospitality, if not with cash on the barrel. To forbid the provision of such luxuries to North Korea need not entail singling out any individual — no one need bother with Dennis Rodman in particular. But is there by now a case to be made that for any American to provide Kim Jong Un with performances he covets — say, a headline-grabbing American all-star-populated basketball game for his birthday — is at least as pernicious as selling him ski lifts, and jewelry and yachts? Enforcing sanctions on most luxury goods is not easy. It appears that Kim has managed despite sanctions to procure ski equipment and fancy boats. But with exhibition sports games, it’s hard for the players to hide. There just might be a better chance of depriving Kim of his trophies. It would certainly be a better way of sending him birthday greetings from America.

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To the left Rodman is cool and hip and share clothes with Lady Gaga. He represents Hollywood basketball that Michael Jordan wouldn't.
49 weeks ago
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In the land of treason, Snowden is argued to be a hero, Bradley Manning escapes the ultimate penalty and maximal prosecution, the NY Times keeps a Duranty trophy and gives away state secrets.

In the land of treason, those who violate the Logan Act become Secretary of State...or President.

In the land of treason, every leftist is a country unto himself and can make or break laws at his whim.

In the land of treason, trying to destroy an ally because it is a free market, Constitutional democracy based on the open season and always in season and you don't need a license.

In the land of treason, our own borders are treated with abject disdain by leftists who wish to destroy the mechanisms by which we could secure them.

In the land of treason...Dennis Rodman and his fellow travelers...picked a country that would most jab a thumb in the eye of patriots who oppose treason. Kerry first chose North Viet Nam and today, Iran.

Jarrett chooses Iran.

Anita Dunn, Tom Friedman and Carl Davidson choose China.

Martin Sheen chooses Cuba.

Sean Penn chooses Venezuela.

Obama chooses Russia and Turkey.

The Che posters were not a college kid's fad in the campaigns. They were a sign of things to come.

Rodman isn't just playing basketball. He's doing what his career highlight reel shows so often. He's committing a personal foul. And our leaders aren't stopping him...they are his examples.
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49 weeks ago
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I checked with the BBB and was told that it is all legit.How they can sell gift cards, laptops, cameras, and all kinds of goodies that we all want for 50-90% off, I don’t know
I do know that I bought my son an ipad there for less than $100 and my husband a $250 Low gift
cards for 48Why would I even think about shopping anyþlace else?

49 weeks ago
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This is so there *any* possibility that in 20 years we're going to find out that he was some kind of CIA spy hiding in plain sight? More realistically, given the complete weirdness of North Korea, maybe someone at State thinks it's useful to have a personal back channel to baby fruit loop...
49 weeks ago
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Neither our intelligence agencies or Denise Rodman is capable of anything that sophisticated.
45 weeks ago
45 weeks ago Link To Comment
The question is not why the US government lets Rodman go to North Korea. He has a valid passport, and he bought a ticket. Bye-bye Dennis.

The question is why they let him back in.
49 weeks ago
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"The real question about Rodman’s visits to North Korea is not why Rodman chooses to go there, but why the U.S. government continues to allow it."

It allowed solely because Rodman is a Black, taking Blacks with him as athletic trophies of a sort.

That's the main point of this "administration".....and the Jesse Jacksons.

The tragedy unbeknownst to Rodman et al is that they are being used as entertainment, as curiosities.

All of the Kims in Korea couldn't care less for Rodman as a man, he's a diversion provided by the #1 Kim.
49 weeks ago
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Rodman goes to North Korea and tells the World that North Korea ain't so bad after all and Kim is just a misunderstood Teddy Bear. The anti-American Left can therefore say to everybody "look, Communism ain't so bad after all".
The entire World can see that Communism ain't so bad after all.
That's why Rodman is allowed to go. Obama can say to the American people, "look, Communism ain't so bad after all. If we did it, but with an American touch, just think how great it could be."
Of course, their plans will be scuppered when Rodman outlives his usefulness to Kim, gets arrested for spying and is thrown into a North Korean jail.
49 weeks ago
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The key difference between rodman and obama is that rodman is much less dangerous.
49 weeks ago
49 weeks ago Link To Comment
Who is the government to decide where anyone can go!
Is an American Berlin Wall somehow any different than the original?
How can anyone think that it's the government place to do such blatant acts of totalitarianism.
And "NO", this is not an endorsement of that buffoons actions.
Think about it.
49 weeks ago
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the major question is why does the US let him come back!!
49 weeks ago
49 weeks ago Link To Comment
Are you kidding me?? The North Koreans are using Rodman as anti-American propaganda!!

The guy's a freak and sitting up there next to the 'Little Boy Who Would be a King' he shows the North Koreans a stunning visual portrayal of "... just how bad things in America are...".

The typical North Korean peasant is told horror stories of how badly Americans treat each other and that horrific and terrible things are done by Americans to each other, and would do to them if their 'Dear Leader' didn't protect them from it.

And along comes a famous guy that represents the mere 0.00001% of Americans into self-mutilation to show them that all they've heard is true, and it's even worse than they were told...

Why does he get preferential treatment to even go to North Korea by the US? It fits the Obama agenda of undermining the US at every turn and in every way. It undermines the slow shift towards sanity that every communist nation undergoes after about 40 or 50 years, since the people of North Korea can actually see the American Boogieman in the flesh...

Whether you believe Obama's father was Obama Sr. or the more plausible Frank Marshal Davis, both men had the same dream - turning America into a communist country. And that's Obama's "Dreams FROM My Father", and Rodman plays into the agendas of both Obama and Kim Jun Uhg x2 as the 'useful idiot' he is!
49 weeks ago
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I'm as confused as Claudia as how Rodmann gets away with multiple visits to the Concentration Camp Nation known as North Korea. If we had a president with cojones and who didn't pander to the blacks, the next time Rodmann takes a trip to NK we would pull his passport and leave him stranded. Then freeze his assets and leave him penniless. Have him spend a year or two in the Communist Paradise, sorting through trash bins for food or catching and eathing rats and see if he changes his opinion of NK and their tubby little dictator leader.
49 weeks ago
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