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Claudia Rosett is journalist-in-residence with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and heads its Investigative Reporting Project. When Roger L. Simon asked Claudia to become a PJ Columnist, she was used to writing for newspapers, where the old norm was at least two layers of editors before anything saw print. Now, she is able to write freely about the topic she is most passionate about: freedom.

To borrow a motto from my old home on The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page: Free men and free markets. The flip side of that, which I’ve spent much of my career covering, is despotism. From the totalitarian labyrinths of North Korea, to the messianic brutality and terror networks of Iran, to the privilege and secrecy of the United Nations, which so many dictators and crooks exploit for their own uses — these are tales compelling to explore and expose.

Claudia has told many important stories. One memorable example would be when she went to report on the North Korean lumber camps in the Russian Far East in 1994:

The moment of epiphany was interviewing North Korea defectors who told me that as horrendous as those camps were, things were so much worse in North Korea that people were paying bribes to go work as slave laborers in the former gulag terrain of eastern Russia.

In addition to these serious stories, Claudia enjoys writing about the absurd, sometimes by way of parody. Click here to read the post she wrote when former Gov. Rod Blagojevich D-Ill.) quoted Kipling.

Outside of writing, Claudia has a passion for travel:

When I was growing up, my family lived for a while in both Holland and Taiwan, and beyond living abroad at various times, I have carried on traveling a fair amount ever since — mostly for work, which makes work far more interesting. I also have bouts of interest in cooking and gardening, but on both scores, my talents are haphazard at best.

Read Claudia’s latest column on now, and be sure to check back frequently to read news on things that matter but don’t make the headlines, and find views not prominent in the mainstream media.