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January 4, 2014 - 11:35 pm

As we enter 2014, Zo reminds all Republicans out there not to get too excited for 2016, especially without knowing who our alternative is going to be. He warns that, if its Chris Christie, the side effects might be worse than the problem.

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If you missed Part One of Zo’s year in review, “Hot-Headed Democrats Ruining Nation,” it’s online here. Part Two is here.

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All Comments   (2)
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Another issue for the Rs is that they've fallen for the liberal idea of the "cult of personality". The Rs keep looking for their "one" who can lead the party to victory. It won't happen. All the more reason Zo's correct in saying that the Rs need to learn to spread the message. Because it's more than any one politician.
1 year ago
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Great comment. But you have more faith in the capacity for CHANGE among establishment republicans - deliberatley lower case - and their fans than warranted by the evidence..

They've shown not only with Obama but even before with WJ Clinton, a political clone of the Kennedy Clan that "republicans" were far more committed to being in the club of Beltway Washington and "ways and means" of getting into and staying in the club than for any service to and for The People of or The Republic.

Busy bowing and scraping - politics as usual - to the demi-gods of the Kennedy Clan or is that Family? Especially the most destructive of the Kennedy Boys Edward.

Not only showing his "colours", well known to those who cared, at and after Chappaquiddick but as "Father of the Senate".

With cooperation, compromise and passive collusion with whatever democrat holds power as SOP for entrenched in office republicans then and since - Jphn Boehner as selected spokesman for House republicans. Don't see much fighting their corner from them.

To development of "democratic" iliberal liberals "Fundamental Transformation of the Nation" for a "Kenendy Dynasty", You know that nation AKA The Constitutional REPUBLIC of the United States.

Subsequent pretenders for "The Office of President" necessarily wear the mantle of the Kennedy Clan. Now held by the Clintons and troops/troupes entrenched in the Party.

Don't forget that some - many? - of the "liberals" called Obama not only the Messiah but also their "New Kennedy". Accident?

WJ Clinton as true clone acceptable surrogate for the unacceptable Edward as heir at the ADVENT to the "game-changing" date the Millenium. Didn't happen but time enough to plan for something like Obama as game changer. Onto 2008.

Mustn't forget that Camelot was a State ruled by a King, Court and ingroup of "knights" absolutely loyal to Arthur. Legacy Media and favourite republicans et al anyone?

Meaning of course they didn't blather about things that wouldn't go down well with the peasants and nobility. A King BUT NOT a Martin Luther. Who you remember was a TRUE PROTESTANT of the entrenched church. Nothing simiilar in the republican ranks of today.

One nope IS Sarah Palin and her troops. Except she seems to have decided the republican playground is the safest place for her. Sorry to see it, but perhaps she' rights. Only tiem will tell. THERE IS NO OTHER TRUE CONTENDER who has "come out".
1 year ago
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