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White Girl Bleed a Lot: A Year Later, Is Racial Violence Worse?

As documented in my book, the trend of black-on-white violence being ignored by media continues.

Colin Flaherty


November 5, 2013 - 7:54 am

A black mob in New York beat a young white couple earlier this month. The event was horrific, but not unusual.

Black mob violence is an increasingly common occurrence in many American cities, though you would never know of this trend from mass media. When confronted with astounding levels of such violence, the same reporters who dutifully produce stories about black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, and other race-based institutions suddenly become color-blind.

The following incidents all occurred during the last several days — did you read about any of them?

– In New Haven, Connecticut, 500 blacks attending a party billed as “An All Black Affair” fought and destroyed property in and around a downtown restaurant. The chaos then spread to two other nearby venues. Shockingly, no one was arrested – New Haven police claimed their resources were tied up with crowd control.

– At Virginia State University, 200 black students rampaged through the campus, assaulting people and destroying property. One person was stabbed. Only one was arrested.

– A small group of blacks beat and robbed riders on a New Jersey commuter train, sending four people to the hospital.

– In racially fueled violence, blacks at the University of Minnesota robbed and assaulted four separate groups of white students over a weekend.

Despite the very recent and short time frame, the above list is far from a complete accounting. The New York Daily News did cover the recent beating of a white couple, but dismissed the idea that the attack was race-fueled – despite witnesses reporting the attackers’ spewing racial epithets. The paper chose to quote a witness who described them as “just some teenagers.”

A year ago in National Review, Thomas Sowell said he did not know how bad the problem was until he read my book White Girl Bleed a Lot:

Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is even greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions.

One year following publication, the trend continues, and is now perhaps even worse than I had documented.

Last year in Chicago, a judge ruled the city had to pay $22.5 million because it released a white woman from jail into a black neighborhood, where she was pushed or jumped out of a seventh-story window. The judge cited “Routine Activity Theory,” which states that white people can routinely expect violence in black neighborhoods. A professor from Harvard testified in support of the theory on the witness stand.

In 2011 at the Iowa State Fair, mobs of blacks attacked white people in and outside of the fairgrounds — for three nights straight. A reporter finally asked the spokeswoman for the Des Moines police department to comment on the violence: the spokeswoman, Lori Lavorato, said she did not know why the attacks were occurring, but admitted they were indeed happening.

Lavorato was fired the next day for telling the truth about racial violence.

White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It documents one startling act of black mob violence — and the accompanying media denial — after another; more than 500 cases in more than 100 cities. Many of the attacks were recorded on video. Attacks occurred not just in hotspots like Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago, but in Peoria, Springfield, and Des Moines.

Racial violence returned to Des Moines earlier this year when a mob of 20 blacks beat to death a father of six. They attacked others who came to his aid, taking their cell phones and throwing them into a nearby river.

Did you read about that? Again and again, media organizations have claimed they do not report incidents of racial violence because there is seldom evidence of “racial motivation.” They are partially correct, but the trend proves them to be primarily wrong. Every single incident of black mob violence does not merit attention from the national media, but together they form a pattern that every reporter in every newsroom in America knows about, yet refuses to discuss. Maybe that is what Eric Holder meant when he said we are a nation of cowards when it comes to race, but I doubt it.

Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter whose work and byline have appeared in more than 1,000 publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Time.

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And the eneMedia are STILL firing on all cylinders trying to prove that the Tea Party movement is "motivated by racism." G-d, I miss Andrew Breitbart.
1 year ago
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It's is easy to smoke out the code though: if the race of the perp isn't mention, the perp was Black or Hispanic.
1 year ago
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The problem is that the law needs to be color blind. Anyone remember Martin Luther King Jr. ? Seriously, I don't care what the race of the person is, if a mob of people attacks a person, that mob needs to be dealt with. Once upon a time it was white mobs lynching blacks, Jews, etc., in Mississippi. Now it's black mobs ganging up on whites. I don't care about the race of the people involved, I care that innocent people are getting hurt and that the authorities, instead of taking action to protect people, are playing cover up.

The quickest way to a race war is to NOT deal honestly with these issues.

BTW, I think "race crimes" legislation are a crock. Who knows if a person has a racial thought in their head? Who cares? It's not the government's job to peek into someone's head and punish people for "bad thoughts". The government's job is to protect its citizens' rights to life, liberty and property. If a mob kills someone, I don't care if they were shouting racial epithets. I do care that someone is dead. It's insane that these mobs can act this way with no consequences.

BTW, I'm Asian (my parents are from India) and I have no animosity against any particular race or skin color. Right and wrong should not be about skin color. And all races should be treated equally and held equally responsible for their actions.

Oh, also - I am pro 2nd Amendment. If the government will not protect its citizens, then the citizens have a duty to protect themselves and each other. If you see someone getting beat up and you can stop that from happening, it's your responsibility to help. Obviously, a small, frail 80 year old woman can't physically do much against a group of thugs - but that's where guns come in handy. They are a great equalizer.
1 year ago
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I am of the opinion that full disclosure of the race, description of perps be included in any crime that takes place. Particularly important if they're still on the loose. This "politically correct" bs has gotten way out of hand.
51 weeks ago
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The problem of black on white violence falls directly on the shoulders of the media who cover-up the overwhelming amount black on white violence while sensationalizing the rare white on black incidents. This in effect says black on white crime matters little, if not OKs it.
1 year ago
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I grew up in Detroit and it got to be the same way. We dealt with the problem by carrying a gun.
1 year ago
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It has actually become fairly easy to distinguish the race of individuals in "riot" articles by whether race is mentioned or not. Journalists omissions have become so lopsided and the reporting so biased that you can now get a better picture by what is NOT mentioned than by what is.
1 year ago
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It would seem that there is a lack of political and social will to do anything.

All that will happen is that there will be a tipping point, and then we will see.
1 year ago
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Why is this surprising? America has not had an honest discussion on the issue Slavery and the failure of “Immediate” Emancipation. This is the basis of “Political Correctness” in the U.S. and in the U.K.
In order to properly understand the issue of Slavery, one has to divide the “Peculiar Institution” into its two component parts. The “Slave Trade” which was from beginning to end an integral part of New England’s Triangle Trade and the “Use” of Slaves which became a strictly Southern institution. This was not because of some great Puritan moral awakening but because of New England’s inclement winter weather, short growing season, lousy soil and lack of large enough Plantations to make Slavery profitable.
The creation of America’s infamous “Middle Passage” of the pre-existing Triangle Trade was begun in 1638 by John Winthrop as a way to rid the M.B.C. of enslaved Pequod Indians from the Pequot War the year before. Winthrop ordered Captain William Pierce of America’s first Slaver, the Salem ship “Desire”, to take the enslaved Indians to the West Indies because he feared insurrection, retribution and reprisals. Pierce traded the enslaved Indians for Negroes, salt, rum, cotton, tobacco and sugar… Voila’ – Thus began the basis of most of the great “Puritan” Boston Brahmin fortunes.
Those fortunes depended not only on the transportation of Africans and later Irish Papists (the fruit of Oliver Cromwell’s ethnic cleansing of Ireland) to the West Indies and Virginia would depend on the production of Rum (which was used as barter and lubricated the African Trade. So much so, that by the Revolution there were 33 Rum distilleries in Newport, Rhode Island and about half that number in Newburyport, Mass. New England’s rum distilleries produced about 3 million gallons of rum annually. The “Trade” would also include Trade in Opium, Fish and Timber and the cargo would depend on a given leg of the Journey. Some the names of those fortunes include Waldo, Forbes, Brown, Ryall, Weld, Faneuil, Bannister, Cabot and many others…
Among the many great myths of “Political Correctness” is that only Negroes were enslaved. Not true – Tell that to the Irish or those “Oliver Twists’ descendants - orphans and White trash who were stolen from the streets and trade to New England Slavers for a fee by local politicians.
Another myth is that Whites went into Africa as Slave hunters – not true they didn’t have to.African Tribal Chiefs who had been the victors of Tribal Warfare were all too happy to trade their Enslaved Negroes for a few barrels of rum and some trinkets…
It would be the supreme hypocrite William L. Garrison who would begin the Abolitionists’ movement which would later morph into the Prohibitionists’ movement and eventually be used to destroy the original intent of the Constitution. It would give what Columbia Political Science Professor William A. Dunning described as the “Emotionalists” control over the Nation’s politics beginning in 1860.
Note: We currently mislabel these people as “Liberals” or “Progressives”. Anybody else notice that these people are neither? ...
Sources: “The Negro in Colonial New England” - by Dr. L.J. Greene,
“Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery” - by Anne Farrow, Joel Lang, Jenifer Frank,
“White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America” – by Don Jordan (A, Michael Walsh,
“To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland” - by Sean O'Callaghan
To dispel another myth invented by Garrison – “The First Emancipation: The Abolition of Slavery in the North” - by Arthur Zilversmit. The simple fact is that many of America’s Founders had plans for gradual emancipation. Including St. George Tucker, Lafayette, Jefferson and many others… You will learn in Zilversmit’s book the responsibility for the failure of early emancipation was due to a new phenomenon – much higher Inner-City Crime.
1 year ago
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The article posted yesterday. Today (Wednesday 6th), here in California, two black kids from Oakland High set a white kid (accused of cross dressing outside of school) on fire.
The boy is in the hospital with second and third degree burns.
1 year ago
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Hopefully ALL of the victims of this Black on White violence were Guilty White Liberal Obama Zombies.......F 'em....they deserve a huge beatdown!!
1 year ago
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they really are african(american). tribal and violent and in the case ofthe welfare no father no mother no parents crowd, shrunken brained. wild animals.
1 year ago
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During the Zimmerman trial i researched some startling stats on the black on white, white on black murder rate. These are compiled by the FBI. The rate of black on white murder was 14.5X greater than white on black murder. There are some very interesting numbers that come out of the stats if one looks.

White Offender Black Victim = 193
Black Offender White Victim = 448

Whites = 75% population
Blacks = 12% population

(448/193)*(75/12) = 14.507 This is for 2011 which is slightly lower than 15.9 which I gave. those numbers were from a few years prio

1 year ago
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