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David Steinberg


February 28, 2013 - 8:15 am

Yesterday, a member of the most transparent administration in history, David Plouffe — in spreading a meme that the less-cynical, more bright-eyed and idealistic among us would never deign to think might be coordinated with several other administration-friendly media outlets — tweeted that former lefty hero Bob Woodward, age 69, might be ready for the glue factory:

No subtlety here. Mike Schmidt can’t hit pro pitching now for one reason: he is too old.

The White House wants America to re-imagine Bob Woodward as a reporter who can no longer be trusted because of his age. I suppose this is the only feasible means they imagined for striking back — how else to ruin the trustworthy reputation of Bob Woodward than to claim he no longer has the cognition of … Bob Woodward?

Shortly, I will put in a call to those prominent Obamacare cheerleaders at AARP, seeking their comment. I do not expect one.

Perhaps the White House’s stated position on the competence of an otherwise sharp-as-a-tack senior like Woodward will spur Democratic constituencies to reconsider the much-mocked Sarah Palin and “Death Panels”, and Obamacare’s “cost-saving” mechanisms in general.

I do not expect that many will.

Perhaps, after contacting AARP, I will also contact some prominent Democrats regarding the White House’s policy of ageism.

Let’s see: Woodward is 69, and has apparently lost his competency. Which Democratic figures — who, like Woodward, are otherwise not showing symptoms of dementia — should I immediately notify to be on watch regarding Obama’s loss of confidence in their faculties?

I’ll start with …

Joe Biden, age 70.

Then, Cabinet members:

John Kerry — 69
Chuck Hagel — 66
Ray LaHood — 67
Steven Chu — 65
Eric Shinseki — 70

Democratic Senators:

Lautenberg — 89
Feinstein — 79
Levin — 78
Mikulski — 76
Rockefeller — 75
Harkin — 73
Reid — 73
Leahy — 72
Boxer — 72
Sanders — 71
Baucus — 71
Nelson — 70
Cardin — 69
Durbin — 68
Blumenthal — 67
Johnson — 66
Carper — 66
Shaheen — 66
Manchin — 65
Hirono — 65

David Steinberg is the New York City Editor of PJ Media. Follow his tweets at @DavidSPJM.

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Yeah, Streeeetch Pelosi , her nonsensical rants aside - her badly colored, Dutch Boy haircut has proven difficult for me as well not to laugh or shake my head in disbelief when seeing her mug.
1 year ago
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Man.. anyone else waiting, WANTING Iron Mike/ Schmidty to prove the old blowhard wrong and suit up for 1 pitch from a current MLB player and get a base hit?

There's a reason Schmidt possessed the nickname, 'Iron Mike'.

Plouffe: Grade A, numero uno, sanctimonious d-bag.

- Lifelong Giants fan.
1 year ago
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I might have missed it in Mr. Steinberg's piece (I'm "getting up there" myself) but this WH tactic also smacks of classic Communist institutionalization of dissidents since dissent from the party line being _de facto_ proof of insanity.
1 year ago
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The comments system aside--and I hate it too--I have only one thing to put forward as a reason for the tactics of the current WH: they don't think they can lose, regardless of the forum or issue. In a day or so, Plouffe will apologize to anyone he insulted by implying that Mike Schmidt was old, or Bob Woodward was, or whatever, and they'll sail along as if nothing happened, and probably they'll win this debate, as they seem to win all the important ones. It doesn't matter if Woodward is right, it only matters if people pay attention to what he's saying, and no one will--because he doesn't toe the WH line on the subject: Republicans EVIL, Democrats GOOD. Nothing else matters.
1 year ago
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I would like to say what I think about this article but I can't because the commenting system is horrible.

Has anyone investigated the page views since this new system was implemented and compared it the traffic before? I am guessing there are some people who stopped coming to PJM altogether.
1 year ago
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I've had no trouble at all with the new system. I hated having to type in my email address and username every time before. I use Firefox. Are you using IE, perhaps?
1 year ago
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I have to make multiple attempts to sign on. The screen freezes up.

With regard to the article, what about Hillary Clinton, who recently suffered some type of concussion/brain damage?
1 year ago
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I am a long time subscriber and commenter who is confounded by these changes - seemingly done without any clear understanding of what the site had going for it (with respect to reader participation) and how this needed to be protected and transitioned. I have also noticed a significant drop-off in comments and reader inter-action. Perhaps the most disconcerting realization is that there is no place to communicate with the management or IT staff of PJ Media concerning these commenting facilities except in the comment section of a random article where it has no relevance (like I am doing now).

1 year ago
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It's just because you're too old. Ploufe has taken over PJMedia!
1 year ago
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...and dear ol' Nancy Pelosi - 72!
1 year ago
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