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We Have Met the Enemy

Some reflections on the current state of the West.

David Solway


October 27, 2014 - 10:57 pm
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 All-a dem dissa chant down Babylon

                                            All-a dem dissa chant Armagiddeon

Kei Miller, The Cartographer Tries to Find a Way to Zion

As we survey the contemporary international scene, we remark a multitude of forces arrayed against the historical and cultural integrity of Western civilization, of which Islam is one of the most potent and longstanding, dating back a millennium and a half. There are other antagonistic powers, of course, emanating from both without and within the Western liberal ethos, whether the autocratic impulse associated with the Sino-Russian political matrix or the flirtations with social anarchism and political collectivism that form part of the Western intellectual tradition.

But the greatest enemy the West now faces is itself. As the eminent philosopher Pogo famously noted: “We have met the enemy and he is us,” certainly far truer today than it was sixty years ago. He was not referring to some disparate aspect or specific movement within the context of Western political evolution but to the big picture, the whole Okefenokee we find ourselves inhabiting. The evidence is now all around us of a civilization at war with itself, bent on corrupting and surrendering a magnificent heritage — even if too often honored in the breach — of rational thought, judicial impartiality, electoral franchise, separation of church and state, the right of assembly and freedom of expression. Each one of these hard-won and precious goods is now being eroded under the auspices of cultural relativism, “the tawdry mother philosophy of political correctness,” in Roger Simon’s apt phrase, and the source of multicultural “tolerance,” cultural self-loathing and the infantile liability to subscribe to fairy-tales and myths rather than face the salutary unpleasantness of hard facts.

With few exceptions, one cannot open a newspaper or watch a television newscast or talk show or go to a Hollywood movie or attend a university humanities class without coming across instances of pure apocrypha. Whether we are informed that jihadist attacks have nothing to do with jihad; that Islam with its historic toll of 270 million deaths is a religion of peace; that university campuses across North America are crawling with student rapists; that marital violence is always initiated by men; that all cultures enjoy equivalent status despite their human rights records; that truth is no defense against charges of “hate speech”; that criminals have every right to sue their resistant victims; that citizens can be legitimately hauled into court for defending themselves; that the earth is heating up; that costly, draconian measures are necessary to reduce our “carbon footprint”; that exorbitant and ineffectual green energy installations are preferable to cheap and plentiful standard sources; that rejecting ID requirements, that is, what every sensible person knows is an attempt to facilitate electoral fraud, is really a way of ensuring minority voting rights; that Third World peoples are invariably the casualties of Western depredations and are themselves innocent of wrongdoing; or that Western democracies are morally obliged to make reparations to the rest of the world—in every case we are being indoctrinated to embrace manifest lies, evasions and grotesqueries that render us prey to a destructive ideology of guilt, fear, and self-contempt. We are denizens of a postmodern era in which the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, noble and ignoble has been generally annulled—or selectively manipulated, chiefly by the left, in the interests of an ideological program.

To put it bluntly, we in the West are now living in a cognitive pseudo-world of contrafactual beliefs and specious assertions of Orwellian dimensions, prompted by ignorance, the denaturing of language and the marasmus of mind — a world in which everyone is regarded as equal but some are less equal than others. Truth-tellers are less equal than professional liars, white people are less equal than colored people, men are less equal than women, Christians and Jews are less equal than Muslims, capitalists are less equal than socialists, nationals are less equal than immigrants, in particular Muslim immigrants — the list goes on. What is happening is truly astonishing and almost impossible to believe, for what we are experiencing is a cultural pathology on a global scale, a spreading and apparently unstoppable plague of sociopolitical ebola willingly contracted.

It is indeed a disheartening spectacle: a great civilization, centered in Europe and ramifying into North America, rapidly imploding, opening the gates to those who will destroy it while eating itself up from inside, with no assurance that this process of self-immolation can be reversed. Europe may already be lost, subject to failing socialist economies, sub-replacement fertility rates, a top-down unelected transnational governing body that has arrogated autocratic powers to itself, the re-emergence of a vicious anti-Semitism, and exploding Islamic demographics. It is a continent busy jettisoning its Judeo-Hellenic-Christian inheritance, millennia in the making, a mere century or even decades in the dismantling. Failing the rise of strong conservative parties, citizen retrenchment and the political courage and insight exemplified by figures like Geert Wilders, it is only a matter of time before the Islamization and nannification of Europe, working in tandem, bring down the curtain. Sad to say, but there is, barring a miracle, probably no turning back for a continent betrayed by its leaders and populated by ruminants. “Europe,” laments Caroline Glick in a devastating indictment of the continent’s “downward spiral” and intellectual truancy, “is abandoning the ideals of the Enlightenment, and embracing authoritarianism and irrationality.”

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Mr. Solway: This is the most brilliant -- and depressing -- essay I've yet read on the self-immolation of the West. Thank you for it, and for the most memorable three-word diagnosis of our plight that we are ever likely to read: "marasmus of mind." Since we're dealing with pathological metaphors here, I wonder if we might not add "cachexia of courage." Throughout the West it seems we are afflicted with a long line of wobbly wimps masquerading as leaders. And they've been remarkably effective at stifling the few courageous voices out there. Just ask Geert Wilders.
18 weeks ago
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Which came first, the chicken... or the traitor?

America has a problem. It is in the middle of an overthrow. (Not an overthrow overthrow)

To suggest that this is somehow different than European experiences is to denude the source only to cloak it in a patina of high gloss bovine excrement.

Pinky finger elites want so desperately to ape European arrogance and self-loathing, they exceed it by gorging on slander and insult aimed at the only remaining hope to salvage a world safe from tyranny.

Europe is in the death rattle stage of assisted suicide. Socialism is the drug, faculty lounge hippies are the needle and on each side of the fool 's deathbed stand the totalitarian Communist and the false prophet jihadist...armed with a pillow to suffocate freedom and smother the voice of dissent.

Europe serially slandered America as the latter kept it snug and secure embraced in its protective and loving arms. It grew weak, sniveling and self-absorbed as it hurled verbal epithets and sneering jabs at their "cowboy, country bumpkin, Ugly American cousins ".

Many Americans took umbrage and wondered why we spent blood and treasure on ingrates who neither appreciated nor supported our efforts. But too many others bought into the BBC assault on truth, reason, sanity, fidelity, loyalty, piety and honor. They believed the atrocious lies. They were stung by the constant slings and arrows.

And they recoiled. The retreated. They turned the other cheek. They shrunk. They shriveled.

An enemy who punches our face awakens the slumbering giant still. Or did up until 2008. But a "friend" who repeatedly slaps it...gets a groveling, whimpering, simpering pool of melted butter to go with their vat of bile.

Ergo, the path to the final crash of the death spiral of liberty is a trajectory inspired by, if not launched by...European elitist imbeciles and their copycat morons.

The totalitarian Communists and their false prophet jihadists have combined forces to drive the final stake into the heart of the duped, the timid and the cowardly.

Ruthless vs Toothless is now the final act of this passion play.

We are IN overthrow. Not "attempted" overthrow. Full blown treason.

We barely resist. We utterly fail to acknowledge our state. Drugged with indoctrination, administered daily doses of propaganda, our senses dulled, our wits diminished, our moral resolve crushed.

There is no deus ex machina to pull this story out of its inevitable ending. It is ending. In horror.

This epic poem has no meter. There is no rhyme scheme. We are in free fall.

And some moral equivalency coward is going to call us "hysterics" for admitting the truth.

Hang him first. Then the traitors, conspirators and agents of treason. For there is no greater enemy than the one already inside the gates...who softens you up for the kill.
18 weeks ago
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On the back of my car, a 1960s lead sled, in picture perfect condition, I took a stupid, "coexist" sticker and I purcahsed some vinyl letters from Amazon, to read, "Can't coexist with jihad." I have had interesting looks. And mind you, reader, not just from White folk, but from Rastas and others.
Jihad threatens hippies, commies, gays; everyone who is not a member of violent political Islam. As a matter of fact, I know Muslims who work with me every day, dress the same, don't have beards; the equivalent of Protestants or Reform Jews. I guess they're scared to say anything about Jihad, but they clearly don't follow it. I mean, they're in many cases married to non-Muslims.
When 9/11 happened, I got a shirt with the bomb head Allah design form Holland, you know, a dude with a fuze coming out of his head. I wore that on the streets of NYC. My friends thought I was nuts. A few people who were Muslim walked directly at me and I locked eyes with them, and them did absolutely nothing.
The problem with America and the rest of the western world, is, apparently, our dicks have fallen off. Find yours, it will make you stronger and the same holds true for women, in a different way.
The enemy, whether they be commies in Brussels or jihadis need to know who we are. It's like when I park my Harley in midtown Manhattan, and I leave my helmet on the handlebars for hours and no one will touch it. They see a Harley, and they know the consequences. Of course, if I came back and the helmet was gone I'd be SOL. But it won't be, because of the reputation.
Right now, we have no reputation, as a nation. It is absolutely essential that our next head of state have a dick or the female equivalent, and swagger around scaring our enemies. And this time, unlike with W, when an arshall like Whoopi Goldberg (who?} or some other loser starts making fun of POTUS, POTUS needs to call them out and shut them up, for the good of the country.
Just saying............. Gotta go to work now.
18 weeks ago
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All Comments   (46)
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Thank you David. It is as if you have taken a catchy little tune, hummed by only a few of us, and set it to a beautiful classical score. The pity is, only the same tiny audience appreciates your work.

At the heart of all the inaction lies the yellow cowardice of comfort.
18 weeks ago
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The ad pasted at the end of David's piece, courtesy of my ISP, read thusly: "Obama urges home owners to refinance with a 15 year mortgage." Even the ads have become infected with this disease. Note to self: learn how to become a hyper-hacker and invent schemes to get revenge on people who post such things.
18 weeks ago
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Then we must fight. Don't be polite and passive when friends and family blather political correctness. Send those complaining letters to your local newspaper, radio and television stations whenever they promote dishonesty, banality, or degrade the better parts of western culture. Know your children's schools and teachers and if they are inadequate, demand change or home school. Join a church and relearn that God is good and God is real. My Dad used to tell his kids to never start a fight but always finish one.
18 weeks ago
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I truly do not see any way out of our predicament. Western civilization has been ravaged by its own version of HIV: political correctness. As with an AIDS patient, the body and mind of Western Civilization is in the process of succumbing to a dementia of moral relativism, opportunistic infection of illegal immigration and advanced metastatic Islamization.

As a young adult in the suburbs, what type of people surround me? Do you think there are any that see a world collapsing all around them, and civilization slipping into a new barbarism? No, these people are consumed with mindless entertainment, sports and acquisition of junk to show off so as to be seen as better than their neighbors. What hope is there when all the men around me are consumed by "the game" and how their sports team is doing? The average man in America cares more about steroid-pumped overpaid men in tights throwing around an inflated piece of rubber than about left wing cultural relativists destroying this nation. Sometimes I feel as if we are reliving the end of the Roman Empire, when the populace cared more about bread and circuses than about the barbarians at the gates of Rome.
18 weeks ago
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Trainwreck your comments kind of hit a nerve with me. I see many males that are totally addicted to sports and devote huge amounts of time to following the careers of the pros. Many of these people will not spend a fraction of the that time trying to figure out why the world is falling apart. People don't seem to realize what is happening to them until catastrophe strikes. Even then most people would rather believe a comfortable lie than an unpleasant truth.

I live live in the Detroit metro area. The lessons of the bankruptcy are unlearned by the locals. The decline of Detroit was continual and goes back more than 60 years. The elderly locals are absolutely befuddled. They can't understand how decades of graft, corruption, and mismanagement by politicians they elected can bankrupt a city. Incidentally the whole auto industry collapse of GM/Chrysler came out of the blue to these same people.

18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
"I truly do not see any way out of our predicament."

That is the point. Nothing short of a change of heart, on a mass scale, will do it.

When you talk to people who have had a profound, life-altering change of heart, what is the common denominator between them?
18 weeks ago
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"When you talk to people who have had a profound, life-altering change of heart, what is the common denominator between them?"

Rock bottom.
18 weeks ago
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It was pseudo-progressives who co-opted the Enlightenment, starting in the very early 20th century. See Having acknowledged their role, despair/pessimism is not my favored stance vis- a-vis current politics. Determination to resist such prophecies of immediate decline are what is needed now, especially in election season.
18 weeks ago
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I agree. 'Brilliant' depictions of 'how hopeless the situation is' are not the way to go. Defeatism is easy. If you have a mind, work on solutions.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
I suggest that people look for a 1952 Time Magazine article titled "Fusilier" which is about Mortimer Adler.

He is found guilty of the modern heresy, as stated in the piece, " that there are such permanent, absolute values as Truth and Justice." It also states, "The pragmatists created an intellectual universe without fixed truth, where right & wrong swirl through time & space, always dependent on local interpretation and individual desire. To a pragmatist, "ideals" are merely hypotheses, to be forever tested by individual experience and subject to change without notice.

Adler revolted against this universe. He reasserted the old-fashioned belief that ideals like freedom and democracy are not mere regional preferences, but demonstrably good".

So, who lines up with Adler, and who lines up with Dewey, et al?

On that issue lies the future of the US, indeed everywhere.
18 weeks ago
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I agree. Mortimer Adler was a great man. Also, BTW, a Jew who converted to Christianity (but I am with Pascal on that).
18 weeks ago
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This eloquent essay is the battle cry and the grief-stricken sorrow caught in the throats of patriots everywhere, combining the historical sweep of Victor Davis Hanson with the insight of Richard Fernandez, finishing with an astonishing summation of the forces arrayed against us.

Friends, it is not enough. Many brave and articulate voices have been sounding the alarm for years, the Watchmen on the Wall. They have seen the storm approaching, calling out in warning. Other brave souls see storms as well, coming from a different direction. We then argue about which storm is closer and more dangerous.

We debate whether the cause is incompetence or purposeful malice. And we debate the root source as well. Is it academia, Marxism, physical enemies, ideological enemies, Iranian mullahs, religious enemies, the media, Hollywood, the leftists, LGBT agenda, post-modernism, greed, capitalism, the not-so-federal Federal Reserve, crushing personal/local/state/federal debt, critical theory, racial prejudice, political lust, the will to power?

The answer is yes, Yes, and YES.

It is all those things. And more. David wrote “But the greatest enemy the West now faces is itself.”

But what are we? At heart, we are our hearts. That which defines us, the condition of our soul, is our heart. How can it be that the collective majority of hearts of the western world seem to be coordinated in an unholy ballet toward the same end, the impossibly choreographed destruction of self and civilization?

The ONLY common denominator among people who, if they followed their own belief systems, could not live together in the same room, apartment, house, block or neighborhood, and could not work together in the same office or factory, and could not form functioning and sustainable businesses or governments, yet who inexorably work in remarkable and deadly unison, is their rejection of God, their anger towards God, their ignoring of God, or most tragically their half-hearted and increasingly luke-warm embrace of God.

Nothing. Else. Unites. These. People.

The simplest evidence? These people all despise Jews and Christians. (the half-hearted believers among them retreating in shame, seeking earnestly to assure others that they are not “too” Jewish or Christian).

We have identified our enemies. They are legion.

We are far beyond any ability to solve this on our own. Indeed, the main reason we debate who/what are the most serious enemies/issues, is because that is easier to grasp than coming up with a solution. The solution is not the election. The solution is not collapse. The solution is not civil war. Those are outcomes.

It is written “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”. It is also written “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”

The solution is God.
18 weeks ago
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So you want to turn to God and let him fight your battles? Sorry, but I don't think that's going to get the job done. Then again, I'm an atheist so that remark won't come as a surprise.

I've heard Christians say something very relevant many times: "God helps those who help themselves."
18 weeks ago
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What you cited, "God helps those who help themselves", is not biblical.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
Remember "male chauvinist pig" and "typical male"? Have you got the guts to turn it around?

Let's see. Where to start.

Women have reproductive freedom. Men don't. That difference, all by itself, gives women an huge economic advantage that overbalances all the so-called economic "disadvantages" against women. Feminism was not a rebellion against men. It was a rebellion against society. It was an anti-social movement created and led by Marxists.

Oh come on. Do you really think that while Stalin's man Mao was able overthrow China, and while the USSR was able to raise guerrilla forces around the world and defeat us in Vietnam and elsewhere, and while Stalin's defense industry was able to build an exact copy of America's 1st nuke when we didn't even have a clue how far along his nuke industry was until we detected the byproducts of his first nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, that the USSR had no real guiding impact in cultural America? It is not kooky to see the baleful influence of Marxism throughout our culture. Rather, it takes a brain dead stupidity to be blind to it.

Men compete for women. How does that play out in the large picture? The ultimate competition is war. How many women are attracted to the virile barbarians who are our enemies? Remember, when the barbarians overwhelm our defenses, the men get slaughtered and the women get ... husbands and babies (this is payback for "male chauvinist pig"). As soon as an invader occupies a land, females rush into his arms. The virile winners are more attractive than the losers (many of whom are dead). Remember all the French women who had their hair shaved off after world war two for running to mate with the enemy occupier?

In a civilization that is going to live, it is not the business of women to decide who our enemies are (oh yeah, we have all these so-called women's issues - everything from how better to enslave males to raise the children the women freely choose to have through whether women should be able to walk around naked in public to defining rape as any time she has sex and decides later that she wished she hadn't).

Funny how women get to have hobby careers in the military so that they can enjoy bossing men around even though women aren't fit fighters while they destroy the morale of the men who are the fit fighters with Marxist inspired imposition of a politically correct culture. Will the feminists fight for "equality" when it comes time for a draft?

Why aren't there more women driving sewage trucks?

Did you ever meet a feminist who was not for the marriage destroying demands of the homosexual lobby (that's the movement that thinks the filthy, disgusting, killer disease spreading activity of homosexual males is just fine, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a hateful bigot, when the truth is that there isn't a more anti-social, selfish, bunch of pigs (hey, "male chauvinist pig" was OK by these revolutionaries decades ago) than the people who promote homosexual lifestyle).

Feminists are forefront in disturbing society through claiming that a non-revolutionary writer who expresses the thoughts of a fictional character from an "oppressed" "minority" is "misappropriating voice". The feminists have evilly misappropriated the voice of women for decades. Feminists do not speak for women, and they do not speak for society. They speak for their own vile ideology. The rest is a lie.

Do you want to save civilization or do you want to bow to its destroyers. First you have to recognize the truth and be able to speak it.
18 weeks ago
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As soon as an invader occupies a land, females rush into his arms. The virile winners are more attractive than the losers (many of whom are dead).

Perhaps. But sometimes the women try very hard to resist these "virile winners". Anthony Beevor's book Berlin - The Downfall 1945 recounts how the Red Army's soldiers raped women of all kinds and ages. And not just attractive young women either. The Soviet soldiers raped females ranging in age from prepubescent to elderly grandmother, women that had just given birth, nurses in hospitals and nuns. Many women were gang-raped, sometimes to death. Many of the raped females were so humiliated that they killed themselves afterward.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
Sure. I've read the book. I was overstating it as "payback" for the feminist hate that has been directed at men for decades.

While I overstated it, it is based on truth.

First, while the women were getting brutally raped, guess what was happening to the men. Guess who the Soviets killed more of, after defeating the armed Germans - men or women? The men weren't being given babies, that's for sure. You can be sure that more men were dying.

But second, the Soviets weren't the barbarians in this story either. It was the Germans who crossed into Soviet territory and killed and killed and killed, and you can be sure that more men were killed than women. When the Soviets finally crossed into Germany and defeated the Germans, they were _avenging_ the German atrocities that had been committed a few years earlier. The Russians were very, very angry and had a lot of paying back to do (not that the Soviets weren't barbarians in their own way, but in this case the Germans were reaping the whirlwind.

Either way, the truth is that war is a lot easier on women than it is on men, for all that feminists would have it that there is no war crime worse than rape.

BTW, how does an atheist know what's right and what's wrong? Feelings?

Yours might control you decently, but to a lot of ambitious men, feelings are just a weakness to be overcome. That's why so many atheist (communist) dictatorships go so far beyond any other type of government in killing their own pacified civilians.

Richard Dawkins claims to be a 'bright' as the world's leading atheist. He wrote a book called The Blind Watchmaker in which the theme is that if God chooses the mutations of evolution as Paley's watchmaker, he must be a blind watchmaker since the mutations are random. Unfortunately for him, he does not know what 'random' means when scientists find a process to be random. Even humans can precisely control a process to a predetermined end with a random controlling signal. Ever hear of a one-time-pad? It is mathematically impossible for an interceptor to find the message order in a ciphertext encoded on a one-time-pad. He will find only randomness, so he is blind. However, the sender, who may control whether a ship bombards a military target or roses are sent to his wife, is anything but blind. Now a sequence of random mutations is exactly the same thing as a sequence sen from a one time pad. It is a sequence from a finite alphabet that controls the mutation par of the evolution of the DNA substrate of the biosphere. So, just because Dawkins and other scientists find the same randomness in evolution that the message interceptor finds in a ciphertext coded on a one-time-pad, it does not follow that 'God must be blind' any more than the ciphertext sender is 'blind'.

So much for the 'bright', Dawkins. It turns out he's a dim.

Don't be his follower.

I'm brighter than he is, by the grace of God, and I'm on God's side.

Fortibus85 does not mean that he hopes God will pull off a miracle if we just get down on our knees and pray hard enough. He means that a return to God and God's laws by the American people will save the country, and nothing else will. See, we have scripture that tells us right from wrong. We don't get to say "conscience is for weaklings" and commit mass murder on pretexts because a terrified people is easier to control than people who think they live in freedom. We don't get to lie. It even tells us that the filthy, disgusting, killer disease spreading activity of men who sleep with men is wrong, and we don't have to worry about the rationalizations, and the abuse from the revolutionary liars who try to force on society that there is nothing wrong with homosexual sex and 2 + 2 = 5.

Come back to God, and try to live a Godly life in Jesus.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
That book was so dark, or rather the events it chronicled were so dark, I had to stop reading it about halfway through.

That was after having already read Beevor's entire book Stalingrad.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
I've read both of those books fortibus85. How are you doing?
18 weeks ago
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To put it bluntly, we in the West are now living in a cognitive pseudo-world of contrafactual beliefs and specious assertions of Orwellian dimensions, prompted by ignorance, the denaturing of language and the marasmus of mind ...

Pilgrim you shore use a lot of big words for a guy who started out quoting Pogo!
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well, friend, guilty as charged. No defence, except to say that my passion for the English language is all-encompassing--big words, small words, slanguage, cool words, you name it. I occasionally come across highfalutin words on this site (cf. Roger Kimball) and enjoy the trip to the dictionary, where I stand to learn something. James Joyce or Pogo, Arthur Schopenhauer or Count Duckula, it's all copacetic. PS--many commenters you find in the talkback section are brilliant, erudite people. I learn from them too.
18 weeks ago
18 weeks ago Link To Comment
Thanks for prompting me into looking up the definition of cultural relativism
and the definitions of the various moral relativisms: Interesting contrast. >:)

It reminded me of the observation that evolution is driven by environment,
until a species becomes smart enough to change its environment to suit
itself, at which point evolution stops and devolution begins, unless, perhaps,
the species has the wit and will to impose upon itself artificial constraints
which favor the strong and weed out the weak.

18 weeks ago
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