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January 29, 2014 - 5:29 am


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He said he felt "excitement about manipulating people and convincing them to believe things that aren't true"

The speaker in that statement is:

A) Barack Obama caught off mic just before he delivered the SOTU speech

B) John Kerry's Iranian counterpart describing what it feels like to get a deal like the one surrendered in Geneva

C) Michael Moore describing his lifetime achievements in film

D) an award winning EPA employee discussing Trojan Horse anti-capitalism programs instituted in three phases, while he skipped work posing as a CIA agent

Ok, ok...the last entry is a little too far fetched, not even a B Movie would accept that ridiculous scenario... but one of these four is true...well, at LEAST one.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment why I love these three guys.

Underutilized here, unfortunately. Scott Ott gives his heart, Bill Whittle gives his soul...and as proven last night, Steve Green gives his be on the front lines of the resistance against tyranny.

These are not moral relativists. They aren't looking to soft sell tyranny as compassionate liberalism. They aren't accusing countrymen also resisting of being "an hysteric".

We need more men like these three. And ...a lineup of willing donors in case one of them needs a new liver after pulling yeoman's duty last night.
1 year ago
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From drone use against a North Dakota farmer and subsequent arrest using massively disproportionate militarized force; over a pithy complaint ... to full-on declarations by Obama that he's gonna rule by fiat, and his EPA unilaterally giving 1 million acres of land to First Nations people in Wyoming ... Ladies and gentlemen: We have a problem with a POTUS not only abusing his constitutional authority; but a POTUS that uses the DOJ, EPA, IRS, DHS, FBI etc. to bully dissenters into submission and to threaten anyone that would simply voice their rights under the constitution.
We have a lawless POTUS; and he most assuredly needs to be "reigned in", and brought to account. Obama has certain clearly defined authority; outside of which he can be called to task and punished if necessary. We have already gone beyond any reasonable period of generosity with Obama; it's time to hold him accountable.
1 year ago
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