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Nicholas Ballasy


May 21, 2013 - 4:58 pm
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A group of conservative political activists protested the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party organizations outside of the IRS building in Washington, warning that the federal government needs to be “downsized significantly.”

“This demonstrates the immense power that the Internal Revenue Service has over individual Americans and their ability to effectively exercise their First Amendment rights,” Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, told PJ Media.

“This is not a left or right, conservative or progressive issue but an issue that impacts all of us for that very reason that anybody can be targeted under this and we should guard against that possibility.”

Lisa Miller of Tea Party WDC called the special treatment of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status a “direct threat” to “every” American’s rights.

“No matter what, the problem is big government,” said Miller.

“You misspeak and you can get audited by the IRS? You can imagine the kind of stress and expense that puts on people.”

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Protesters, take heed:
San Fran Nan is expected shortly to call out you Astro-Turf pack of bitter-clinger racists! The obamauditers are already taking names.
1 year ago
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The last to lines are good, as far as they go. But if Barry even suspected [much less knew or directed this] that this bilge was in the offing and effectively, provably did squat to stop it,...we--elll then,... now we're gonna' wonder about His Oath, big-time, where he swore to protect and defend The Constitution and all us 'simple folk', too.
Let see if anyone at a W H presser asks a question of that form and watch Carney stutter like a Browning .30 Caliber LMG.
1 year ago
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