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UN Appoints Israel-Bashing Prof to Head Commission

As William Schabas admits himself: I just go with the flow and don’t ask questions.

P. David Hornik


August 16, 2014 - 12:03 am
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In Israel you don’t just get thousands of rockets fired at you by a terrorist organization whose charter says, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” If you defend yourself, you get investigated for war crimes by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, an antisemitic body 40 percent of whose resolutions condemn Israel.

It happened after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in the winter of 2008-2009, when the UNHRC appointed Richard Goldstone—a South African hanging judge who sentenced dozens of blacks to death during Apartheid—to head a commission that produced the infamous Goldstone Report. This piece of Hamas propaganda, which Alan Dershowitz called “a shoddy piece of work, unworthy of serious consideration,” was so skewed against Israel that in 2011 Goldstone himself retracted its libel that Israel had targeted civilians during Cast Lead.

The UNHRC is, of course, undeterred by the Goldstone debacle. With 3,500 rockets fired at Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad since July, this week the council appointed William Schabas, a Canadian professor of international law, to head a commission that will not, of course, be investigating the terror groups for any possible misdeeds, only Israel.

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Canada out of UN and ban these quasi-judicial bodies that call themselves "Human Rights Commisions". I have the right to be a human without someone else telling me to stop being meeeean to other people. I'm sure if they really meant it they would punch me square in the nose but oddly enough, that never happens...
28 weeks ago
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UN out of US. US out of UN.
Israel should just tell this commission to go pound sand.
Politely. Deny them entry visas. Politely.
Then kick them out into Gaza, without IDF protection, and don't let them back into Israel. Politely.

28 weeks ago
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I wish I could get indignant, but I can't because it's typical. This is a dog-bites-man story. If the UN were to appoint a neutral person, or a pro-Israel person, that would be a man-bites-dog story.
28 weeks ago
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