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May 31, 2013 - 12:39 am

A recent Gallup poll shows that a majority of people think that the federal government is too big and too powerful. Only 8 percent think that the government needs more power. So why do President Obama and the Democrats keep pushing for more spending and increased government in your life? Find out from Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle in the latest edition of Trifecta.

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Yep. But remember that Obama has a poll rating of almost 50% approval. What's wrong with this picture ?

To tick whatever is desired by a pollster is so-o-o easy. Of course we know that pollsters do NOT in any way influence the answers to their questions. Or as do lawyers ask, or design, questions to which they don't know the answers.

To cut to the chase, the population has been trained within the past half century plus to accept as a natural Right provision of a "standad of living" continuously rising, re an earlier Afterburner on poverty comparisons statistics of the USA.

For those unable OR UNWILLING to do the necessary for same, it MUST be provided by those in the "community" who of necessity or willingly have done the necessary . And Must submit part of their earnings from their efforts, social disciplines and time to the "public purse" for "representatives of the People " to allot according to THEIR decisions.

To individuals and corporations of THEIR choices, after their quasi-royal perquisites are paid, THEY decide how that money from the "public purse" is to be allocated, and to whom.

See those corporate contributions to political campaigns do pay off. Good idea to "contribute" to both sides in the game. Just in case. ALL recipients
individual and corporate of the "government largesse" know on whch side their bread is buttered.

It's easy to say this that or the other thing. BUT can any of you actually see any of the citizens voting to CHANGE the government from the present to one for ONLY the basic responsibilities of government?

Leaving citizens FREE and on their own in the cold cruel world, to fend for themselves, make their own decisions and pay their own bills?

Do any of you see this happening? Do any of you believe it desirable?

Once Pandora opened the box, the evils flew out into the world. And CANNOT be re-captured and restrained. Only HOPE remained. And wHAT does that mean and HOW can that word/idea be used?

That is the the cynicism on which the socalled "compassonate liberals/democrats" aka progressives and collectivists have Changed the world.

THEY have enough contempt for people - projection? - that anything goes. THEY know the people buy anything if prettily packaged, sold with catchy slogans and tunes, and by the New Olympians/celebrities of stage, screen/TV and politics. With the added incentive of a "Free gift".

The fundamental questions about Big Government - we know what it is we live with it every single moment of every single day acknowledged or not in the myriad sometimes subliminal controls over our actions, thoughts, words and deeds - "what's in it for me" and "What does it cost me" ? Individually, economically, ethically, legally and in freedom to live my life according to my own lights?

And do any of those considerations mean anything to people who accept AS RIGHT the "free" maintenance with benefits designed and managed by quasi-royal princes in the Court of Washington?

Let other people pay for me, my needs, my desires, my leisure and my rights. What's it to me as long as I'm all right Jack. Am I my brother's keeper?

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