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‘This Bully Nature of Government’: Tea Party Rallies in Washington Amid IRS Controversy

“We will get answers. It will take time, but we will get the facts, and we will follow them wherever they lead,” the Ways and Means chairman promised.

Rodrigo Sermeño


June 21, 2013 - 12:31 am
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WASHINGTON – Thousands of protesters descended on the Capitol’s West Lawn on Wednesday to rally against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its targeting of conservative groups.

Backed by more than a dozen lawmakers from the House and the Senate, the “Audit the IRS” event organized by the Tea Party Patriots featured several prominent conservative lawmakers, including Sens. Mike Lee (Utah), Rand Paul (Ky.), and Ted Cruz (Texas); Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Dave Camp (Mich.); and members from those Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS.

Paul began his speech by asking the crowd if they wanted to fire some IRS agents.

“Why don’t we start with the 16,000 IRS agents that are going to implement Obamacare?” Paul asked the thousands of gathered Tea Party activists.

“I’m like most Americans, horrified that my government has gotten out of control and is persecuting people for their religious and their political beliefs,” Paul said.

The Kentucky senator also alluded to Lois Lerner, the former director of the IRS tax-exempt organizations unit, saying she had been “doing this for decades” and had refused to testify and help with the hearings. And, while at the Federal Electoral Commission, she had told Republican candidates they needed to quit, so that “we’ll leave you alone, but you need to never run for office again.”

“She’s been using this bully nature of government,” Paul said. “And we’re sick and tired of government bullies, and we need to send them home.”

The rally comes amid ongoing investigations into the targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt-status with the IRS.

“We have been fighting for a decade against people who attacked us. We’ve been fighting for a decade to protect our country. We’ve been fighting for freedom. The freedom we’re fighting for –  and I hear it every day from the soldiers –  is encoded, is in the Bill of Rights. It is the Constitution,” Paul said.

“I will continue to defend it, and I appreciate your support,” he continued.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) told the crowd President Obama had an “awful lot in common” with Richard Nixon. He also gave the president the moniker “Barack O’Nixon” because of the similarities of the recent scandals to Watergate.

“The Republicans in the House, we must use our majority, our subpoena power,” he said. “To expose the cancer that is growing in that house, and this presidency.”

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I wish the Tea Party had more weekend rallies. Many of us share their beliefs but work and can't get to DC in the middle of the week
1 year ago
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We will only succeed if WE THE PEOPLE keep up the pressure on our elected representatives. Call and e-mail them every day...they keep track of how many people contact them and why. Talk to your neighbors and engage people in conversation. We need a chain letter style patriotic verbal campaign against the progressive enemies of this country - including the mem.

I certainly hope that Rep. Camp is good for his word, but forgive me if my faith in government is less than enthusiastic. We are like Charlie Brown running to kick the football that Lucy (the government) is holding. When the government says, "trust us...we really mean it this time" we want to laugh but the stakes are too high. How about you guys get to the bottom of BENGHAZI while you're at it, ok?

Remember BENGHAZI!
1 year ago
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...including the MSM - not mem.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
>>“We will get answers. It will take time, but we will get the facts, and we will follow them wherever they lead,” Camp said.

1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Yes, but career-ending BS if/when he fails to deliver.
Also, note how many of the widely flapping jaws round here are unaccountably mute in the face of an opportunity to actually do something.
1 year ago
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i watched NBC News specifically to see if this demonstration was mentioned. not a word. wednesday was all obama in germany, thursday was the death of james gandolfini.

hard to get the public interested if the general populace doesn't know it's happening. for better or worse many folks still rely on the evening news.
1 year ago
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I'm glad to see that some lawmakers are voicing support for reducing (I would prefer abolishing) the size of the IRS.

My question is this, have any of them proposed legislation that would actually reduce the size of the IRS? I have this feeling that they are only interested in keeping this in the headlines long enough for the 2014 election.

I hate to say this, but the GOP needs to learn from the Democrats. Whenever a crisis or scandal occurs, the Democrats push hard for legislation that they want (mostly the kind that gives government more control over the people). They don't always get exactly what they want, but they usually get some sort of concession. By doing this they chip away, piece by piece, to get what they want. This is playing the long game.

If the GOP is trying to play this out until the next election, the short game, then that is a losing strategy. After a year and a half the Democrats, who control the majority of the media and heavily influence the culture, will eventually turn this around on the GOP. They'll blast the GOP for partisan politics and all their cool useless fools and sympathizers will repeat this to the low info voters.

The GOP needs to push this, and do it NOW. They need to start with abolishing the IRS and reverting to a flat or fair tax. They might have to settle for less, like firing the newly hired IRS agents, but they need to strive for more.

Bah. I don't know why I'm getting excited over this. It isn't just Boehner that needs to grow a pair. There are only a couple of Republicans in both houses of Congress that have backbones.
1 year ago
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