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The State of the Caliphate

We have met the enemy and he is IS.

Stephen Green


August 13, 2014 - 9:38 pm
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The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor claimed on Wednesday that the Islamic State’s “extremist brand is winning” in Iraq — but how could such a thing happen in what was once the most secular Muslim country in the Middle East?

A Breaking Defense report shows that IS/Caliphate forces are adapting to and adjusting to American airstrikes in much the same way that the North Vietnamese once did:

ISIS’s adaptability and resilience are disturbing traits of what military analysts consider an emerging breed of “hybrid” adversary. The modern template for this theory was the Hezbollah militia in 2006, when surprisingly determined, well-trained, and well-armed irregulars bloodied the vaunted Israelis in southern Lebanon. But the reality behind the “hybrid” theory goes back at least to the Vietnamese Communists, who skillfully blended Viet Cong and regular North Vietnamese Army forces, guerrilla tactics and pitched battle: They massed their forces to invade South Vietnam, dispersed into the jungle after the US intervened, then took Saigon with tank columns once the US was gone. Their inspiration, in turn, was the Chinese Communists led by Mao Zedong, who laid out an explicit progression from political subversion to guerrilla warfare to conventional capture of territory.

We forced the NVA out of South Vietnam by wielding our heavy bomber force in a brutal fashion which was only barely politically feasible for Richard Nixon, and which Barack Obama would probably never contemplate. Nixon ordered Operation Linebacker II in 1972, and more than 200 B-52s (along with about 2,000 smaller aircraft) pounded North Vietnam with the kind of massive and sustained bombardment which only large numbers of heavy bombers can deliver. American auto buffs like to say “there’s no replacement for displacement,” and sometimes in war there’s no replacement for filling the sky with bombers. Today we have fewer than 80 B-52s still operational, assuming Obama could muster the political will for such a campaign.

During the surge in Iraq, the US Army and Marines wrote (or re-wrote) the book on how to pry irregular forces out of urban areas. Five years before 9/11, former Army intelligence officer and author Ralph Peters warned:

The future of warfare lies in the streets, sewers, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, and the sprawl of houses, shacks, and shelters that form the broken cities of our world. We will fight elsewhere, but not so often, rarely as reluctantly, and never so brutally. Our recent military history is punctuated with city names–Tuzla, Mogadishu, Los Angeles, Beirut, Panama City, Hue, Saigon, Santo Domingo–but these encounters have been but a prologue, with the real drama still to come.

It came hard indeed in 2007, when President George W. Bush mustered the political will for the Iraq surge. Such a thing is politically impossible for Obama today, even if he were so inclined. While the Pentagon glumly follows orders with useless pinprick air attacks and a couple hundred advisors, the Caliphate is working to complete its encirclement of Baghdad. Those “junior varsity” Caliphate forces have been in control of Fallujah since January, a city 95 Marines lost their lives (and another 560 were wounded) taking from Islamist forces in 2004. Ten years later, and we’re right back where we started.

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Two quick points:

Number One. There is no such THING as a “secular” muslim country…All of them, every single last one of them every WHERE, , will laugh with delight when a Hamas Tunnel finds its way beneath an Israeli nursery school, and their “Lions of Resistance” start behead the toddlers inside…

This is an Incontrovertible Fact of Universal Muslim Belief Across All Sects, right down to your friendly local bodega owner here on Main Street USA. That he wont dance in FRONT of you when it happens, changes not the joy in his heart upon hearing the news.

So, just because an occasional Strongman (Assad, Saddam) kept a lid on HIS particular sh*thole for a couple generations ( in order to Fluff the Perpetual Family Pillow in The Palace?) means not a damn thing as far as the rest of them go.

“Local Boot on Neck” and “secular” are simply not the same thing when it comes to followers of Islam.

Number Two. The Mao, Min, Hamas, Isis “adjustments” to Western Style Air Power and such were (are) only made possible by the buffers created when we lack the will to win. They fight “real” wars at full throttle unconcerned about “consequences”, while we coast along in half-assed annoyance, looking at our watch, impatiently waiting for the Limo ride to the next PMAB….pronounced “pee- mab”, which stands for: Power Meeting, Awesome Buffet . SCOAMF’s love the PMAB

Their Strategic Leaders are in the game for the “win”, our Strategic Leaders are in the game, for the “perks”.

So, until these two Gigantic, Carved in Granite, Gold Plated, Lead Weighted Elephants in the middle of the room are acknowledged with the primacy of Newtons First Law of Physics, nothing anyone says or does will change the course of Western Civilizations Demise.

They are winning, we are losing, and everything else is just talk.

11 weeks ago
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Islam is trying with great sincerity to show us its face, yet we still resist the sight and the conclusions of the encounter.
11 weeks ago
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Those Jihadis are going to the school of war. When you are enrolled in the school of war you either learn a few things or you are dead. Some reports say there are about 1,000 Chechens fighting for ISIS, guys who have been fighting for decades. The Vietnamese also had been to the school of war, they had been fighting, sometimes quite successfully, Japanese, Chinese, and French armies for a long time before we got there. All of the above fight or fought for the duration; they require no swimming pools, air conditioning, R&R, comfortable quarters, pricy high tech vehicles, they even are quite effective without air support. To use the current term they are asymmetrical. They are highly motivated by ideology; the Vietnamese by communism and nationalism, ISIS by Islam. We have our hands full. How many Americans want to go to the school of war?
11 weeks ago
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Jimmy Carter " We cant wish the caliphate out of existence, and it represents a legitimate political entity. We should negotiate with it"
10 weeks ago
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Obama is torn between so many desires. He wants to wave the gay flag but has no problem bowing to people that hang gays. It almost looks like he admires them....?

IS is the normal face of Islams and has ever been so. WE have no ideology that motivates men to give their heads in a fight because we did NOT install the First Amendment in Iraq when we had a chance.

It is so sad to see freedom getting set aside by elites comfortable sitting around negotiating tables with sword-wielding terrorists.
11 weeks ago
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My uncle was a WWII Navy veteran, stationed in San Diego. Before he died he told a story he had been sworn to secrecy.

There were more than 100 Navy installations in or near San Diego in WWII. The Navy's ammunition was stored offshore on an island - the primary source for the entire Pacific Fleet. An attack by 18 Japanese was made and repelled at the ordnance dump. A 2-man Japanese sub was found nearby. Where did the other 16 Japanese come from? Hiding in plain sight in the Japanese-American community in California.

My uncle was part of the burial detail and all were sworn to secrecy. He said, I can show you where the bodies were buried.

My uncle said they were sworn to secrecy 1) to prevent panic and 2) to prevent Japanese-Americans from being killed or massacred by the millions of families whose sons were in combat or had alaready been killed by the Japanese army.

FDR saved Japanese lives by the internment. He protected them from retribution and revenge.
11 weeks ago
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As has been stated, there's no such thing as secular Islam. It is a political theology. The made-up man's, made-up book about a make-believe false god. These ISIS characters know and believe the ridiculous and incoherent koran, and they're acting out on those beliefs.
11 weeks ago
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Western civilization can spend the next decade ( if we last that long )
Trying to contain and defeat the Jihadist forces of Islam.
We can keep struggling in the quest for the Democratization of Islamic states which we already did and failed at after investing billions in money and blood.
We can try to strengthen the so-called 'moderate branches of Islam, if there is one. They're either being cowed Into silence or winking and nodding to their Islamist brothers.
We can continue to use drones and special forces and police actions but so far That hasn't been effective. The violent Jihadists reproduce faster than we can neutralize them.
We can try making nice with the organizations of 'Soft-Jihadists' who advance Sharia and Jihad through usually peaceful and legal
Means (like the Muslim Brotherhood Obama's been backing for
The last six years) but that backfired.
The problem of violent Islamic Jihad is more widespread and virulent today than it was even at the height of its glory days when Hordes of Jihadists Advanced on Spain and other parts of Europe, something happening again even at this moment. For Over 1400 years of Jihadist violence, of murder and enslavement, forced conversions, and abuse Of women and children ...and yet still In this modern day and age Islam remains more a retro-sixth century ideology of bloody conquest than anything resembling a religion of peace and harmony.
The world can't wait for this backward cult of Muhammad to somehow 'reform' itself.
Not when nuclear and chemical weapons of Jihad very soon will be within the reach Of religious psychopaths and end-of-days fanatics who yearn for martyrdom.
When a beehive is burnt the surviving bees are disoriented
And dispersed. Certainly there are many angry bees initially but then they lose their ability to sting and just Disappear and scatter into the countryside and soon die.
There's a lesson in this. The hive is in Mecca. It's called the
Kaaba. Or we can continue getting stung for the rest of history!

11 weeks ago
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Some times I take a step back, and ask myself, is it really so bad to have rival Muslim factions killing each other?

In the long game, this is exactly what needs to happen. The Muslims there need to decide their fate on their own. If the war mongering, Sharia demanding thugs win, so be it. Then we can at least wipe them out with justification.

As long as we can keep it contained to that particular sandbox, I'm not losing sleep over this.
11 weeks ago
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Wait for them to slug it out, then kill the winner.
11 weeks ago
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I agree with Linus Adenoids above, but it is worse than he writes. There are well over 2000 mosques in the US today, and as we all know from France, Holland and the rest of Europe, these people intend to take over. Obama isn't just being lazy in dealing with Syria and ISIS. He's stalling to give his brothers more time to take over more territory. Big trouble is brewing, and Israel is on the front line in the battle to save western civilization.
11 weeks ago
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Is it feasible to deploy an ICBM w/a conventional warhead from Wyoming or N. Dakota all the way to Tehran?

What a message THAT would send to the Commies, and the Muslims. Think about it!!
11 weeks ago
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One option is too kill all leadership in these Muslim countries. Start with Iraq - ISIS - Syria - Afghanistan - Yemen - Somalia - etc.. Just go in and wipe out their parliamentary buildings, and as many leaders as possible. Nuke Iran's largest nuke facility no matter where it is and put down 250 tomahawks on every Imams domicile or Mosque.
You know, get serious, go medieval.
11 weeks ago
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Well, I was in the AF during Linebacker II, and I was in Ubon, Thailand with F-4 C's/D's/E's (C's were reccy). Also had the only C-130 gunships. They worked over the Ho Chi Men Trail several times a week, plus kept Ubon safe (ever wonder what a million candlepower light looks like? Enough heat to burn up a C-130 on the ramp if turned one - and this happened). The F-4D's were equipped with new, "test" chaff dispensers, which I helped supervise their loadings in the shop and on the aircraft. NOW , the problem with LB II was that the F-4's could only get to 40k ft to dispense the chaff, and the SAM2's/SAM7's could reach that altitude. The B-52's went to 45-50K feet, and could be triangulated by ground radar overlooking the tops of the chaff corridor. THAT's why so many B52's were lost, at about 15 million apiece.

NOW, you can hope that something has been learned from this, but I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately, the military fight the wars, but a bunch of know-nothing leaders, both military and civilian, tell then what to do and when. Not good prospects of the people of the US.
11 weeks ago
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