a href=”http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2009/10/is-america-going-john-galt.html”Stuart Schneiderman:/a Is America Going John Galt?:br /br /blockquoteThey do not know and do not care that the productive human beings who make the economy run are about to walk away from it all. They are not seeing things in terms of human beings and in terms of policies that might or might not work. They are seeing a golden opportunity to right what they perceive as a decades-old wrong. They are not going to miss the chance.br /br /So,the new governing class is constantly attacking the productive class, vilifying them, disrespecting them, doing everything possible to lower their status. When someone is taking away the fruits of your labor and using you as their whipping boy the only way to assert your human dignity is to walk away./blockquote