No matter if it’s the New York Times, CBS, or MSNBC, the mainstream media seems to expect us to share their liberal fetish with “race.”

The latest example of this was an exchange between CNN Newsroom anchor Tony Harris and Don Peck, a writer for the Atlantic magazine. Harris stated: “I wonder what the discussion about jobs in this country would be like if the rate of white unemployment in this country was, say 15, 16 percent, as it is for African-Americans.”

Harris’ biased comments were inserted into what might have otherwise been a useful discussion about unemployment and its causes. As a result, things went exactly nowhere.

All available data show that blacks have been particularly hard-hit by the recession — so it wouldn’t have been out of line for Harris to inquire about this or to ask what might lie behind the numbers.

But that’s not where this CNN anchor was interested in taking the conversation. He implies that if the rate of unemployment was higher among whites there would be a different response, a heightened concern. In other words, his view seems to be that the nation doesn’t care about black people.

But this view is based on exactly what? Well, nothing … other than the all-too-pervasive view that black people, always and everywhere, are … victims.

Henry Louis Gates’ popular black-themed website The Root recently posted an article about the recession and job loss. Its title: “The jobs are coming back — but are they black?”

Okay, help me out here. What’s a “black job”?

Late last year, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) met and demanded that Obama directly address black joblessness.

The CBC’s ultra-leftist chairwoman, Barbara Lee, who can always be counted on for some inane comment, said: “The Congressional Black Caucus recognizes that behind virtually every economic indicator you will find gross racial disparities.” Oh really? Behind every economic indicator?

With this slant in mind, it’s clear that Tony Harris, from behind a desk at CNN, is simply parroting the same arguments as the victim lobbyists at the Congressional Black Caucus.

What do they want the president to do? In a letter to Obama, the CBC said they want 10 percent of all job programs earmarked for “low-income communities.”