The second message: the several conservatives bearing varying fulfillments of conservatism — both in service and in private (‘ello, Messrs. Cain and Gingrich) — have been rising and failing according to their bona fides, which is also historically astonishing. Conservatives are not at all representing the following message (though the GOP, of course, assumes they are):

No thanks, feel safer with this properly groom’d moppet Romney. Note the break of his pant!

The actual message, each time a challenger to Romney fails, has been:

Wake me with a true champ. Otherwise, I’m busy.

And the subtext, which has me thrilled, and should you as well:

We are never scared.

A mass of conservatives large enough to matter are finally demonstrating the great benefit of their creed: self-sufficiency that extends far beyond one’s possessions, a self-sufficiency that builds nations and prosperity, pioneers electronics, saves the sick. They pull their own, and they desire a president who will handle protecting their natural rights, but if necessary they will handle that burden on their own as well.

Romney might as well be selling his misinterpretation of conservatism to a socialist; the GOP’s attempt to frighten us towards Romney is farcical; and the challengers’ attempts to scare us with the prospect of Romney is farce as well.

Conservatism is proud and beaming. Why aren’t you?