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The 10 Films You Should Watch to Better Understand the Benghazi Scandal

Some movies' real shortfall is their lack of a moral core. The heroes are the people who play the system best--not the ones who do the right thing.

James Jay Carafano


May 13, 2014 - 7:00 am
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Scandals and politics go together like Lindsay Lohan and bad behavior. But not all scandals are the same. Some are manufactured salacious muckraking. Others are serious, shaking the national  conscience to its very core.

On the scandal scale running from calumny to crisis, where does Benghazi fit? Here are 10 movies that might help you make that determination.

#10: The Life of Emile Zola

It was the granddaddy of all political scandals. In 1894, the French government convicted Captain Alfred Dreyfus of espionage and imprisoned him on Devil’s Island. Two years later, information surfaced that proved his innocence—and senior military officials suppressed it. Novelist Emile Zola launched an unrelenting campaign for justice. Finally, in 1906, Dreyfus was exonerated. The decade-long scandal transformed French politics. The 1937 Hollywood biopic and box-office home run reminds us that scandals are not always trumped-up tales. Sometimes they are real, and can be rectified only by dogged pursuit of truth and justice.

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All Comments   (4)
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This article is (unintentionally) the best argument I've ever seen in support of the notion that the opposition party needs to start making its own movies instead of having nearly all of its cultural touchstones be works created by their political opponents.
9 weeks ago
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And for the rest of us who are just fed up, I recommend "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. It pretty much sums up the frustration and annoyance with bureaucracy and control over others that make us less free and generally unhappy.
10 weeks ago
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I'd recommend "Absence of Malice" (although corruption does get its comeuppance in that one).
10 weeks ago
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I think All The Kings Men would be better than any on the list, except maybe Mr. Smith. It captures the evil corruption of power lust. Maybe also Absolute Power. It depicts people happy to sacrifice innocent life to achieve their goals. Last, if a movie had been made of Vince Flynn's Term Limits it would have shown the side of corrupt power we witness now, plus the level of opposition that may be needed now to end the tyrant's overreach.
10 weeks ago
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