The more one self-identifies with the left, the less likely one is to give to charity (either in total dollar value or in percentage of income) and the less likely one is to donate blood. This holds true in every country where statistics are available.

Conservatism doesn’t need a grand cultural reimagining, it needs to present the most resonant truth. That 81% figure appears to be a leviathan, yet look at it as Mitt Romney, as an American exceptionalist and a clear thinker would, and you should see an exceptional opportunity for success, a great as-of-yet unexplored political message. A supposed greater empathy for “people like me” is directly equivalent to leftist philosophy; leftist philosophy therefore contains a fatal flaw in that in practice its adherents are, statistically, selfish pricks.

Leftists screw up everything, but what they really screw up is … leftism.

They may be wrong on the economy, on the definition of rights, on issues of morality and science, but the only issue that really matters to them, that is responsible for the spread of leftism among its base, in the U.S., South America, anywhere, is the “caring.”

So take that from them, rather than reimagine conservatism and minority outreach for yet one more doomed-to fail PR push. Think capitalist efficiency — just get out the facts on caring.

The ramifications extend far beyond the “caring” voters; this is where my use of “slander” in the title comes in. Every slander about conservative behavior — and perhaps four of them drive voters: racist, misogynistic, selfish, heartless – stems from the “caring” myth. The truth about the caring myth obliterates these empathy slanders. The truth could not be further from the perception — a perception which has done more to destroy conservatism and further tyranny over the past century than any other political lie or misrepresentation.

That 81% figure is not distressing, it’s an opportunity. Enough voters prioritize “caring about people like me” to swing an election. So show them who cares. This doesn’t require a cultural revolution, just the available truth.

Interestingly, we have yet to see a GOP figure advance these facts with any vigor or foresight, despite having had them available for a long while. The party doesn’t have much of a track record with identifying opportunity.