Two years ago, I privately surveyed U.S. scientists who participated in the IPCC’s review of climate science. Trenberth was one of those who responded to the survey.

One question asked:

Which best describes the role of manmade CO2 emissions in climate change?

Trenberth checked off the following answer:

Manmade CO2 emissions drive climate change, but other natural and human-related factors are also important.

So — while in October 2007 Trenberth seemed pretty convinced that he understood energy flows in the climate system, two years later he underwent such an about-face that he is now trying to get his colleagues to admit, at least privately, that they really don’t know squat.

It’s not surprising that Trenberth had a hard time convincing Wigley, since Wigley’s responses to the survey were extreme in terms of the significance of manmade CO2 emissions. On that same question, Wigley checked off this answer:

Manmade CO2 emissions are the principal driver of climate change.

Were the framing of CO2 as climate-culprit a TV drama, at this point Perry Mason would be cruising off into the sunset with Della Street in his gas-guzzling black 1957 Cadillac El Dorado convertible. But the magnitude of the global warming fraud is immense and widespread — too many politician/celebrity egos, corporate fortunes, and activist political dreams have too much invested in the scam to simply say “nevermind.”

They have no shame, and they will not go away. So our struggle against them will continue.

The difference now is that we are no longer The Skeptics. We are The Vindicated.