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(Exclusive Pajamas Media Video:Translation by Iranian-American filmmaker Ardeshir Arian) UPDATE: The Kamalfar Saga (finally) hits MSM with this lengthy segment run on CNN International, including interviews with the Kamalfar family and their attorney Olga Anisimova. -- LATER: The segment is now available at "Family lives in airport terminal" (free video) (Pajamas Media exclusive video of several days ago here. Letter from the European Court of Human Rights concerning Kamalfar's case here. The actions of this court were not mentioned in the CNN report.) FLASH: In the dramatic case of an Iranian dissident woman and her family fighting extradition to the Islamic Republic of Iran ... Pajamas Media, as of 9:10 PST Wednesday, has been informed that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has just issued an order barring the deportation of Zahra Kamalfar and her children from Moscow for two weeks.



November 27, 2006 - 2:59 am

Aeroflot – the airline that was going to take Kamalfar and her children to Tehran – has been notified and is reportedly complying. Aeroflot is returning the family belongings that already were shipped by the airline to Tehran. Moscow airport authorities have given the family temporary blankets, etc.

The Kamalfar family is represented by Olga Anisimova, an attorney based in Moscow for the international law firm, Orrick, Harrington & Sutcliffe. Via email to PJ Media, Attorney Anisimova confirms the situation at present as:

On November 21 we sent a request to the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) according to Rule # 39 of the Rules of this Court. Rule # 39 states that the applicant or his/her representatives is entitled to seek a preliminary relief, i.e. to ask the Court to take urgent measures in order to protect his/her rights even before the applicant files a complaint with the Court. In our request we asked the Court to take measures which will suspend Ms. Kamalfar’s deportation from Russia. The Court examined our request immediately. On November 22 we received a letter from the Court informing us that the urgent measure was granted. Here is the excerpt from the letter:

“On November 21, 2006 the President of the Chamber to which the case has been allocated decided, in the interests of the parties and the proper conduct of the proceedings before the Court, to indicate to the Government of Russia, under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, that the applicant should not be expelled to Iran until further notice”.

For background on this case, see “Iranian Dissident Trapped 73 Days (and counting) in Moscow Airport” and “Kamalfar Family on Edge of Implosion.” Tracking….

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