At the same time, the Iranian Quds Force continues to train and arm Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan and the Shiite militias in Iraq. A recent report by the Iraqi National Intelligence service which has been presented to the Iraqi officials specifically highlights the Quds Force’s activities in Iraq, and states that the analysis shows the training operations are taking place in four different locations in Iran: Qom, Tehran, Mashhad, and Ahvaz. These maneuvers are overseen by Major General Qassem Suleimani, who is the chief commanding officer of the Quds (or Jerusalem) Force. The operations are also supervised and sanctioned by Khamenei.

The report elaborates further that the Iranian Quds Force specifically recruits individuals who are deemed loyal to Iraq, and not only trains them but provides them with light weapons, explosives, mortar shells the size of RPG 20s, and bombs. They also connect these individuals to other pertinent terrorist cells. The report also includes a list of Iraqi government officials and judges who are, or were, targeted for assassination.

Members of these special forces are responsible for a string of bombings (which included the use of smart bombs), which targeted six Iraqi Al-Rasafah Supreme Court judges and led to the eventual assassination of the chief justice.

It has been reported that the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassem Suleimani, sent a message to the U.S. generals in Iraq saying that Iran controls the events in Iraq and it looks like Iran now intends to do the same in Afghanistan.

Mr. Vahidi’s trip to Afghanistan demonstrates: not only do the Iranian leaders ignore international law, but the weakness of America and the international community emboldens terrorists.

Because of my personal journey as a CIA spy in the Iranian Guards, I have become outspoken about the radicals ruling Iran. They intend to bring great harm to the West, and they truly believe it is their duty to do so — because Allah has commanded it. We cannot and should not take this threat lightly.

Mr.Vahdi has plans to make a similar trip to Iraq.