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September 12, 2009: John Locke’s Woodstock

One million philosophers teach a master class on natural law. The leftist plays hooky.

David Steinberg


September 14, 2009 - 9:02 am
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September 12 self-actualized the inalienable rights movement as thoroughly as Woodstock was living leftism, right up to their respective aftermaths: a taxpayer-trimmed National Mall left more or less as the pull-your-own-weight crowd found it, versus life-sustaining farmland converted to monstrous latrine and taxpayer burden.



What I understand about leftism is the desire to transcend the human condition. What I don’t understand is how the leftist can be presented with natural law, and be presented with its implementation — a nation constituted solely to uphold it followed by a million uncoerced citizens rising to defend it — and the leftist looks right past, longing for some greater truth.

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