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Senate Panel Calls GOP Officials to Urge Action on Climate Change

Vitter, though, warns committee of “the economic calamity" of the path "President Obama unilaterally selected for America."

Bill Straub


June 20, 2014 - 12:05 am
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WASHINGTON – Four former Environmental Protection Agency administrators – all veterans of Republican administrations – are urging lawmakers to take action on global climate change, which one warned carries an “enormous consequence for our future.”

“We all know, after all, that the earth’s climate is changing,” former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who headed the EPA under President George W. Bush, told the Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety. “We also know that human activity, although not solely responsible, as we should freely acknowledge, is both contributing to that change and increasing the risk that we will push the environment beyond the point upon which we can repair it.”

Those contributing to the problem, Whitman said, have “an obligation to contribute to its solution.”

Whitman was joined by William Ruckelshaus, the agency’s first administrator during the administration of President Richard Nixon; William K. Reilly, who served under President George H.W. Bush; and Lee Thomas, who held the post under President Ronald Reagan. All agreed that while a legitimate scientific debate exists over the pace and effects of climate change, there is no question that the earth is warming and that the human race is contributing to the change.

“The models of the world’s leading scientists predict rising seas, drought, floods, wildfires and more severe and frequent storms,” Rckelshaus said. “We are seeing impacts already.”

Ruckelshaus told the panel that the world’s oceans absorb 25 to 30 percent of produced carbon – an element thought to contribute to global climate change.

“The culprit is the same carbon that originated from fossil fuels that is contributing to planetary warming,” Ruckelshaus said.

If the U.S. fails to take action, Ruckelshaus noted, “nothing much will happen in the rest of the world.”

“Not taking action is a choice,” he said. “It is a choice that means we leave to chance the kind of future we want and opt out of the solution to a problem that we are a big part of.”

Reilly warned that change is underway “and we can expect to see many more disruptions, more intense storms, more wildfires, the spread of pests and diseases, storm surges that overwhelm coastal communities, heat waves and other impacts on our health, on water resources, on food production and on other sectors of our economy.”

“The longer we delay, the more adverse the impacts will be and the more expensive to address them,” he said. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide, can help fend off more draconian impacts later this century.”

The U.S., Reilly said, has an advantage in addressing the issue: technology and innovation.

“We have the know-how, the ingenuity, the entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to demonstrate leadership in tackling this challenge,” he said.

But if the four former GOP administrators were hoping for a political consensus on the issue, they left disappointed. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), ranking member on the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, rejected “extreme claims” regarding global climate change over the past three decades, asserting that “the devastating impacts of global warming failed to come true.”

The earth’s climate, Vitter said, “has, is, and always will be changing” and many of the recent claims regarding global warming’s impact on the weather “were found to be without merit.” Rather, what has come to pass is “the economic calamity that befalls nations that head down the path President Obama unilaterally selected for America. It provides us a window into our future – and it looks bleak.”

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'They smelled the money near.' - Somali pirate approaching prey.

There is money to be made in the Global Warming scam, and
the politicos are in desperate need of more money to prop up
an economy on its last legs from their mismanagement.
If they succeed, they will drive energy prices through the roof
and the economy into a ditch from which it will not soon free
itself. The Pol's subsequent suffering will be sweet to see, but
not worth the more general suffering it will cause the people.
36 weeks ago
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“We know that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have increased by 40 percent since pre-industrial times,” Thomas said.

And it has also risen well past that point without disaster befalling the Earth, and when there was no industry to have caused it. Null argument.

“We know that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are warming the atmosphere, contributing to a more than 1.5 degree Fahrenheit rise in global temperatures since 1880.

Yes, 0.8 degrees C. Which is 0.0059 degrees per/year - almost at the level of statistical noise. It's also risen more and faster prior to industrialization. When it did so previously (Medieval Warming Period), it was a "boom time" for the human species; the population of Europe, for example, increased by 40% during this time. Warm=good, cold=bad. Further, this is causation = correlation, and there is little evidence to link increased CO2 and increasing atmospheric temparatures; in fact, increased CO2 had lagged increased temperatures, not the other way around. We are not Venus, and this is not a Runaway Greenhous Effect.

We know global sea level has risen by an average of eight inches since 1870 primarily from thermal expansion caused by warmer oceans

That actually equals 1.41 mm rise per/year, when we know it has risen naturally between 2 and 3 mm per/year continually since the end of the last ice age. Nor has the rate dramatically increased anywhere. So much for "Thermal Expansion."

As to the claims of "heat being sequestered in the deep oceans," there's a problem. I'll just go past how it is that this heat just magically transported itself from the surface layer to the deep ocean (impossible). The number one hallmark of a warming ocean is the increase in number and severity of hurricanes. We're at a historic LOW. Katrina, the cause celebre' of the Warmists was, in fact, it was barely a Cat 4 when it made landfall, reducing to a Cat 3 once it did so. Again, not unusual in the least.

and the melting of glaciers and the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheet.”

The West Antarctic has now been shown to be melting due to geothermal sources under the ice-sheet. And in human memory, the Greenland ice sheet has previously been quite absent, again when there was no industrialization. That's why it's named "Greenland" - because it was, once.

These Chicken Little false arguments are getting tiresome.
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36 weeks ago
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NO article or discussion of "global warming" can be taken seriously if it fails to FIRST outline the intentional fraud and corruption associated with the fakery in the "science" presented by its fanatics.

Further, the "redistribution scheme" that underlies the Woodstock Jihad elements beneath it.

In the absence of those truths...the discussion is worthless.

Because the now indisputable FACT of intentional fraud is the MAIN starting point for any future discussion of the topic. There has been no global warming for over 15 years. That FACT is no longer seriously in dispute.

Whether the trajectory of climate "change" is on a course that can be charted by people who get tomorrow monimg's weather wrong much of the time, is a clear case of a science that is anything but "settled".

If you want to rip off the "haves" a little more...just come out and be honest about your communist intent and quit feeding us more lies and propaganda.

You want to destroy America's might, wealth, power and want to strip wealth and natural resources from our hands...have the decency to go belly to belly on communism vs capitalism instead of propaganda, lies and fraud.

We're onto you, Woodstock Jihad. Come out from behind that "liberal" mask.

ALL your motives are suspect. And currently, ALL your schemes and plots are coming crashing down on your lying, leftist, faculty lounge heads.

Not merely no to more of your hidden assault on our economic survival. Hell no.
36 weeks ago
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I always have had a keen interest in climate change, and I expect everyone in this country is at least as interested as I am. That's why around May I start wearing short sleeve shirts, and get my winter coat out some time in November. I also use an umbrella when it's raining. Climate change is a very real concern, and it's simple common sense to pay attention to it.
35 weeks ago
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Christine Todd Whitman - RINO
William Ruckelshaus - RINO
William K. Reilly - unknown, but was appointed by an eastern establishment RINO
Lee Thomas - never heard of him before this article

Four establishment Republicans speak out for the need to continue Big Government responses because "there is no question that the earth is warming and that the human race is contributing to the change." In fact, there is a very real question about whether or not the earth is warming, and there are very real questions about whether human activity has anything to do with the supposed warming AND whether or not human activity can do anything to affect the supposed warming, if it is really happening and if it continues to happen.

Note no mention of the sun by these four science-challenged political hacks!

35 weeks ago
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Its all about the $$ cycle - not the weather cycle. By dollar cycle I mean more $'s for politicians to cycle through Washington DC (bureaucracies) and hand out to their voters the 'remnant' $'s - and of course the grateful voter will vote for the benevolent politician for 'cycling' the voter's $'s back to him/her. And enslave them in the bargain.

Yeah - that cycle.

36 weeks ago
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"WASHINGTON – Four former Environmental Protection Agency administrators – all veterans of Republican administrations – are urging lawmakers to take action on global climate change, which one warned carries an “enormous consequence for our future.”"

Enough already! These blow-hards are out to make money on you and I. Proof that their 'compassion' for their fellow man rings hollow - just like the words of The Goracle. Maybe I'm getting cynical as I age but it seems our politicians and beaurocrats manage to come up with more schemes each year to part us from our hard earned $'s. And forgetting in the process that it is they whom work for us and not the other way round.

Every time I read about these a$$hats calling for action on 'climate change' (look out your window dip$hits - it is what the weather does!) with the accompanying proclamations of gloom and doom it makes my blood boil. A bit of a history lesson should dispel the gloom and doom notion - if only they'd read history. The not so recent period of climate warming was called the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) lasting from about AD 950 to 1250 followed by the Little Ice Age (LIA) lasting from about 1350 to about 1850. The MWP had NOT a disastrous effect on man but just the opposite. When crops thrive so does our fellow man and the surge in population is proof of that. Had the MWP not happened would the Renaissance ever have happened? Some think the MWP had the effect of ushering in the Renaissance - even though the Renaissance period was born in the LIA.

Look it up if you want to know more about the MWP and LIA. The LIA was a tough time.

My point is that when the climate is warming up (and thats now in dispute) in the modern age (today and tomorrow) why is it that all these morons are talking up the gloom and doom (G&D) side and never the benefits of warming? These morons calling for G&D need to be called on it every time they spout this nonsense. Ask them if they would rather live in a world verging on another ice age or a period of warming?

36 weeks ago
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For the millionth time.... "climate change" as defined by the political class and the environMENTAL movement is a fraud based on politically contrived "science". Naturally occurring climate change is a normal process on the planet. What we are witnessing from the political criminals is a power grab based on a manufactured crisis. One question, when has a leftist driven crisis such as "global warming" not required the severest restrictions on human activity or human freedom?
36 weeks ago
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The statement is writers/media use as a routine -- “The models of the world’s leading scientists predict rising seas, drought, floods, wildfires and more severe and frequent storms,” Rckelshaus said. “We are seeing impacts already.” This is hypothetical and not real. Government can impose restrictions on pollution to protect life forms on the Earth. Instead of doing this in the right path going around in the wrong route as billions of US$ are there to share. This attitude must change.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
36 weeks ago
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36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Here are eleven facts on carbon dioxide:
1. Only 3.4% of all carbon dioxide emissions arise from human activities;
2. Carbon dioxide, while subject to (temperature-driven?) cycles, is in equilibrium and in balance;
3. The residence time of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 5 years, more or less;
4. Limestone (CaCO3) and other carbonate rock is the ultimate sink for all carbon dioxide, where it remains for tens of millions of years;
5. Oceans quickly absorb ambient atmospheric carbon dioxide;
6. Conversion of all dissolved carbon dioxide to carbonate rock in seawater occurs quickly,
7. Oceans are highly alkaline, and strongly buffered, and cannot become acidic by absorbing CO2 from the air--only more or less alkaline;
8. Carbon dioxide of human origin behaves the same as carbon dioxide of natural origin;
9. Human carbon dioxide emissions have no measurable affect on climate;
10.Global warming may be occurring, but is caused by factors other than carbon dioxide.
11. Carbon dioxide is not carbon and is not a pollutant.
36 weeks ago
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Now that climate change has destroyed seven or eight hard drives at the IRS the time for denial has past. I agree that lots of Mexicans will help us a great deal but it still won't be enough to stop future Benghazis. 97% of real scientists agree that the democratic party should be the ONLY party.
36 weeks ago
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dont believe a word these government employees say. hundreds of independent climate scientists say this is bunk. do you listen to life insurance, used car, vacumn cleaner, enclycopedia salesman? i bet not. tell your congressman to tell gubment employess to sit down and shut up.
36 weeks ago
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Including 53% of the members of the Geological Society of Australia

"The then-President of the Society,
Brad Pillans, toured Australia to present
his own views on AGW, while inviting
comment from audiences regarding their
opinions on the issue. I don’t know about
the reaction in other States, but many
members at the Western Australian
meeting made it clear that they are
sceptical about AGW. An independent poll
of members of the Society (conducted in
2010) showed that a majority (53% of
626 members who responded) did not
agree with the Society’s position
statement." (that AGW is bad)
36 weeks ago
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