This meant that the oil contracts with China — a portion of which (approximately $58 billion) were without legal license and lacking details — were not reported to the Iranian parliament. The recipient of the proceeds is unknown, and at least $14.2 billion of the income from the contracts has not been paid to the country.

Also, in recent months, more than 17 construction contracts worth more than $14 billion have been secretly subcontracted to the Chinese by the Revolutionary Guards’ Khatamol Anbia base.

Additionally in the report by the Ministry of Intelligence: in recent months, 42 members of the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij militia have been transferred to “the special offices of the president” where they are each paid between five to eleven million tomans (approximately $5000 to $11,000) per month, while still holding onto their official jobs and benefits.

It seems that despite current sanctions, China and Iran are expanding ties and even have resorted to secret deals where China is making billions of dollars in profit by supporting the Islamic regime. It also appears that Ahmadinejad and his allies in the Guards are consolidating power — but not to challenge Khamenei, as ideologically they are all on the same page. The consolidation is to confront other factions close to Khamenei — primarily his son, Mojtaba, who has shown a penchant for power and oil dollars.

American officials misinterpret the signals if they think there will be any change or possible cooperation from the Iranian leaders from these secret talks. For over 30 years, the Iranians have obfuscated, misled, deluded, and refused to cooperate in any way. Over and over, these same leaders have called for the demise of America and the destruction of Israel.