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Redefining America

Those who would have us be something closer to tyranny are winning.

Larry Greenfield


April 5, 2013 - 12:00 am

Superman, the character created in 1938 whose deeds inspired generations of young Americans, renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2011, for the 900th issue of Action Comics. The fictional patriotic warrior for American values stated: “Truth, justice, and the American way — it’s not enough anymore.” Further: “I intend to speak before the United Nations and inform them that I am renouncing my U.S. citizenship. I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy.”

Superman is not alone: today, UN mandates seek to regulate individual free speech and gun ownership rights — Agenda 21 pushes global regulation over private property rights.

Also, global governance advocates assert international legal authority over American national interests. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry ran for president in 2004 promising “a global test” for U.S. foreign policy; running for president in 2008, Barack Obama declared himself “a citizen of the world.” The post-WWII bipartisan security consensus endorsed by Truman, JFK, and “Scoop” Jackson has been replaced with a foreign policy that rejects American exceptionalism and seeks to engage enemies and to lead from behind.

Only two modern presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, never wore the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States. Sixteen million Americans served abroad in World War II, and millions more served on the home front.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 challenged British rule and taxation without representation, and established the American belief in individual rights, limited government, and local control over our lives. The Civil War tax was temporary and set at 3%, and the initial low federal income tax was not constitutionally authorized until 1913 and applied to only the top 1% of the citizenry.

Today, the Internal Revenue Code is 17,000 pages long, and mandates the highest corporate tax rate among Western economies. Many Americans bear an astonishing 50%- plus tax burden from federal and state income, estate, social security, Medicare, workman’s compensation, real property, excise, and fuel taxes, among many other assessments, duties fees, fines, and imposed costs. And now, the Obamacare health care insurance mandates are justified by the Supreme Court as a previously unconstitutional un-apportioned direct tax on every American.

Federalism has collapsed under an unlimited Commerce Clause and an expanding imperial judiciary. The U.S Constitution was ratified as the “supreme law of the land” to be changed only by amendment, until progressives like Woodrow Wilson asserted a living Constitution that evolves over time. Today, Justice Ginsburg denigrates the U.S. Constitution, which she was sworn to protect and defend. Judges now cite foreign law in their rulings, and Georgetown University Law Center Professor Louis Seidman suggests Americans should now disobey the “bondage” of a Constitution that President Obama has called “fatally flawed.”

The American founding was rooted in Judeo-Christian civilization. Americans knew the Hebrew Bible and were deeply rooted in Christian faith. Even as the framers protected religious liberty, they overwhelmingly agreed with President George Washington’s repeated assertions that “religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

Today, polls reveal a growing minority of Americans are disaffiliated from organized religion, with many claiming to be agnostic or atheistic. Citizens take offense to religious voices in the public square, and litigate against graduation prayers, Christmas holiday displays, the Pledge of Allegiance’s “Under God,” and our currency’s “In God We Trust.”

Traditional legal norms of family, including limiting marriage to male-female unions and restricting adoption to married couples, are collapsing. Waves of immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century were implored by President Theodore Roosevelt to join together, as he deplored “hyphenated Americanism.” Today, multiculturalists reject the positive assimilation implied by e pluribus unum, and balkanize our society with racial preferences.

Among the past heroes of American life were corporate citizens. The mobilization of American industry, technology, and materiel production over the course of WWII benefited from the greatest generation of business leaders, engineers, production managers, and workers, who lifted the United States out of the Great Depression and powered the Allies to victory. Today, corporate America is denigrated, even while many U.S.- based corporations can no longer be said to be American patriots; their workforce and sales are international.

American innovation both promoted and benefited from the space race. Today, Mr. Obama has lowered his sights, cut NASA spending, and opposed lunar exploration and continued human spaceflight.

Policymakers previously sought to incentivize both work and charity through welfare reform and tax cuts. Today, Mr. Obama promotes dependency and demoralizes taxpayers by taunting: “You didn’t build that.”

The American people reelected a president mentored by anti-American radicals and who has no business background. He advocates economic redistributive change — stealing our children’s future by building a national debt even he once claimed was “unpatriotic.”

American arts once examined and critiqued society in a patriotic way: think Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Norman Rockwell and Irving Berlin celebrated our nation. 1940s Hollywood rallied to the troops. Today, filmmakers like Oliver Stone simply fantasize historical events in their movies and television documentaries to diminish an America long admired by dissidents and freedom fighters around the globe. Recent Iraq war films were deeply unsupportive of the war effort. Hollywood is not just culturally left wing; it now tells stories primarily for international audiences and profits.

Academic scholars were once proudly diverse and intellectually unpredictable. Today, academic bias is notorious, and social science leftism is monolithic on university campuses. The most widely used U.S. high school history textbook, by Howard Zinn, deconstructs American goodness.

American leadership, liberty, prosperity, security, and virtue are all challenged by those who wish to denounce, deconstruct, and redefine America. The first lady famously stated she had never been proud of her country until her husband’s election. The Obama administration’s campaign to “fundamentally  transform” the United States has many allies, and is winning.

Larry Greenfield is a fellow in American studies at the Claremont Institute, and senior fellow of the American Freedom Alliance.

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Superman snorted Kryptonite. Modern liberals snort everything they can get from the government.
1 year ago
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“religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

Anybody who tries to perpetuate that any government is the 'cause' for morality decline is skating on the edge of idiocy! All religion is individualist in nature. If you choose to claim Christianity as the root of America's code of civilization then you should remember that Jesus went about the 'people' and not any governments or institutions. God says in the scriptures that every man of his creation is given free agency/will. Accepting God is an individual choice and on down the line. When any religious morality fails its beacuse the followers of that religious morality has failed - not a government giving cause to fail religious morality!

Our constitution follows precisely and protects the word of God giving to all mankind, free agenceny/will.

We now have generations, who are not willing to accept their 'individual' repsonsibility to their religious morality and instead want to blame everything and everybody else for their individual failings. Likewise, there is no shortage of people, and groups who perpetuate this irresponsibility and blame game, for their own self serving causes and these days, it seems to be political partisan motives.
1 year ago
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"The Obama administration’s campaign to “fundamentally transform” the United States has many allies, and is winning."

Yes,sadly they are winning. This last election showed a huge population shift to the left. Social change resulted in political change. I have no idea on how to fight this, maybe it's like throwing a buck of water at the ocean. I have only one hope that the Republican party will split; neocon vs conservative. Years from now, if we survive as a nation the huge economic and social changes due to come our way, the people will turn to conservatives for solutions. Who knows, maybe Obama wants a 3rd, 4th or 5the term? As judge Gaffney in the movie Harvey said, "we shall see what we shall see."

1 year ago
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"Today, academic bias is notorious, and social science leftism is monolithic on university campuses."

Indeed, anyone studying modern social science in the West will be exposed to a host of falsehoods and harmful doctrines.
That's why independent scholars are forced to labour as amateurs outside of the academy. The oppressive arrogance of leftists make true dialogue and learning impossible.
Hopefully more Biblically oriented citizens will express their views and have their voices heard in formal academic settings, such as this website here:

When a great nation ceases to learn and appreciate the fundamental truths that made it great, showing disdain for them instead, we see how rapidly decline occurs.
1 year ago
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The denizens of PJ Media would absolutely despise Thomas Paine or Mark Twain or any number of other famous American critics of America if they suddenly reappeared on went on the cable shows. In fact, since many of the Founding Fathers prided themselves on being citizens of the world and all of them were revolutionaries, you wouldn't have much use for them either.

What's the advantage of writing things you probably know are false? It is, at a minimum, highly misleading to imply that America taxes corporations at right rates when, as anybody who looks at the numbers knows, we've been cutting the actual rates corporations pay for several decades—the vaunted high rates cited by this writer are meaningless granted the loopholes. For that matter, total taxation in America isn't particularly high by world standards either.

Look, there's no arguing with cultural paranoia. You feel your world slipping away, just as Conservative Muslims feel their world slipping away. Hard to argue with injured narcissism. The tax business, on the other hand, is a matter of fact. Is it too much to ask that you don't lie about that?
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
To all Pjmedia readers,
Please don't waste your time responding to Jim Harrishmuck a.k.a. Jim Hitlerson. He has venomous opinions about everything. He thinks he knows everything about everything. He thinks he has the answer to all of the world's problems. He's what Thomas Sowell might call a self-anointed messiah. He's extremely childish. He throws tantrums. He evades questions. He hates Jews and hates Israel. Please don't pay attention, to this immature, malignant, narcissistic, anti-Semitic demagogue.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
I agree that perhaps America does not have the highest corporate tax rate. Unfortunately, there is not proper metric for it, because it is terribly complicated. It is reduced to how one weighs the variables. It is going too far to declare it a lie, when it is a matter of interpretation. It cannot be refuted, however, that we have at least one of the highest corporate tax rates by any expert's measure. Therefore, the gist of the article is correct.

As regards to us hating Paine or Twain, that is ridiculous. We love these guys. The problem is, you are treating all revolutionaries as the same. They are not. Progressives are reactionary. They are anti-freedom.

The Right is responsible for abolishing slavery. We gave women suffrage. We ended the Jim Crow laws, finally freeing the blacks completely. We would love the Founders in person, because we revere them today.

You made all these assertions, and you offered nothing to support them. Do you think you could offer some actual arguments to support your opinions, please, instead of just blasting off? Is this what you were taught passes for adult discourse... baseless opinions? Make a proper argument, or do not post, please.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
NOBODY, coroporate of individuals, pays the tax 'rate' as publised for precisely the points made by Harrison. A recent 2013 absolutely non partisan gropups did a long term study finding that on 'average' the major corporations pay 17% which is fair game for public discussion.

If one wants to venture into the territory of the raw number of dollars or the percentage the top 20% of wealthy individuals pay in taxes in comparison to the middle, poor and poverty classes combined, they walk into a big trap! Take a good long look at the historic wealth disparity gap to the present and especially from the 80s.

Progressives are anti freedom -- I'll just borrow some of your own words. "Do you think you could offer some actual arguments to support your opinions..." I'm thinking you're confused to what exactly "justice and equality" actually means and as applied in our constitution. Freedom, especially under our constitution is not without limitations!
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
The notion that the right abolished slavery is like something out of 1984. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. etc. The Republican party of 1860 was the left. And your boys opposed the ending of Jim Crow laws to the bitter end. Don't tell me different. I was a Conservative in the 1960s, but was driven out in large measure by the racism of the right which I encountered in the National Review, among other places.

Have any of you guys actually read Tom Paine or Mark Twain? Both men were virulent critics of organized religion, and Paine was one of the first supporters of the welfare state. They certainly wouldn't have had much use for you in the American Taliban.

And once again. The effective corporate tax rate is exceedingly low in the United States. You can quote the official corporate tax rate all you like. What matters is how much tax corporations pay, and on that there is no real question. The American corporations pay very little compared to thirty years ago. If low rates really did automatically result in great general prosperity, we should all be rolling in dough.

1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
I find it rather amusing that a neo-Nazi like Jim Hitlerson would talk about racism. He has a vicious hatred of Jews and of the world's only Jewish state, based partially on a malicious misunderstanding of what is meant by "The Chosen People". He sympathizes with people, movements and groups that want to annihilate the entire Jewish people and the world's only Jewish state. He resents the very concept of a Jewish state. He spews lies about Jews and Israel that would make Joseph Goebbels beam with pride.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Meanwhile the left continues to attack the first and second amendments. Government grows by leaps and bounds, as Obama seems to bring America to it's knees before it's enemies.

And outside of taxes, we don't have great general prosperity because of growing regulation, which results in negating most the benefit of wealth in the first place. Not to mention, there is less general prosperity from this form of lower taxes you describe, because corporations in effect, have to hide their money. Again, limiting the benefit in general.

As far as Twain goes, you're right. He was really more like the Kurt Vonnegut of his day. Except he loved America, and wanted to be rich. Unfortunately, like most creative writers, was very poor with money, and investments. And he hated power hungry politicians more than religion.

Thomas Paine on the other hand, was nearly beheaded by the socialists. And had to flee the King.

You didn't touch on how Hollywood indeed does hate America, and caters to our enemies. Which it does.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
A “pundit” ought to have studied our Founding documents and history enough to know that the republic of Messrs.’ Madison, Washington & Jefferson came to a screeching halt on July 4th, 1861. Any “pundit” who has actually read the President’s “Message to Congress in Special Session” should be able to discern that the author had never read the Federalists or Anti-Federalists Papers any of accumulation of (general government or state) Compacts which came before the Constitution. That message marked the end of this republic just as clearly as Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon marked the beginning of the end of the Republic of Rome (with the same outcome).
It was the “modern” Republican Party that destroyed Federalism.
Hardly anybody takes seriously the States’ Right of secession, nullification or interposition anymore because of them. Those tools of the sovereign States might have come in handy during the Roe v. Wade abortion fight or the Immigration Issue, for examples, instead we are stuck with incomprehensible gibberish…. Thanks to a long list of Low Info Pundits, Professors and Politicians who constantly confuse Republican Party hackery with true republicanism.
This was Fourierian socialists Alvan E. Bovay’s intent when he suggested the new party’s name in the Little White School House in Ripon, WI in 1854…. Nothing has changed but the party labels.

1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
No blame for the monsters who broke the Union to protect their power to treat other people like property?

This paleo-con, Confederate apologist BS is, well, BS. Go play at Stormfront.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Oh please, read a little real history why don't ya?

Southern General Lee freed slaves that he inherited (he didn't buy them) by 1862.

Contrast this - per your insistence that the Union was fighting to end slavery - with Union General Grant who didn't free his slaves until the Constitution was amended after the war had ended. He came by most through marriage into a slave holding family - but he definitely purchased at least one slave himself.

When asked why he had not done so earlier, his response was "Good help is so hard to find."

Or perhaps you should look into Union General Sherman's use of slaves?

It appears that the Union army staff made use of slaves as well.

Then there are all of those stalwart union states Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware - all siding with the Union - and all slave states.

Then, as I noted, you have the fact that even though the South seceded in 1861, and even though the war had lasted for years, the 13th Amendment was not passed until December 1865 LONG after the end of the war.

Why, if the war was to end slavery, did the north wait until after the war was over to pass that amendment ending slavery?

When you can answer these questions, then you can consider discussions with grown ups.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
"the republic of Messrs.’ Madison, Washington & Jefferson came to a screeching halt on July 4th, 1861."

YES! Someone who gets it!

The national government we have today bears almost no resemblance to the government created by the Founding Fathers - and that divergence from the original intent has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with a political class that has slipped it's bounds and seeks to control everything in the country from their seat of power in Washington, DC.

And those bounds were indeed destroyed by Lincoln.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Er, I think you have to start with Madison and the rest of the Federalists. They began a process from which one could expect that an ever-growing and more powerful country (which was their intent) would eventually become somewhat like we are. I would argue that no matter what they claimed publicly, that their intent was to form a Republic from which secession would not be possible. They knew that because North Carolina and Rhode Island had not ratified the Constitution, that we did not quite have a real country yet and did whatever it took in the Bill of Rights to get them into the fold. The rest is history.
As for the poor corporate folks which the article claims are no longer respected as much, maybe it has something to do with the fact that much of their stuff is made by cheaper labor overseas and they bring it back here to sell at decent profits for them and the stock-holders, but it remains to be seen whether the retail and service sectors can carry the weight of the lost manufacturing. Granted, someone could argue that this dynamic has evolved just as the Federal Guvmwnt has. But what the hell, intead blame those who are not religious, praise the Lord, and pass gas.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
I'll see your Madison and raise you a Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson, of course, was quite convinced that states could secede and had the authority to do so.

Then of course you have the fact that the Federalists, whom you referred to and of whom Madison himself was a one time leader, themselves sought to secede a goodly chunk of New England at one point from the union.

Oh, and no argument was made at that time that the states couldn't secede - only that it was a bad idea.

As for your reference to religion, I'll leave you to debate that with yourself as I do not believe I even brought that up.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Lost manufacturing? What? We have more manufacturing than ever before. It's just that much dumb-beast-labor has been replaced by automation, as it should be.

Maybe you are not aware how grueling was manufacturing previously. Screwing on the same 12 bolts minute after minute, for hours, days, months, and years was truly mindless and very hard on the body. People are not made for such mindless, repetitive work. Do we really want to go back to that? Oh, please. Maybe women should also go back to washing laundry by hand, instead of having washing machines. Boo hoo! The drudge manufacturing jobs are going away! Well, thank God they are. May it continue.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
And so the progressives have it right according to your analysis. Everybody should be college graduates 'above' menial labor. We know that is not reality today nor does history bear it out to have ever been reality. A large portion of every developed society remains unskilled and barely skilled. What do we do with these millions in our population? There has to be a strong economy to support ALL able bodied peoples elegible for the labor pool!

"The drudge manufacturing jobs are going away! Well, thank God they are. May it continue."

Yes indeed, thank God they are while the right complains about all those unemployed on government welfare subsidies. It is afterall far more logic to pay out welfare to millions than have them doing those domestic "drudge manufacturing jobs."
Yes, we have a lot of mfg's still on U.S. soil but nowhere near what it should be. Likewise these mfgs use an overwhelming percentage of foreign mfg'd goods in their production. For example. Theres about 1,700 parts in a typical automobile. How many of them are mfg'd on american soil? Domestic consumption of domestical GDP is a useless measure still. We trun right around and ship our 'domestic' automibiles with all those foreign made parts to other countries and list it as part of our domestic GDP.
1 year ago
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