The mainstream media has used terms like “overwhelmingly white” or “mostly white” when describing the demographics of tea party protesters. One left-wing blogger described the protesters this way: “legions of Americans, almost all of whom are white.”

From a tactical standpoint, leftists and liberals know exactly what they’re doing when they argue that tea party activism is lacking racial “diversity.”

They want the larger public to believe that the racial makeup of tea party gatherings leads to only one conclusion: that racism lies at the heart of tea party events.

This charge of racism demands to be responded to and refuted by conservatives at large, and certainly by those directly involved in tea party activism.

But, speaking as a former hard-core leftist, I would offer the following advice to tea party activists: don’t fall prey to sensitivity about the skin color of who’s attending and participating in your events.

The left is obsessed with racial “diversity” to the point of religious zeal.  It does us no good to have conservatives, libertarians, or independents also fixated on the diversity, or the lack of it, at tea party events. The left is wrong to engage in this sort of color-coding and nose-counting, and conservatives — of all people — should reject this approach at every opportunity.

But let’s be honest: the majority of those attending tea party events are white. Is this really a problem?

Last time I checked, the country was still a majority white nation, and when the last presidential election took place an overwhelming percentage of black voters pulled the lever for … Barack Obama.

There’s no disputing the fact that the Democrat Party has a lock-hold on black voters — a pattern that’s existed for all-too-many years.

This may explain why there are not more blacks attending tea party protests — events that routinely slam a black president as well as liberal Democrats.

But leftists and liberals couldn’t care less about the nuances of national voting patterns.  In the strange worldview of racial identity politics, any gathering that is predominantly white must by definition be racist.