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Power Hungry: Teachers’ Union Wants To Administer Standardized Teachers’ Test

Cloaking a union power grab in the conservative language of "accountability".

Mike McDaniel


December 19, 2012 - 12:00 am
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The devious deception and genius of this scam is its usurpation of conservative phraseology. What  conservative wouldn’t want teachers to be accountable? Who would argue against well-prepared teachers? Who would argue that it is fair for kids to be taught by poor teachers? Conservatives listening only to the rhetoric of Ms. Weingarten might well be willing to enthusiastically support this scheme.

Stealth unionism, irreversible lifetime employment for incompetent teachers, absolute federal control of local education administered by union bosses: all of this and more may soon be coming to a school near you, courtesy of education union bosses and the Obama administration.

For them, it’s never about the kids.

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Mike McDaniel is a former police officer, detective, and SWAT operator, and is now a high school English teacher. He blogs here.
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