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July 16, 2014 - 11:24 pm

Republicans find big challenges and opportunities in new poll of 18-to-29 yr-olds from the Reason Foundation. Rand Paul way behind Hillary Clinton. Part 1 of 3.

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All Comments   (3)
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A person who is Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative is someone who Likes Big Government, they just don't want to pay for it.
~Mort Sahl
28 weeks ago
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jaydee007, I vote Libertarian & the above is NONSENSE!! EX: Gay Marriage,I support it inasmuch as I support marriage in general. HOWEVER, I EXPECT the government to GET OUT of the "marriage business" & this would END this time wasting debate. The government HAS NO PLACE in marriage. If government is NOT in the "marriage business ", that shrinks a portion of the government.
27 weeks ago
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Millenials have embraced "Liberation Theology" literally...hook-line-and-sinker. See, secularization of American "social justice" is this administrations sole reason for existence. The next democratic President will continue this Pagan, Secularization process well underway in the USA, prompted by Progressive New Left Activists , SCOTUS, and ACLU. Now, flash forward to America's "BORDER CRISIS!" Look at those empty looks, faces devoid of spirits, fathomless souls of these "illegal aliens" amassing at America's southern borders. They are victims of "Liberation Theology" in their Latin American and South American nations. Without Christ, the soul is lost...look carefully at each one of the men, women and children currently in American detention centers....all products of a "secularized society." Not a one knows (or has read) a Bible. This is Liberation Theology success story...vacuousness, empty souls, devoid of Jesus Christ. Pagans, all. Wake-up America, her "millenials" are being led down a very dangerous winding path towards "de-coupling" of Christ our Lord for an Obama "secularized" nanny-state a la Marx/Lenin's "dialectical materialism." Pray. Amen.
28 weeks ago
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