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PJTV’s Trifecta: The Amnesty Mess, Parts I-III (Video)

A D.C. disaster so big, it takes the Trifecta lads three videos to document the mess.



June 30, 2013 - 11:51 pm

The hash that Washington has created of immigration “reform” is so enormous, it’s taken the Trifecta hosts three videos to digest it all.

Amnesty Mess, Part I: Imagine a Better Immigration Policy: Tune into this tripartite Trifecta to get the answers about the Gang of Eight immigration bill. If the U.S. ended up with an estimated 11 million illegal aliens a few decades after the last amnesty bill, why is Congress considering yet another? Find out. (Available on YouTube by clicking here.)

Amnesty Mess, Part II: How Would You Fix Our Immigration System?
Trifecta continues its examination of current immigration laws, and tries to design immigration reform better than the Gang of Eight bill. Can it be done? (Available on YouTube by clicking here.)

Amnesty Mess, Part III: A Better Conservative Immigration Message: This is a PJTV members-only video, in which Trifecta concludes its tripartite immigration episode by looking at the GOP brand. Do Republicans and conservatives need to pander to immigrants in order to win reelection? PJTV members, find out what the Trifecta hosts think by clicking here:


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All Comments   (2)
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Well, two out of three ain't bad; and it's better than we've been getting recently.

For the life of me, I can NOT understand PJTV's insistence on hiding its most persuasive content from the very people that need to hear it the most. It's a great way to make an insular little clique of conservative choirboys to be preached to...a rotten way to get the truth in the ears of liberals
1 year ago
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All conservatives need to know is that a big loophole exists, one which will eviscerate any such border security currently being sold as a done deal. It is no such thin. In fact, mama Janet (and whoever her successor is) will be able to cease securing the border, if deemed a national imeprative. Say what? Regardless, who but gung ho RINOS's (Paul Ryan's jump aboard is likely animated by political aspirations/arm twisting, but no matter) believes that anything hammered out by Obama Inc will be to the benefit of patriotic Americans? -

Besides, once the barn door opens there will NO shutting it, regardless of their blatherings to the contrary! To wit, amnesty for all lawbreakers.

BTW, leftists in Israel are all for their own illegal infiltrators to be given legal status, never mind that they are LAWBREAKERS and are subverting our national fabric!

Adina Kutnicki, Israel
1 year ago
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