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July 31, 2014 - 11:12 pm

Israel blasts Secretary of State John Kerry in his handling of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. The Obama Administration comes to Kerry’s rescue! More bad news for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Plus, less than 100 days until the midterm elections! These stories and more on this episode of The Rundown, featuring John Philips, Stephen Kruiser, and Michelle Fields.

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All Comments   (4)
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I gave this piece 30 seconds before turning it off. As soon as I heard the credentials of one of the commenters was as a standup comedian I was appalled. We have our loved ones fighting a war against a terror movement that, in case you haven't noticed, has the entire free world in its sight.
To deal with so serious a subject in so flippant a manner? No thank you.
31 weeks ago
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Do fervent supporters, even worshippers, of BH Obama, Messiah / Saviour of the Democratic Party's long game for fundamental transformation of the nation remember his forbears?

AND wannabees? Representing the ethos, principles and behaviours of this "Party of the People"?

The personal and public histories of the Kennedy Bros, James Earl Carter and during the Advent to the Messiah, WJ Clinton and spouse.

Wannabees Albert Gore Joe Lieberman and the Johns Kerry and Edwards.

What they know of their Messiah is fraught as he has for strange reasons SEALED under protection of Executive Order information from them AND the world.

Sealed also we suppose from "Represenatives of the People" In the Legislature and Judiciary.

As BH Obama was KNOWN to have been party to crucial national security undertakings during his tenure as Illinois State and US Senator completely understandable to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Otherwise a distinctly bizarre act.

Documents presumed to contain information material, even fundamental, to his place as "democratic" Messiah.

WJ Clinton's public history is well known, even honoured. Honoured with IMPEACHMENT by a House Committee of members no better than they should be.

Impeached by the House but NOT TRIED on the indictment by the Senate. Declining to "fall on his sword" remained as "The Highest Law Officer in the Land" to continue on his merry way.

Impeached recall NOT for his well known proclivity to apply his hands and other parts of his anatomy to various parts of the anatomies of the wimmin he so luvs BUT for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Today "Pillar" and "Respected elder statesman" of the "Party of the People".And Prince Consort for that Party's presumptive heir - ess to the throne of BH Obama.

Hillary Clinton, John Kerry representing the USA to foreign "communities" for BH Obama's Executive.

These same names crop up again and again as the hierarchs of the "Democratic Party".

Perhaps the "best and brightest" sujpporters and worshippers of the icons of their belief system might like to Google the definition of Cabal?
31 weeks ago
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Stupid whiny boys. Get a large majority in the Senate and impeach the clear and present danger to our republic. You sound like Democrats, "Stop talking!" Spineless Republicans. Smear Palin but she played a major role in taking back the House. You guys are pathetic.
31 weeks ago
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I got the same feeling Gary! I watched it 3 times just to make sure, and couldn't believe I was actually hearing what I heard from these three people.
30 weeks ago
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