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February 3, 2014 - 10:56 pm

If you boil frogs, they tend to notice and hop out of the hot water; but if you gradually turn up the heat, they don’t notice and get boiled anyway. Join Bill Whittle, as he examines how our society has become the boiling water, and how we stayed in the water because it was so incremental. Our freedoms, everything we hold dear, seems in jeopardy now — how will we be judged by the countless soldiers, and arguers for liberty, from our country’s history?

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All Comments   (2)
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Forgotten already?

The "First Lady" of the USA, Michelle Obama who with her spouse BH volunteered during his campaign for the highest honour in the nation's gift that he, she, were "ashamed of this country".

So what has happened to Americans that they elected this couple not once but TWICE to represent what and who America and Americans are.

Not to forget her videotaped comment during a commemmoration ceremony for the 9/11 attack when the American Flag was given its ritual ceremonial treatment, "All this for a damn flag"?

And Americans STill approve of this couple and bankroll them to treament the Sun King would have considered his divine right? IN America.

HOW Can such Americans look themselves in the mirrorr?
1 year ago
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Bill: the sins you so perfectly defined in your short speech, like any other sins, shall lead a soul to Hell "in this world and in the world to come." If we could show just one evening of American television to our Founding Fathers I bet they would call it Hell. Liberalism has unleashed Hell on Earth, they are the "abominable thing causing desolation" that we were told about long ago. It can only be defeated by brave holiness, the light of true reason, and love of life. We need divine help to bring our country back. Lots of prayer and sacrifice are needed right now.
1 year ago
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