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October 17, 2013 - 12:15 am

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post declared Obamacare a disaster on MSNBC. Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs even said the Obamacare launch was embarrassing. Are liberals turning on President Obama and his signature healthcare legislation? Find out in this schadenfreudelicious edition of Trifecta, hosted by Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle.

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All Comments   (7)
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2:13 - Bill Whittle: "It's not a technological problem ... it's a philosophical problem."

But then he goes on to make a technological argument, or an economic argument at best - "one point of failure where 300 million people have to go to the same place to buy healthcare."

Whittle is unable to make the necessary philosophical argument here, because he accepts the same fundamental altruistic principles as his opponents. So long as religion is the root of his philosophy, he will only ever be able to make economic arguments, which liberals can easily rebut with select statistics and their own economic models.
44 weeks ago
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Do you have a good recipe for some homebrew to go with the popcorn? I would rather avoid having to make runs to the package store when the going is good.
44 weeks ago
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Oh for crying out loud. We do this every time. A couple of columnists who want to preserve their following amongst the "hoi polloi" make some criticisms of some terrible Dem policy that has already passed and can't be stopped anyway. And we go, "oh there's hope! Even some liberal columnists are criticizing it."
And nothing ever happens!!!
Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!
44 weeks ago
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And exactly what are fans of Tri-Fecta to make of this sudden "criticism" from apostles of the "Messiah"?

Can we take it as given they have "seen the light"? Except the objection is NOT about the Bill.

That bill of more than 2000 pages. What evil lurks in those 2000 plus pages passed as "We have to pass it to know what's in it"?

That Bill that permits government intrusion into private decisions in the private lives of citizens. No criticism about that Bill, but about the "management" of its start-up via the "website".

So speaking in the language and "traditions" of the digital generation. The smartest, best educated, healthiest, most beautiful AND most caring and compassionate that has EVER existed ANYWHERE in the world. As long as they accept and do as told by their "teachers", emphasised every which way by pundits on legacy media outlets.

Apostles and disciples for the fulfillment of the "dream" of their post- Sputnik "revolution" of the 1960s. Managed and trained by Media handmaidens and other friends of the Democratic PARTY/DNC/Kennedy-Clinton-Obama means, methods and opportunities for the "Fundamental Transformation of the Nation". The nation that erstwhile Constitutional Republic of the USA.

To be CHANGED - "for the good of the people" - into a nation RULED by a Comissariate. Okay called the Democratic Party but nevertheless Politburo. With friends who call themselves republicans, e.g. John Boehner who like the soft ride on the gravy train of government....

Changed from the traditions and public policies ofThe generations before 1960 ADVENT. Generations with their proud tradtions and public policies of THE most unrelentingly evil, inhumane, aggressive and murderous nation that has EVER existed.

So terrible that for a very long time millions of outlanders considered and called it the "promised land". And spent time, energy, what money they could eke out of their existence in the humane and forgiving nations from whence the came to this hell-hole America.

And in the inhumanity of her soldiers in wars fought often for the benefit of outlanders, losing combatants preferred to be prisonsers of those horrible, those inhuman, those evil American.

And STILL do if the occasion warrats.

Is this then the "madness of crowds? OR is there some undiagnosed community madness epidemic among the "intellectual and social" political "elite" in the West
45 weeks ago
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