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August 11, 2014 - 11:02 pm

Texas has taken in thousands of illegal immigrant children. Now the state expects to spend more than $45 million dollars to educate them in public schools. A restaurant has ended its discount for diners who pray before their meal due to a lawsuit. Plus, the democratic billionaire who is spending millions to influence the mid-term elections. These stories and more on The Rundown, featuring John Philips, Stephen Kruiser, and Michelle Fields.

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Teach them how socialism and crony capitalism ruined their countries. How corruption is the predictable outcome of such systems -- no need to act surprised when all the "heroes" of the "people" are just thieves and psychopaths. Teach them English is the language of science, commerce and trade, not a gringo-oppressor's language. Teach them nobody owes them anything, not even the education they are getting for free. Pay it back, or go crawl back to your corrupt cesspool of socialism
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