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THE FATHER OF ALL FAUXTOGRAPHY -- The Al-Dura Trial by Nidra Poller, Part 1: Starting September 14, three Frenchmen went on trial in Paris for questioning the veracity of the 2000 videotape of the putative murder of Palestinian child Mohammed Al-Dura by Israeli soldiers. Part 2: Nidra Poller's first impressions. Part 3: Nidra Poller's concludes her coverage ... for now ... of the Al-Dura Trial in Paris with a blow-by-blow account of the trial plus an analysis of the proceedings. PAJAMAS AT THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB: POLITICSCENTRAL will host a panel discussion/reception at the National Press Club in Washington DC on September 26. ( 5:30PM cocktail reception / 6:30 Panel - note time change). Topic: "How Partisan Is Too Partisan?" Confirmed panelists so far: Michael Barone (US News), Paul Mirengoff (Powerline), Tom Bevan (Real Clear Politics), Mark Blumenthal (The Mystery Pollster). Moderator: Glenn Reynolds. If you would like to attend, please contact And watch this space for more surprise panelists and guests as they develop... Just added: Cliff May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Jane Hall of Fox News Watch. Nidra Poller from Paris! . Richard Miniter.(This event will be videotaped and podcast.) A RELIGION OF THE PERPETUALLY PARANOID: This week the Sanity Squad analyze the irrational Islamic reaction to the speech of Pope Benedict about the importance of reason in religion: listen to it here... BENEDICT AND ISLAM: A SUPERNATURAL GAMBIT? The Anchoress meditates on the Pope's speech and proposes that, when it comes to the Bishop of Rome, there is always more there than meets the eye: read it here... RICHARD LANDRY: The Man Who Brings the Nation to the Nation. Just how do all the small circulation news and opinion magazines get on (some) news stands around the country? Richard Landry and the Independent Press Association have a lot to do with it. In this exclusive podcast with Special Correspondent Andrew Keen of After TV, Landry talks about the problem of "Progressive" publishing and the hidden monopolies lurking behind the Internet. FRIST-CASTING: The latest Glenn and Helen Show features Senate Majority leader Bill Frist on porkbusting, the Bolton confirmation, legislation on military tribunals for terrorists, and the joys of the blogosphere. To listen or download click here. (Transcript from eScribers available at the link.) OTHER FEATURES OF LATE:



August 17, 2006 - 10:40 pm

ORIANA Michael Ledeen remembers his friend Oriana Fallaci “Oriana was one of those bigger-than-life personalities who dwarf everyone around them, and there wasn’t much grey in her world, things were always sharply defined.”

STUDIO 60: “If I Ran the Zoo, er, Studio, er, World…” Catherine Seipp finds that NBC’s Sorkinesque “Studio 60″ is a drama about about a comedy about “Characters of proper liberal moral clarity making rousing speeches to each other while the swelling soundtrack tells viewers what to feel.” No laughtrack.

SENATOR JIM DEMINT ON PORT SECURITY: Austin Bay participated in this blogger conference with Senator DeMint.

MURDERER IN THE CATHEDRAL An Exclusive PJ Media video presentation on Iranian President Khatami’s visit to the Washington National Cathedral.

DAVID CORN on The Selling of the Iraq War: Special Correspondent Andrew Keen interviews David Corn Washington editor of The Nation, PJ Media blogger and author of the best-selling %%AMAZON=0307346811 Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War.%% (podcast)
<a title=”Politics Central: FROGS TO PRINCES” href=”” target=new>FROGS TO PRINCES by PJM’s Paris editor, Nidra Poller. In her first regular report, Poller takes on the French media, where none of the important news “is mentioned on prime time news in la R√©publique fran√ßaise. All of this is hidden behind a puerile smoke screen of school supplies.”

THE SANITY SQUAD on Grieving and Taking Sides in the Wake of 9/11. Our resident group of 4 mental health professionals, put the USA on the couch on 9/11 + 5. 9/11: FIVE YEARS AFTER: Our global coverage of the event from editors in LA, Seattle, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Barcelona.

THE CHICS OF THE DICTATORS: The Manolo on the Disaster of the Fashion in Iran.

IMPLICATIONS OF THE LONG WAR: Real Time Dispatches by Josh Manchester.

HOW TO REALLY INTIMIDATE THE MEDIA: The Muddled Thinking of Mainstream Media Is Clarified by Arthur Jensen in “Network.” “Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?”